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  • Pretty badass song from old buddy Dan Sartain

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    I associate everything Walking Dead with this song.

    I also love the VGA Orchestra, the Walking Dead part is after Mass Effect.

  • Love Sartain. I've got three of his albums, including all four parts of Walk Among the Cobras

  • On my channel (MikonReborn), i call it Exploration. About 30 seconds in you can hear it.

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    I loved the Remix of "Water" in the TWD S2 trailer

    It was Vey TWD and It also conveyed a little bit of action
    ![Alt text]( TWD S2 Trailer song)
    I was disappointed when they chose the Original version for the credits of Ep 1

  • Ahaha, yes. That's why I said it. :p

  • Well, there are two versions Anadel is coming out with: the trailer version and the normal version. Both is available for purchase soon, or download or whatever.

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    I can't dislike this... to funny... even though it has nothing to do with music...

  • I totally agree with you, the remix is better

  • Lol perfect song to make ya go crazy 0.o.

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    (NB My recommendation for the immediate emotional payoffs is to preview these by skipping straight to the climactic points, in other words playing these from the point where Lee begins to pass out--that's 3:16 for all videos except the 3rd; in that one's case it's 7:10.)

    Seeing that you asked, and seeing New Year's Eve counts as poker night for me, I might as well take a final gamble on these. I started two threads featuring various re-scorings I've put together of the game's final scene, but those never caught on. That begin said, here are two samples from each thread, along with the links to the threads themselves. I hope instead of counting on first impressions that some will be patient enough to play them through, seeing much of the musical payoff comes towards the end with the climactic points of the scene.

    (Should you find the early portion a little overly sentimental, things eventually pay off well by 1:50 and especially towards the end):

    (A little 'suspension of disbelief' required for this next one immediately below, and that is to tolerate and ignore the few seconds of harbour sound effects. Unfortunately, there was little way of extracting and eliminating those from the source audio. Again, this one pays off very well towards the climactic end.)

    The threads for those first two:

    These next two come from a thread featuring rescorings with Near Eastern music themes (given I come from that area), so keep in mind they are meant to be a twist.

    I decided on quite the twist with this particular rescoring, something more in line with those despondent and morose Bedouin tragedies. (And it is a twist, so it will call for some suspension of disbelief before adjusting to it as it begins to make more sense, connecting quite well with the dialogue at several points; 3:45-3:50, 5:25-5:28, and 6:43-6:52, and 8:43 are good examples.) It features the nai, only in a harsh and abrasive style that aims for raw atmosphere more so than melody. I've used earlier portions of the final scene with this one, where I think the music works better and very fittingly (1:20 to 1:58 particularly), but similar to the grating effect of bagpipes over a long while, it will wear out its welcome over time at around some point likely past the middle. (Admittedly, it deteriorates at around 5:35-7:10.) Once it becomes overbearing, I suggest skipping to 7:17 for a prelude to some very interesting closing music beginning at 7:51.

    Violins backed by full oriental instrumental ensemble. (Quite well done I think by the time Lee begins to breathe his last until the close).

    The thread for the last two:

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    Ah, my favorite kind of topic. Going by MikonReborn's titles...

    Season 1:

    Armed With Death/Coming Through: Needs no further explanation.

    It's Over: Just a great depressing track that fits all the moments it's used in so well, from the fall of the dairy farm, to Ben's demise, to the heartbreaking discussion on what to do with Duck.

    Falling/Starved to Death: Utter sadness and hopelessness in musical form.

    Aiming Protection: Much like It's Over, it fits so well over every scene it plays in. I personally think it fits best when Lee decides to leave on his own to find Clementine. The shot of him walking away while the others look on with this playing is one of my favorite moments.

    Episode 2/5 Trailer Themes: Just discovered these and holy hell, they're awesome. They do their job well setting the scene for what's to come.

    Bandit Attack: I love its more subdued nature in the beginning despite being the big fight of episode 3, and how it builds up to being more intense. Also the start of the bandit themes I like so much, so it gets points for that too.

    There's more, but I'll stop there to move on.

    400 Days (for each character's story):

    41 Days In/Blinded/Just To Be Safe: Putting these all together so I don't take up too much space for just Wyatt's story tracks. I love the piano addition to his story's soundtrack so much, and these tracks show why, from action cues to a beautifully dark mystery theme that fits the surrounding fog so well, it's just a great and unique addition.

    Betraying the Traitor: Such a depressing piece. It's kind of like 400 Days' answer to Season 1's It's Over. Very mournful and fits the scene very well.

    I'll Cover You: Needs no further explanation but I'll explain anyway. :P I'll never get tired of this one, in either the scene or with just the track itself. Fantastic action cue, and really draws me into the action of the scene when it's played.

    The Light: Another unique addition to the score. Great "running through the woods" theme. Fits perfectly.

    2 Days In/Illegal Conflicts: Polar opposites, but I love them both, from a beautiful guitar/violin opening, to a pretty damn scary mood setter.

