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204 help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Simon 123890 on - last edited - Viewed by 677 users
I'm trying to get the other two marchinies to quit, I got the old marchini to quit and I have no idea what the printer has to do with antything. Also, I can gunk up the time stopper, but, I have NO CLUE what it's for. I can't get on to the bridge to get Bosco's soul, I know I have to get rid of the captain marchini[which ties into the part about the "quiting" thing]. And plus, I cant find Superball's correct birthday. I also know that the last 4 numbers on the time cards are birth dates, OH! By the way what the heck are spoilers! Are they anything good? If they are, please send me one. Anyway, I need EXTREME help. [ by a pro] And by the way, DON'T SEND ME A ''wiki" Those things are awfull!!!

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  • You know that Telltale posts walkthroughs (step-by-step solutions to the games) for all episodes, right? Go here for the one for 204:
  • Look, that link just took me to the chariots of the dogs home page. I don't know if something is wrong with my page. But, When I scroll down, the walktrough arrow is pionting to the bottom. And there is nothing down there, so I can't get one. me..a.. spoiler please. I really need to finish it. I don't want to start the "Whats New Beelzebub" game untill I finish that one. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
  • Thank you it was halarious!!!!!!!!!!
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