Do you wish Snow next to you until the end of the Series?



  • In the future please indicate if the spoiler is for the commic and not the game.

    I have red the comics a bit and i have not red anything about this connection.

    minor comic spoilers ahead (just facts really) But i have red that, bigby smokes and drinks to keep his senses dampened and that the fabels are harder to kill the more know/popular they are with us/the mudies.

  • I do. I think she's great.

  • i would have loved for snow to be in the rest of it, i really started liking her character and i saw alot of potential for Bigby and Snow, i think that that could have been something amazing. I really am look forward to what is next in this story, i would love more twists and turns. im sure this will be full of them.

  • I think this is classic Telltale, i knew she was going to die because for some reason these guys are allergic to any sort of romance. In the Walking Dead they hinted at possible relationships but nothing ever comes to fruition. Either they simply CANT write good chemistry between romantically involved characters or they simply hate having any sort of happy ending. I wish Snow White hadn't died, so far they had a great pace and look about them for a romantic connection, the best of any telltale game imo.

    They're not bringing her back, they removed Bigby's only 'human' drive, now all he has is revenge/justice (not sure which yet) and his insatiable animal instincts. Stupid move imo =/ makes it easy to predict..

  • well it isn't that telltale cant write a good romance, but you should remember that TWD and TWAU are both based of a comic book series, they are not writing from scratch they have the plot and baseline, they can change some but more likely they wont because if you read the comics (like i have started to) then you would see how amazing they are and would just be happy that telltale have taken them on, because these are 2 amazing games that i have loved playing, i mean i have logged 45.6 hours on the wolf among us and 168.2 hours the walking dead, i cant get enough of them, they are truly superb.

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  • I'm not sure if we will see Snow again, but I honestly would love if Telltale pulled off a resurrection, and brought her back. I personally think she was a pretty good character, and partner. But like I said I'm not sure if we will see her again.

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    I think we will see her. Only not in Season 2,cuz as We've seen in the little trailer for Season 2 There is Bigby turned into a wolf form at the end. That basically means that Snow isn't alive yet,because she is the one that tells him to back down, to be nice and stuff...He is afther his revenge so thats why he's turned I think. So my guess is that she Will come back , but not in Season 2. Personally I'd love her back.

  • Maybe we'll be able to wish either Faith or Snow back to life. Through some sort of magic I would guess, but you could only pick one

  • I guess that'd a hard choice for some.

  • Though i really liked how she was built up to be Bigby's Companion. She's the Watson to Bigby's Sherlock. Then shit hit the fan.

  • I do believe Snow isn't dead, as the game is established as a prequel to the comics, and Snow is alive in the comics. Whether or not she was reborn (due to her popularity) or not, is up to Telltale.

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    do you guys think the boy who cried wolf might be in on this i know he has not been introduce but i feel we cant rule him out and the orange hair guy i think he might be the ginger bread man ? these are just thought not fact

  • I 100% agree with what you said. As soon as I saw Snow's head lying on the ground I want to tear apart everyone. The cops, the acting mayor, the white creature that you fight at the bar, the woodsman, EVERYTHING! Faith was also emotional but I almost expected her to die since this game was set up as a murder mystery, and she was the only character that you actually meet that has a strong chance of dieing. I played through the first episode trying to be nice to everyone except the mayor (fucking cunt) but with Snow being dead (for the time being) I don't how the rest of my game will play out.

    *have not read the comics and not 100% sure on every characters names, sorry

  • I agree it would be nice to see more but you also need to remember that to change the game the diversely and and handle all the possibilities would be very straining on the writers and animators.

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    I guess Bigby goes full berserk in the end and Snow will be the only one who can pacify him.

  • Although it was such a big surprise to me, I can't believe Snow is dead. If this game is set before the first events in the comics, as telltale said, then I think she could be possibly still alive or revived in some manner. Also, Snow is a very possible fable, so if that "popularity equals power" (which means the more popular you are with the mundies, the harder you are to kill) comes into play surely Snow wasn't that easily to kill. But that theory hasn't been proven but it's likely to be true. For example: When Snow gets shot in the head by Goldilocks with a sniper rifle and still recovered after a very lengthy time in the hospital. In conclusion, I really want to see how this prequel play out and maybe there will be more seasons to involve the Adversary and Snow and Bigby get together.