    Season 2:

    Truckstop Entrance/Truckstop Bathroom/Omid: All part of the same opening, so I'll put them together. Two very nice mood setters, and one that's just depressing as all hell, especially the final cue for "Omid".

    Run: From the second I heard this one, I immediately thought, "I hope MikonReborn already has the music up". :P Favorite scene in the first episode, thanks largely to this fantastic theme. These "Bandit" themes will always be awesome.

    Aimless: Great callback to Alive Inside, and just a beautiful theme in its own right.

  • Yes, that's it! Thanks. I am just wondering why nobody else mentioned this track - it's so catchy and intense

  • The thing about this scene is that the music was just subtle enough to push someone over the emotional edge. In the making of the Walking Dead, the composer said that he used his music as a support pillar helping the scene without moving it forward with the music itself. That being said, I really like what you did here, experimenting with music and seeing which fits. 10/10.

  • Yeah... Poor Clem... I just realized that almost the entire first episode is based around the dog bite...

  • Run was a fantastic piece, i liked how seamlessly it switched in the game to include the drums after that walker appeared, gave me goosebumps. I should have gone for including that effect in the video now that i think about it...

  • Thanks a lot. And I agree about the subtlety of the OST in the scene. As I put it in another thread:

    "The original soundtrack in the scene is difficult to beat because its draw and strength comes from its minimalism, plus it's what we experienced actually playing this in the context of the entire game and can relate more to it: it has a place in the context of the whole. The final scene's music is ultimately a minor-mode version of the recurring Clementine-Lee theme that marks the stirring points in the game where the two further bond, but in its final appearance hits hard with a thicker texture using heavier lower-register notes on cello and bass to add more emotional weight and melancholy, and the tempo is slowed."

    I also was aware that the music in these was a little louder than it should have been relative to the voice acting. Unfortunately, I could only bring it down so far before the OST became audible enough to cause the two to mix and clash.

  • Isn't there a way to take out the music files in the game for some scenes or something like that? That could help when doing this type of thing.

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    The thing is some of the re-scorings I have done actually make use of the OST, either as musical complements that mesh in with the re-scoring or as necessary fillers during musical rests.

    Even aside from that point, I realised much later on that I could have adjusted the game sound settings (only in-game and not through the movie making application) to lower or mute the game music and leave the voices. By that time, unfortunately, I had already had the footage recorded and the new scores integrated into the videos and could not be bothered to re-record and start over since when re-recording the video, it is fiendishly difficult to replicate the exact timing you initially executed with every dialogue choice in the first video recording, and when the video and rescored audio are off by a small increment, the result is a mess, since these videos work only when the melodic high points are synchronised properly with the right moments in dialogue. At any rate, at least the results were still satisfactory.

  • I get vertigo every time I hear that song.

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    If you think that makes you go crazy... this is some FEAR shit right here. A lot of the OST is pretty fucked up to near horror levels.


    I absolutely love how more intense it gets as it goes on.

  • Like I said it was somewhat of a disappointment when they played the original acoustic version at the credits

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    I have two favorites, officially named straight from the soundtrack.

    Lights Out: The song from the end of A New Day, when you're talking with the various group members at the Travelier Motel. This song is a true joy to listen to on a lonely night, and it always makes me feel at ease.

    The Gauntlet: The song that plays as you tear apart Walkers to reach the Marsh House. One of the best moments in gaming, combined with one of the best composers I've ever heard.

    As a quick side-note: to those who own the soundtrack for Season One, does anyone know what the official name of the pharmacy theme is? Not the overture, but the one that plays in Lee's parents' room, and recurs many times throughout the episodes. Thanks!

  • It should be the second track, it was named Clementine...something, there was a second word, don't really recall it though. Hope that helped.

  • You think that one was scary? Listen to this one.

    It's fucking ridiculous how nervous i was during that part where you walk with Clementine through the walkers, and this music certainly didn't help.

  • Clementine Suite. This is actually the menu music for Season 2, and not the exact track I was looking for, but thanks anyway dude!

  • There is no such thing as to much love...

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    I'm surprised that no one posted this yet

  • I wasn't expecting that song after the episode but I swear I must of looked all over the web for a free download of they're album. I couldn't find anything so I ended up buying the album on bandcamp for 6 bucks. No regrets whatsoever.

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    that credits song was great at just calming you down and being slightly depressing but still quite enjoyable. @Ohyoupokedme I've seen that quote a few times in the top left corner. Where's it from?

  • great choice and great montage, think that this could be one of those summary videos at the end. The black and white part with Lee and Clem was perfect and sent chills down my spine. Did you put in the part where the survivors jump behind that large wooden cabinet in the house and have their guns raised in preparation of the walkers coming up the stairs. Would be an epic badass moment to include in the epic moments of the song. Apart from that, your montage is perfect.

  • in the behind the scenes video Dennis Lenart says that the first track was an unused music file that he tried with the Dairy scene. So powerful and perfectly toned with the scene and made it so much better to play

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