An instance of resurrection after decapitation in a fairy tale

I'm one of these players who would like Snow to return, and I was thinking of possible ways that she could come back to life. As a kid, I was an avid reader of fairy tales and mythology, and I've tried to remember if there were instances of resurrection after a beheading in Grimm's Fairy Tales.
And it just struck me right now.

Such a case actually occurs in the original fairy tale of Trusty John as collected by the Brothers Grimm (Der treue Johannes).

For those of you who don't already know this tale, you might want to read it here, I'll just quote the part where such a post-beheading resurrection happens :

"If you cut off with your own hand the heads of your two children, and smear me with their blood, I shall come back to life." The King was aghast when he heard that he had himself to put his children to death; but when he thought of Trusty John's fidelity, and how he had even died for him, he drew his sword, and with his own hand cut the heads off his children. And when he had smeared the stone with their blood, life came back, and Trusty John stood once more safe and sound before him. He spake to the King: "Your loyalty shall be rewarded," and taking up the heads of the children, he placed them on their bodies, smeared the wounds with their blood, and in a minute they were all right again and jumping about as if nothing had happened.

I'm new with the Fables comics, but I've read enough to know that Trusty John is the doorman to the Woodland Luxury Apartments, so he will most certainly be a character that we are bound to meet, and he has to live somewhere in the place.
Could it be that he possesses the power to reattach heads and resurrect people, like in his fairy tale ?

(Oh and another interesting point from Trusty John's tale :
Although the expression "these lips are sealed" per se is never used in any version of the tale I have heard of, he too has to keep secrets he can't reveal (The secrets told by the ravens if you have read the tale) even to the King he so faithfully serves, because if and when he does, he turns into stone.)


  • Wow, that's extremely astute. Great job digging up that story.

  • Very interesting! Im not familiar with the Trusty John tale so that is good information.

  • Thanks

    Anyway, re-reading this tale gave me mental food to explore new theories.
    Wether it's related to Trusty John's tale or not : is it possible that Faith's dead was not a murder but a deal with someone, an "act of faith", her death in exchange for a greater good ?
    Donkeyskin has after all no first name in the original fairy tale, so there must be a symbolical reason behind Telltale naming her Faith.
    And it gives a new meaning to her "I'm sorry" note.
    So it would not be a murder but a voluntary pact or oath with some Fable or power... Part of the oath would be that she couldn't say anything to anyone about it, thus the "these lips are sealed" answers.

    But if this is no murder but a pact with some Fable or power, it implies the same for Snow.
    Snow didn't strike me as hiding something, and she never put a "these lips are sealed" in front of Bibgy.
    But last conversations with her certainly showed how full of regrets and remorse she was. She feels a lot of guilt for not being able to help Fabletown more, she's in the state of mind of someone who could accept such a deal, sacrificing herself in exchange for something positive for Fabletown (saving it from a threat ?).
    She might have been contacted (visited at her office?) by the mysterious power that makes such pacts after Bigby left her to deal with the Woodsman, and have accepted it to redeem her remorse.

    ...I remind the preview scene for Episode 2 where Bigby angrily pushes her chair... He does not direct his rage against any random furniture, but her chair with her name on it : was he mad at her because he found out about Snow's death being willingful (through a note or something), and doesn't accept her "suicide" ?

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    Interesting - i didn't even know of this character xd; or that he was in fables.

  • The Trusty John character is in the comic but there is not much said about him.

  • I didnt quite read the chair scene that way but it is an interesting theory. I guess we will find out in the next month or so.

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    Alt text

    Trusty John as he appears in the comics

  • Though Bigby will need to find Snow and Faith's bodies first.

  • Your saying they aren't really are dead. This isn't just some magic spell. How you explain then Snow White. I heard appearing in the later comics.

  • I'm sorry but what? I can't understand what you're saying.

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    You are saying they are really dead [Faith, Snow White] This isn't some magic spells. [Like Hinted in Smoke in Mirrors] I heard Snow White Later appeared in the comics. How do you explain she's alive then.

  • John reattaches their heads, or haven't you read the OP at all? And i know full well that Snow's alive and well in the Comics.

  • I haven't read the comics.

  • That's too bad 'cause i have.

  • Jeez. OP. How about a warning or a disclaimer of some sort about not trying this at home. I just made a terrible mess in the living room. Thanks alot.

  • Damn you found out the ending to the series, now we have to wait another year before we can play episode 2 :/

    On a real note though, great find mate!

  • Well we wont know until im going to estimate episode 2 comes out August 25 2016

  • I never though i'd say this, but Telltale needs to purchase the SoonTM trademark. They're more deserving of it than Blizzard and Wargaming.

  • honestly I think the fans figured it out with the red haired guy thing and they're trying (and possibly failing) at coming up with something better and that's why its taking so long for episode 2 to come out cause I remember waiting a long time beween episodes for The Walking Dead last year but nothing like this. although last year they didn't come up with the absolute brilliant idea of making 2 games at once. but who knows it aint like im not going to buy episode 2... unless my xbox breaks which it very well might but that's another issue.

  • Meh, i don't put much stock in theories made by the community, i seem to be a contrarian on this kind of stuff.

    Though the RHG does seem to me as way too obvious and is probably a huge red herring.

  • In the comics powerful fables can die and then come back to life as different versions of themselves.

    The snow in the game is quite different to the snow in the comics, so this snow could well be dead.

  • Well actually her experience as Deputy Mayor is probably what made her so...cold?

  • Jesus bloody Christ, that's brilliant. I think I could've never think about somethin like that since I didn't even know who Trusty John was... Really, thank you for sharing that.

  • I agree that that is probably true, however I am merely pointing out that it is possible she died afterall.

  • Wait- WHAT!? =O

    You sir/madam, are a genious! Are you saying the doorman for the apartments (the one that has his head covered, sleeping), can put peoples heads back on!? I think you've just figured out how they're going to bring these characters back to life. Combine this with the 'Ichabod is framing the Horseman' hypothesis, and I believe we've revealed the series!

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