Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • She speaks that line even if Molly escapes Crawford with you. So unless they do the old switcharoo with certain characters, that rules her out.
    As Kenny is one of the few characters to have a fixed but off-screen fate, he's the favourite to appear. If there's a time-lapse it could also be Christa.

    Hypothetically you could have some weird offscreen process:
    Lee shoots Molly>Molly somehow gets Kenny into a situation where he dies>Clems "I thought you were dead" line makes sense.
    Molly leaves Crawford with you>Kenny and Molly don't cross paths>Kenny shows up for S2

    Although that's an extremely doubtful scenario. Having more than 1 character fill the same spot for any major role takes a lot more time and money to produce. It's why Doug and Carley weren't present for massive chunks of ep.2 and onward.

  • I must be imagining things again... Sorry I just want Kenny to be alive that's all..

  • Well, it can't actually be Glen, because since Telltale's is linked to the comics, glen would have to meet Clem in the comics for it to be able to happen in Telltale's, and he never meets her again, so...

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    If it is Lilly, then I'm leaving her behind/not saving her as soon as possible. I still don't trust her, I mean, maybe if I'd saved Doug(as I happen to know that that scene is different if Doug is there), but not after what happened with Carely.

  • You're kind of missing the fact that Telltale practically confirmed that Kenny is still alive, and will show up in Season 2.

  • I figure she's at least a little close to Kenny, considering when going to the morgue to look for Clem, Kenny says, "You and Clementine are the only family I have left."(Determinant)

  • It can't possibly be Glenn because Telltale's is canon to the comics, so Glenn would have to meet them in the comics to meet them in Telltale's, and he doesn't, so he won't.

  • But she doesn't die if she is, or at least, you don't see it.

  • I'm thinking Molly may show up in another DLC or something. That would be cool.

  • Well, you're the one replying to people when they say it might be Kenny, so if you are truly sick of it, then yes, ignore them.
    Also, the majority of people are hating on you because you're being rude and offensive to anyone who even vaguely hopes that Kenny, a popular character, might be alive.

  • He could've just run through then found a safer place.
    There are several characters that just kind of run through a herd of walkers killing very few of them.
    At the final of Season 2 for the TV show, the herd in "Isolation", The herd that Abraham, Rick, Morgan, and Carl run through in the comics, etc.
    It's perfectly logical that he could have survived.

  • I didn't feel bad, when the Stranger tries to guilt trip you over leaving Lilly on the side of the road, my answer was "She deserved it". She's one of the only characters that I "killed", next to The Stranger. I really hope it isn't her.

  • Spoiler Alert, Its Omid.

  • It was a mistake, and I corrected myself, dummy. Now learn how to spell, dumbass.

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    Here take a look at this and tell me who you think it is

    Alt text

  • She didn't die, She ran away

  • Am I the only person who thinks it's Lee I mean cmon theres no definite evidence that he's dead when he was shown slumped over he could have hust passed out from blood loss or exaustion and If you chose for her to shoot him she could have just shot to the side unable to kill him becaise that was my first impression because it didnt sgow a bullet hole and the strongeat possibility is kenny but still have some faith for lee and can anyone tell me when episode two will come out because I cant find it

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    Lilly, I really wouldn't know why Clementine would actually think of her being dead. Either she was left on the side of the road, (which Clem would probably think of her being dead), or you took her with you just so she can steal the RV. Either way, she was going to quote those exact words either way. But Lilly is a character that still has possibilities of it being her.

    Lee, he is 100% dead. I don't know why people are actually thinking that it could be him. Either you leave him or Clementine finishes him off, he's dead. He had dead written all over him in during the end of Season 1. R.I.P Lee, we love and miss you.

    St. John brothers, no. You had the option to kill them with Lee or spare their lives just so the walkers could kill them. Either way, Clementine was going to quote those words.

    Glenn, I don't know why people are saying it's him. Glenn left the group the very first day of the apocalypse by choice in a car. He drove off. Clementine only new him for, I would say, a few hours. And for a whole 3 months after the outbreak, she was with Lee, Lilly, Larry, Duck, Carly/Doug, Kenny, and Katjja. Mark came in the group within those 3 months and then came Ben, Chuck, Christa, and Omid. 19 months later, I don't know why Clementine would think that he's dead. Judging by the expression on Clementine's face, it was someone that she was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN had died. Glenn, I don't see it being him at all.

