Not excited...



  • As long as I get to see Randy Pitchford say "fuck you" to more people on twitter and dig himself into a deeper hole, I could totally get behind a borderlands project, not as in I'd buy it but I'd definitely enjoy the Schadenfreude from watching Pitchford fuck himself over on twitter.

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    Yes Breaking Bad series is awesome idea! Telltale please do this :p

  • SAYS WHO? Claptrap is the biggest piece of shit in that whole game worse than the villain at some points

  • He does that at twice everytime a new DLC or content patch is relased

    anyone remember Morninafterkill's Reaction to The Wattle Gobbler DLC?

    and Pitchford's PR Suicidal response?

    "You say you love the game but child and wife beaters also say they do those things out of love"

  • Maybe it would follow Jesse Pinkman after the events of Felina. Being one of the people who helped to kill all of those cartel guys, and considering the cook saw his face, and would definitely remember Jesse, once the DEA wall that Gus set up falls, then the cartel would be all over Jesse. Then the choices would be to follow in Heisenberg's footsteps, or stay true to Jesse Pinkman, though doing the latter would cause a few deaths of the ones you love, and Heisenberg would cause many others to die.

  • Omfg a TellTale Doctor Who game....Salivates profusely

  • a Borderlands game would be brilliant and it's certainly different to TellTale's previous work, and I can see how GoT could be a great game with the politics and strategy, but truthfully, in a toss-up between Walking Dead and these I would go for the former. TellTale could blow everyone out of the water with these new releases, but I personally hope they don't stop working on Walking Dead, hell, maybe they could somehow work 3 titles simultaneously - would be a stretch but I think that could really boost them if they did it like this

  • (a little off topic)
    you are the second "some guy" i have seen today lol.

  • Do you really have 3-6 account "Some Guy"-Guy? :)

  • I certainly hope not, since it's against the rules... :)

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    "I dont like that theyre making a borderlands game why cant they make a Doctor Who or Sherlock home games I like them better than borderlands why can't telltale listen to what I want"

    -what I got out of the OP

  • this is a "meh i will skip it" for me it's a good mindless shooter with a fun slot machine random gun mechanic, but its stupid, the story was go here kill guys go there kill guys the end, sure it has wacky humor but meh just meh

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