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Baddest of the Bands - Now available!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 6.3K users

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 3:
Baddest of the Bands

Release date: Released!

You guys have all seen the preview for Baddest of the Bands in your copy of Strong Badia the Free, so it's probably time for an official discussion/speculation thread. What will the game include? What bands will make an appearance, and who will be left to wither into gaming obscurity? Did you find any hints about the episode within Strong Badia the Free?

The game is coming to PC and WiiWare on October 27! Check out the screenshots and trailer here.

For those who haven't already purchased the season set, the episode can now be preordered. Buy now and you'll get an email as soon as it's available for download!
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  • More Chort kicking!!! We need more Chort kicking!
  • Jake;91809 said:
    mindless speculation!
    Don't mind if I do!


    omgg dis is true i herd it on utube so it must be true! stong bad is gonna be in a bannd n hes gonna pley songs in da band n hes gonna has da best band thats beter den da othr bands but den he looses 2 homsar! n i herd dat if u pres a cheatcode den u can fite homsar in street fiter 4! i no its true cuz i hav street fiter 4 n 5 n 6 alredy cuz my uncle work at capcom! i also has president evil 5 n ded rosing 2 alredy n u can be da king off town in bowth but u hav 2 beet da game 500 times to be da king off town n so i beet it 500 times n spyderman came frum da sky n sed i was da best pleyer evers n now im spyderman! its true!


    Is that mindless enough? :D
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    Well, reading that DID rot my brain... so yeah... quite mindless.
  • Yeah or just hinting at the next episode
  • MarkDarin;91815 said:
    Well, reading that DID rot my brain... so yeah... quite mindless.
    Typing it wasn't a walk in the park either... :p I felt dirty. Dirty.
  • Mindless speculation, eh? Let's see. 5 Bands. Guitar Hero-style minigames. More red flavored translucence.

    *Drinks more red jello out of bowl with bendy straw*
  • Strong Bad Told Us The Mini Game At The Ending Of Stong Badia The Free
  • DarkStar Runner;91820 said:
    Guitar Hero-style minigames.
    SOMEbody stole my idea from the "proposed episode ideas, theories, and other speculation" thread. (*sigh* Probably not, actually. I guess it wasn't as creative an idea as I thought back when I posted it a couple of weeks ago...)

    But, yes. Definitely yes. The only problem(s) would be the set-up of a guitar controller (which some people wouldn't have, especially the pc users) and the limited memory space the episode would allow for about.... half a song to be on the game. IF we want a decent story mode, that is. Maybe TBC could just work with Guitar Hero to get in a dlc pack on Guitar Hero - World Tour (by the name of "Homestar Strummer" :D).
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    (There isn't a guitar hero style minigame :) )
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