    Molly, I have absolutely no idea why people are saying that it's her. Why on earth would Clementine think of her being dead? Molly left the group at the end of episode 4 on her own free will. Even if you did shoot her by mistake, Clementine was going to quote those exact words either way.

    Christa, well, maybe. I don't know. Clementine seemed to be a bit more horrified than happy. But who knows. People can actually be in such a state of shock that it won't really look happy so fast. Christa wouldn't join a group anyway. Especially with a bunch of bandits. NO WAY, NOT HER. I don't know. I do think that Christa is alive, but I don't think that they'll be reuniting that fast. Christa is still a possibility, but I don't think that it's her at all. Clementine would have smiled real fast and said CHRISTA, but instead, she was at a level of such shock and quoted "I thought you were dead", no, it can't be Christa. Clementine wouldn't act and say that towards her.

    Kenny, I've really been thinking that he could be that person. He actually fits it better than anyone else in my opinion. In both ways, Kenny was pinned in by walkers to make you THINK that he died. Clementine quoting that towards Kenny would be a definite match. Clementine was with Christa and Omid after leaving Savannah and it's pretty obvious that Christa and Omid seemed pretty certain that Kenny died. Both of them told Clementine about it and possibly made her pretty certain about Kenny's death as well. And during the whole entire 16 months, Clementine would be surprised to see him. But as you said, Telltale would truly want you to believe this. So I'm still keeping an open mind about this, but my money is definitely on Kenny.

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    It's Glenn, Now you can all stop saying it's Glenn in S2 Episode 2

  • This sounds similar to a theory I saw on theturningdead

  • I was thinking about that, too :c

  • Maybe Walkers heard the fighting and gunshots?

    I now know why those Kenny fanboys believe Ken is alive. Poor Omid. If only he'd fucking move faster!

    I wish he weren't dead. There was a time that I thought he would be the player character for season 2, but no. He hardly makes it 3 minutes in D:

  • Even if she didn't put him down (which, if you choose to do so, she can confirm at the table with Luke that he is definitely shot in the head), he was bitten. The comic has shown time and time again that that isn't survivable (unless the bite is removed quickly and with proper procedure, neither of which Lee received), and the game is in the same world as the comic.

  • About the "why Clemmy would think Lilly is dead" thing, in a certain situation (saving Doug I think), Lee invariably tells Clem that Lilly was eaten by walkers, so that could be one thing.

  • Madara Uchiha.

    LoL, that person is me. If you think that I'm lying, just send me a message on my YouTube account and I can tell you what you sent. But yeah, this is all my theory 100%!!!

  • I reckon it's Lilly, I mean whether you leave her at the side of the road or she steals the RV there was never any signs that Lilly died. Also Clem does NOT sound happy to see this person and seeing as how Clem watched Lilly kill Carley/Doug I doubt she would be happy to see Lilly again.

  • Yeah, I agree. Besides, Lilly has always been my 2nd strongest possibility as well.

  • Well that's because she was initially comic Lilly, but she is that no longer (according to Kirkman himself), and now, the game can give her a much better redemption than shooting one dude followed by assumed death.

  • Is it the scene on the RV when Clem just asks "What happened?" or something to that effect, right after Lilly shot Carley/Doug? Because I assumed Lee was talking about Carley/Doug when he said that.

  • Man, I just wish it were Omid. The only not-a-dick-in-any-way character to survive Season 1, and he dies quicker than Sonic the hedgehog running full speed in a train going light speed.

  • He was, but then Clem says, "Lilly, too?" To which, Lee says, "Yeah." With no choice whatsoever... If I'm remembering properly. If not, then... Fuck it.

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    if i remember correctly, someone posted a script of the trailer for episode 2 and it said that clementine was shocked/stunned, not unhappy at all

  • Yeah, I was at total shock when Omid died at the very beginning of Season 2. Totally didn't see it coming and really didn't want it to happen. He acted WAY too slow though, but still. He was the ONLY "comic relief" character so far within the game. It really pissed me off that he died so fast. Poor Omid :'(

    R.I.P Omid

  • And he was the only genuinely kind one, too.

  • .......................................No!!!

    Lee is 100% dead. Did you not see the state that he was in during the Season finale. That should have been enough evidence for the people that are trying to believe that he is still alive. As much as I'd want Lee to be alive, I know that he died. And the release dates for all platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and PlayStation Vita are all "TBA". Which also means that there is no confirmed release date yet.

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