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TWD Music Appreciation Thread

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Just a quick thread I wanted to whip up in honor of those composers and artists who work hard to give us ambiance and music. Here is my favorite song in the series so far:
This brought music into my life: thank you, Anadel!

I just love this song. Every time he says "In the Water" and the piano plays, I get the shivers... and the depressing look on Clementine's face as the song plays... shivers I get vertigo every time...
What is your favorite music from The Walking Dead (show or game). Is the music intense, scary, emotional, sad? Post a comment below! LETS GET STARTED! EDIT: I will accept any music TWD related, be it remixes, parodies, or fan made. EDIT: EDIT: Montages and tributes will also be accepted. EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: Also, videos are appreciated and encouraged, though not required.

  • Ah, my favorite kind of topic. Going by MikonReborn's titles...

    Season 1:

    Armed With Death/Coming Through: Needs no further explanation.

    It's Over: Just a great depressing track that fits all the moments it's used in so well, from the fall of the dairy farm, to Ben's demise, to the heartbreaking discussion on what to do with Duck.

    Falling/Starved to Death: Utter sadness and hopelessness in musical form.

    Aiming Protection: Much like It's Over, it fits so well over every scene it plays in. I personally think it fits best when Lee decides to leave on his own to find Clementine. The shot of him walking away while the others look on with this playing is one of my favorite moments.

    Episode 2/5 Trailer Themes: Just discovered these and holy hell, they're awesome. They do their job well setting the scene for what's to come.

    Bandit Attack: I love its more subdued nature in the beginning despite being the big fight of episode 3, and how it builds up to being more intense. Also the start of the bandit themes I like so much, so it gets points for that too.

    There's more, but I'll stop there to move on.

    400 Days (for each character's story):

    41 Days In/Blinded/Just To Be Safe: Putting these all together so I don't take up too much space for just Wyatt's story tracks. I love the piano addition to his story's soundtrack so much, and these tracks show why, from action cues to a beautifully dark mystery theme that fits the surrounding fog so well, it's just a great and unique addition.

    Betraying the Traitor: Such a depressing piece. It's kind of like 400 Days' answer to Season 1's It's Over. Very mournful and fits the scene very well.

    I'll Cover You: Needs no further explanation but I'll explain anyway. :P I'll never get tired of this one, in either the scene or with just the track itself. Fantastic action cue, and really draws me into the action of the scene when it's played.

    The Light: Another unique addition to the score. Great "running through the woods" theme. Fits perfectly.

    2 Days In/Illegal Conflicts: Polar opposites, but I love them both, from a beautiful guitar/violin opening, to a pretty damn scary mood setter.

    Season 2:

    Truckstop Entrance/Truckstop Bathroom/Omid: All part of the same opening, so I'll put them together. Two very nice mood setters, and one that's just depressing as all hell, especially the final cue for "Omid".

    Run: From the second I heard this one, I immediately thought, "I hope MikonReborn already has the music up". :P Favorite scene in the first episode, thanks largely to this fantastic theme. These "Bandit" themes will always be awesome.

    Aimless: Great callback to Alive Inside, and just a beautiful theme in its own right.

    • Run was a fantastic piece, i liked how seamlessly it switched in the game to include the drums after that walker appeared, gave me goosebumps. I should have gone for including that effect in the video now that i think about it...

  • I have two favorites, officially named straight from the soundtrack.

    Lights Out: The song from the end of A New Day, when you're talking with the various group members at the Travelier Motel. This song is a true joy to listen to on a lonely night, and it always makes me feel at ease.

    The Gauntlet: The song that plays as you tear apart Walkers to reach the Marsh House. One of the best moments in gaming, combined with one of the best composers I've ever heard.

    As a quick side-note: to those who own the soundtrack for Season One, does anyone know what the official name of the pharmacy theme is? Not the overture, but the one that plays in Lee's parents' room, and recurs many times throughout the episodes. Thanks!

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I'm surprised that no one posted this yet

  • I wasn't expecting that song after the episode but I swear I must of looked all over the web for a free download of they're album. I couldn't find anything so I ended up buying the album on bandcamp for 6 bucks. No regrets whatsoever.

  • that credits song was great at just calming you down and being slightly depressing but still quite enjoyable. @Ohyoupokedme I've seen that quote a few times in the top left corner. Where's it from?

  • Honestly, this is my favorite cliffhanger music: It makes you reflect on the choices you made and question yourself as well as create anticipation for the next episode.

    DUN DUN DUUUUUUN <-- Link of DOOM!

  • Click here

    theme that plays when the group is choosing to go with lee to find vernon at the end of episode 4

  • Wow... 1.1K viewers? Thank you! I am honored to have made a post for so many who appreciate music!

  • This is an amazing thread.

    I would say "Alive Inside" is great, and I love the menu theme in Season Two.

    The music in these games is just great. They never tell us how to feel, but accompany how we are already feeling.

  • Weird i didn't like the song.. Not my choice of music. I think they should stick to the generic music they used during the credits for S1. I liked that. But all well. I was really looking forward to hearing it. But at least someone posted it..

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