Hey, I can dream, right?

I completely understand and share the ongoing frustration and disappointment TWAU fans are feeling from such an unusual delay and gross lack of updates, but we all know that the quality of Telltale games is what keeps us coming back. I’ve had the, “I wish I could quit you, Telltale,” thing going on for a while because of it but a thought just hit me and Telltale Admin should take note.

Since customers, or at least, TWAU customers, are disgruntled and just plain unhappy with you right now, to show appreciation and just a, “Hey, we do care about you guys too,” think of how all that frustration and negative blasphemy would fade away if you released Chapters 2 and 3 at the same time!

It would be a complete shock and fans would be too excited and too grateful to ever mention these horrible three+ months again thereafter. I know it probably wouldn’t happen but I would freak out if I went to update the game and BAM two episodes ready to install right there. Now THAT’S customer service.


  • Would be awesome.

    Then all Hell would break loose for them witholding chapter second until the third one would be ready ;)

  • Honestly, I'm not sure I'd like that. While I have hated this abysmal, unnecessary wait, it has also given me time to grow fond of the characters, and squeeze as much life out of Faith as possible. The thing about the episodic game system is that, in between episodes, it really gives you time to reflect on the choices you've made, and the characters you've encountered. This was especially useful in Walking Dead when Telltale could possibly kill off that character you've grown attached to. I honestly don't mind the wait, because I am trying to savor The Wolf Among Us content while we have it. I doubt it's popular enough for a second season (though it should be), so the month Cry Wolf hits the marketplace, that'll be it. The way I see it: savor the excruciating wait for new content while you have it.

  • I honestly think it should have season 2 because it is just amazing how these characters are connected to the comic of fables... It is just a huge story.. for example I've been reading a lot of Fable comics today also Werevolves of The Heartland - Which killed me it was just fuken amazing... Best comic I've ever read... So I mean.. It might be able to climb up and eventually reach popularity level as TWD and We might get S2 ;) We'll see. Of course it kinda of ironic that there is mentioned Season 2, Even though Episode 2 isn't released yet, and yes...in my country its january already! ;D Happy new year btw

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    Yeah, that wont happen but its a nice thought. Nothing wrong with dreaming, lol. I guess Im lucky, I barely even noticed the delay because Ive been occupied with The Walking Dead. I wonder why more people arent playing both.

  • I think most people play both. I for example have been introduced to TWD through the game, than i started watching the show,than the comics. If it wasn't for TT i probably wouldn't know about TWAU. But now i'm grateful for it and i'll definitely check out the comics too.

  • Same here, I didnt know about TWAU , and I've read a lot of comics online already, And I recommend them mainly Werevolves of The Heartland

  • The comics are amazing. I hope you do get to check them out before they have their final run.

  • From experience there is no way in hell this is going to happen, unless they make another 2 month+ wait for Ep 2.

    If we look at The Walking Dead Season 1 as an example, we saw a similar pattern where they took forever to release Episode 2 after Episode 1 due to massive changes in the story within Episode 2. After that however the episodes came at a more consistent 1-2 month interval so the best you can hope for is that future episodes will be released faster.

    Though with TellTale juggling TWAU and TWD Season 2, plus their 2 other in progress projects idk if it'll happen.

  • It would be awesome if they released an episode for TWD and TWAU at the same time.

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    If they released 2 episodes at once.. They would be at the level of customer appreciation they were the day they released episode one of TWAU.. But it would not put them ahead by any means.. Just back to before everything.. If they in addition to those 2 releases said their apologies that is.. For by releasing 2 at the same time by the middle of the month at the latest with an apology.. It would allow people to forgive them. But what they did after the fact would determine if people decided to be angry again.. It all comes down to customer appreciation and getting involved in the community beyond the update about an update about a possible update with 2 screenshots over the course of 3+ months with just flat out ignoring everyone, (it is only a 3 hr first play through for poop sake..) even messages sent along the lines of the contact us side of things.. Didn't even offer a refund for those beyond the point of forgiveness, who just wanted their money back.. Nothing but silence.. Then they go and announce 2 more games when they can't even handle 2.. People have every right to be angry. Bad planning and interaction all around.

  • That would be amazing! But I shudder to think how long it would take for Episode 4 if that happened.

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    Nice name.:)

  • was having the same idea but it probably won't happen, unless you are ok with waiting another 2+ months. i mean if the 2nd episode is delayed after already being delayed, then i find it hard to believe that we will see the shadow of episode 3 anytime soon. or maybe i have just gotten too cynical, here's hoping i am.

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    Lol.. 2 episodes of TWD released in the time it takes them to release 1 TWAU.. Bleh...

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