• I went after Dee as well. Whatever is going on, he's neck deep in it. I didn't think it was Woody, with the pathetic way he was begging to Bigby.

  • I went for the Woodsman. I mean, if he had nothing to hide, then why make a run for it?

    • For one, he'd probably be arrested / judged / whatever by the very same Bad Wolf that has every reason to have very large grudge.

      Now, as Woody, would you really want to be interrogated by person who (by your own judgement) hates you most?

      • Bigby doesn't care that much; he wants his past behind him. His reasoning for arresting the Woodsmen is that he was the last one known to be with Faith after her murder. Personally, I think it was her pimp.

        • But that doesn't matter. What matter is whether Woodsman thinks Bigby's going to take his little revenge.

          (And I also blamed her pimp, but I still went for Tweedlee Dee. Either he knows something or at least he knows where Bluebeard ordered him to look.)

      • Woody is definitely up to something; he has to be. His story is too inextricably linked to Bigby's and his character is just too interesting for him to not play a role in the unfolding story.

  • Honestly I don't think killer is on Snow's list. I went afther Tweedle Dee just because he was covered in blood and as soon as he stepped in Trip Trap he was about to say something "I got a hundred bucks if someone can tell me something about a girl named..." He stopped when he spotted Bigby. I mean why would you go afther guy that looks sad and had an axe in his brain, I felt sorry for Woodsman =P

    • I think the evidence that I found during my play-through plus deductions that I have made rules out The Woodsman.
      1) Woodsman is clearly drunk during the night of the murder. To track down, cleanly slice her head off, take off her ring, tie it to her necklace, and place it in her mouth is unlikely. then hop a fence and carefully face the head? Doesn't add up for me.
      2)So far we have only seen the Woodsman in brownish pants. Near fence that the murderer jumps you can find blue jean fabric and unless Woody changed pants then changed back I don't think he placed the head at least.
      3) Woody doesn't run immediately unlike the Dum. He is nervous because he and Wolf beat the shit out of each other the night before.

  • Woodsman had means and motive to commit the crime. He said out loud he would kill faith and he was the last person to be seen with the victim so far. His alibi of being in the bar during the murder could be a lie just like gren lied about him not being there before he showed up. He is, at that point, suspect number one. I'm pretty sure the tweedle brothers have important information and are probably hired by the pimp. But I went after The Woodsman for nothing else but to take him out of the picture of this whole investigation(im pretty sure he didn't do it). Going after the other guy just seemed metagaming, as I knew a 5 episodes serie wouldn't end on EP1 by catching the most probable culprit.

  • but you can find blue jean fabric when investigating the scene where Faith's head is found. Woody as far as we have seen only wears brownish pants.

  • It has also crossed my mind how dee and dum even knew about faith being murdered. The only person Snow and Bigby told was Crane and the Tweedels started investigating before Bigby even had started. Makes me think that Crane might have hired them.

  • "WHAT DID YOU DO CRANE"-what bigby said in the episode 2 trailer. so crane has obviously fucked something up

  • I like to look at The Wolf Among Us as a roleplaying exercise. If anyone here has played even a little Dungeons and Dragons (which heavily involves roleplaying) you'll know about the importance of avoiding meta-gaming. You can't act with knowledge that your character doesn't know. It may be obvious to me that The Woodsman isn't the killer (I would also suspect that Dee and Dum are equally unlikely), Bigby Wolf wouldn't think this. The way I "played" Wolf, he went into the bar to get the Woodsman, he sure as hell wasn't gonna let him get away. I also genuinely believe that the Tweedle Brothers are looking into the murders, given the general distrust most Fables seem to have of Wolf, it makes sense that they would attack Wolf if he got too close.

  • The patch of clothing matches the weird ginger that pops up multiple times

    • I forgot about him, I seen him the first time when Snow and Bigby ran into him. Then I thought I saw him again when Bigby was chasing down one of the brothers through the building? Bigby was lifting up the couch to get under it and continue the chase, I thought I seen the ginger laying down like he was knocked aside, but that could be my mind playing tricks on me, it has been a few months since Ep. 1 was released

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