  • I think her, and the wolf make a great pair. You can tell there's that romantic tension between them, where things get awkward because they both really like each other. I'd like to see more of that.

  • The first thing that went to my brain during the cab scene is literally "wow so much sexual tension in one place, i think it's going to explode!"

  • It wasn't that much. You could tell there was some awkward tension. I wouldn't say sexual. The way she shifted her eyes and sat beside him, it wasn't exploding. It was obvious that they liked each other.

  • Hell, it was obvious the second we see Snow kneeling over Bigby in the alley after the Tweddle chase.

  • My biggest thought is where are they going to go from here? They started off big - so where do they start from there?

  • Snow can't be dead. At least not if the comics and the so called "prequel" game are linked

  • She can actually. If powerful fables die in the Fables universe, they come back to life as different versions of themselves. And the Snow in the game is quite different to the Snow in the comics

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    I don't read the comics but the most interesting (and annoying) thing about this decapitation problem is what the magic is capable of doing.
    On the one hand, you have a mirror that can remotely view others, and still be affected by other magic to essentially disable viewing specific people, so the possibilities are endless, hence my annoyance. On the other hand, you have this literary device that gives full license to pull anything out of your ass in order to explain a plot point without really having to adhere to real world rules, which makes being able to solve an investigation more a matter of patience than thoughtful effort.

    Lastly, the main thing I liked about Snow (apart from being a strong character) was how she acted as a barometer for the investigation so you could see whether or not you're doing your job properly whenever she reacted with agreement or trust. At least that was a way of establishing how well you're doing. Though I still find the slightly feminist double standard interesting to see whereby if there are no strong female leads, complaints are made (i.e. lack of sex equality representation), but if there are some and something happens to them, even if it's to be expected, even more complaints are made (i.e. violence against women).

  • No. Just No. Snow is so naive and ignorant, meh. We've seen this type of heroes like billions of times. Better Faith. She's more interesting and more intriguing character than Snow. I hope she's not dead.

  • i want who already dead remains dead

  • I was really upset when saw Snow White head... She was (is, i hope) great character and game is prequel for comics, and in comics she is alive and well. Did you read steam achievement "no respect for dead"? Maybe it means something? (sorry my english:P)

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    I'm hoping you're right. Sounds stupid, but maybe its all an illusion to get Bigby to be his old self, bad and angry at the world.
    Someone really doesn't like him I'm beating and that is why is happening maybe?

    But if it turns out they just need to find Snow's body and place her head back on and its all good, it will be strange, but a relief after I actually did digging into the comics for this game.

    Watching Pewdiepie play and Cry as well, I didn't really feel that attached to Snow, but once I finally decided not to wait for all the eps and played it I read the Fable updates they give you and I liked her so much more then Faith.

    So here is hoping something happens and Snow isn't really dead.

  • romantic ; o ;

    i haven't got that far in the books tho

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    Just a thought but maybe the person doing this isn't really killing these people. Maybe the person doing this is just kidnapping them and storing them in a secret location. Why someone would want to do this, I don't know. It is possible maybe he is doing it so Wolf will keep searching for clues until this secret person has him right where that person wants him and then attacks him or frames him for the murders maybe. It could just be someone who wants to see him down, someone who doesn't think Wolf deserves to be in such a high rank after what he has done. Everybody does hate Wolf according to the pig, Colin.

    To answer your question, yes. I wish Snow White was my sidekick. She was an awesome character that I really grew to like and I was planning on having my Wolf character flirt with her and maybe even try to date her in the game if the opportunity ever showed up but I guess that might not be a possibility, poor Wolf. The frog said he noticed how Wolf looked at Snow near the beginning (I believe that is right, if I am wrong let me know) so I was about to try to get him in a relationship with her if he liked her like the frog said he did. I don't like how Telltale did this but I have a lot of respect for the writer who did this. The writers have some serious balls because they had to know people would not like this decision.

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