Don't be pissed if it ends up being Glenn



  • I just hope it won't be a character Clem and Christa meets during the 16 months period. I agree it will make a nice trolling move though....

  • Telltale would do well to remember there is a fine line between trolling people and outright pissing them off which I will be if it isn't Kenny or Lily

  • By the time All That Remains takes place, Glenn has met an untimely demise at the hands of Negan's clobberin' stick.

  • I'm with you 100% on that one. But i can't help but to remember reading somewhere that S2 will focus on a young boy named James i believe? And as far as i can tell, he'll play a big role on this season.

  • its either lilly or kenny or glenn idk telltale better not pull a fast one.

  • dat cliffhanger!

  • Really? Can't say I've heard anything about that yet myself.

  • Yeah, it is going to be someone who we like and care, not a guy who is on series like 20 minutes.
    I put my money on lilly or kenny.
    It can also be somebody from 400days, because we don´t know anything about those 16 months.
    For example, clementine could met nate, clementine shot him and thought he was dead and now she meet him again on episode 2.

  • I'm not really sure about it either. But i know for a fact i read this somewhere, i'll look for it and see if i can provide a link or some sort of source. Now as i said before, this boy might be the person Clem sees in ep 2. I could be wrong, but at the same time it kinda provides the perfect opportunity for telltale to introduce a new character on the scene, even at the cost of some folks actually being mad with the outcome.

  • I believe that was a false rumor started back in Comic-Con that has since been debunked. I have heard nothing about this James character from any reputable sources.

  • Aaaaand the award for the most down voted comment on Telltale Forums gooooes to:CiscoKidd81 - with his post "don't be possed if it ends up being glenn" which has a recording 22 down votes,with absolutely zero up votes!Congratulations to CiscoKidd81!

  • Thank you. It has taken a lot of threads but finally it seems I have been able to get everyone unite together. Down voting is beside the point I'm just glad to see everyone is harmony.

  • He's currently writing at least six different monthly comics I can think of off the top of my head, producing a hit tv show, merchandising his various properties, working on a spinoff to his hit tv show, making his comic con appearances across the county, and holds the position of Chief Operating Officer for Image comics. He's a busy guy.

  • I'm kinda thinking the tv show crew may run into Lee at some point. I thought it may be more than just an easter egg that Michonne pointed to Macon, Georgia on her map. I doubt Lee will pop up in the comic due to the fact that Kirkman stated he wants the comic to be completely uninfluenced by other mediums of TWD.

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    Issue 100 has not been out for 10 year in fairness. It's been out for 1.5 years and that event is still a major spoiler for the ongoing Negan/Saviors arc. So yeah, it was a blatant spoiler for current events in TWD. As a matter of fact it occurred in volume 17 of 19. Example of a non spoiler death: Shane dies in issue 6. That actually happened 10 years ago.

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    I agree; I think the surprise is Kenny made it. They never showed him actually die. Just like in season 3 of the show we never saw a certain character die, but it sounded like he did. Sure enough he reemerges. I'm doubtful it's Lilly because it was at no point suggested she died. She just stole the vehicle and disappeared. Kenny on the other hand, it was pretty much implied he died without actually showing the death.

  • Possible characters for the person Clementine thought was dead - Christa, Lily, Kenny, thirsty bandit. If it turns out to be the bandit, that will be the same as a middle finger to the fans, so I don't think it is him. Characters that it is almost certainly not - Glenn, Molly. Molly only has one story end where she seems like she likely died. It still never shows her die, so she's probably alive and may come back in this season, but I don't think it will be here, because for Molly's normal story end Clementine doesn't have any reason to believe she is dead. It has already been explained why Glenn won't come back. He followed another group around until he died, and the Walking Dead games are supposed to be canon, so Glenn coming back to them would be a huge plot hole. Plus, Clementine has no reason to think he is dead either.

  • It's almost certainly not glenn lol. Molly is more likely than Glenn. The Walking Dead games are supposed to be canon, Glenn was with another group until he died, if they want to keep the games canon, they cannot bring him back. He was just supposed to be a reference to the comics and show I suppose.

  • That's just a cop out excuse to cover for the fact they are bragging that they are further ahead than someone who just started reading them. There are spoiler tags that people purposely don't use because it's was meant to be an intentional spoiler for others. When people have the option to hide spoilers and they don't use them, it's a jerk move plain and simple. Just FYI, it should not be accepted that getting spoiled is an accepted risk on a forum that encourages the use spoiler links tags. People get banned from forums for pulling that crap.

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    While I partially agree with this sentiment, the major spoiler they are talking about is within the current Negan/Saviors arc. They displayed a spoiler that has to do with the current story line and that's kind of lame for people just getting into the book. Any major deaths since the start of Something to Fear should be hidden behind a spoiler link.

  • I'd wage a large sum of money it's not Glenn. Clem barely knew Glenn and it was never suggested at any point that he may have died. Christa, Molly, and Kenny make the most sense. I highly doubt it is Christa because Clem didn't have a very strong emotional reaction to seeing this mystery character. It was never suggested that Molly might have died, so I'm guessing it's Kenny.

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    That's interesting, because the reason you hate him in the comic is the reason I do like him. He's just some scared kid who is a useful scavenger. I like it when characters have realistic flaws like that and everyone is not some alpha super protagonist who makes all the right decisions. Glenn on the show is much more masculine and he had a much faster evolution from scared kid to a valued defender of the group. That's just my take on it. I completely agree with Carol, however. Her tv show counterpart is just so much better than her comic counterpart. Her character has done such a 180 since season 1. Can't wait to see her pop up again for the second half of season 4.

  • Source? I can't find anything about a kid named James for season 2. The best I could find was multiple links to Lennie James.

  • Ya true and I doubt it's Molly because in my game I shot her, I'm really hoping its Kenny though.

  • Guys. It's not Glenn.

    It's Travis' dad. He was special forces.

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    Which character is Travis' dad? I kind of remember that scene, but does Clem ever actually see Travis' dad? I don't actually remember seeing this guy at all, but it's been a while since I played season one. The TWD wiki suggest that his dad is special forces, but that the other guy is their teacher Mr. Parker.

  • lol I find it hilarious that people up there were complaining about spoilers and then u put one for the show

  • Your opinion means little. It's common courtesy.

  • Nice catch. Edited out potential spoilers.

  • lol I was kidding. he was one of those characters you don't bother learning their names even though he plays a major role

  • It could be great. They'd need to find a brilliant actor for Lee though. I'd say Dave Fennoy over anyone though

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    Maybe I'm just overanalyzing the scene in tv season 4 where Michonne points to Macon on the map. It really could be as simple as a little easter egg for the game fans, similar to the scene in tv season 2 where Daryl pulls out Merle's drug stash and it had blue meth from breaking bad at the bottom of the baggie. Dave Fennoy... maybe; it would be a cool tie-in. However, Fennoy is a dead ringer for Ezekiel from the comic though.

  • Yeah I still don't want to spoil anything for anyone. On more than one occasion someone posted major last page spoilers on those 4 page preview skybound puts out a few days before the issue is released. It's like, I just wanted to see the few couple panels sneak peak, not the major events that occur on the last couple pages. I don't even read that sneak peeks anymore because some people who get the issues early love to give out way too many details.

  • Not really. You're basically expecting everyone to be interested in the same thing at the exact same time. People could've been uninterested, never heard of it or not old enough to have known

  • just started watching breaking bad, that's cool about the blue meth easter egg. I need to watch that scene again now, unless you could post a pic wink wink

  • Glen's from Macon as well.. that was established in the Comics way before the game ever came out.

  • Denzel Washington? I can dream right?

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