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Crash in SBCG4AP Ep. 2 (Wii)

posted by CKcheeseboy on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
****Spoiler warning, just in case****

I was just playing Strong Badia the Free and exploring/messing around with stuff. I went to the photo booth, put a bunch of stuff on, and went to leave. As the screen was going black, it stopped with maybe 15 degrees or so left and froze. I couldn't get to the Home menu or anything except hold the console power button until the Wii turned off. This was all pretty soon after escaping the house-I did a bunch of stuff by the fence/Cheat and went to the car and then the booth. I can't remember all of the clothes, but I think it was basically all the Homestar stuff, the eyepatch, the champ belt, and the moustache.

I also found a couple of minor glitches. After digging up the shirt to the left of the fence, a random dug up spot appeared in front of the Cheat where nothing was buried. I can probably snap a shot and send it to myself if you want. Also, I leveled up before leaving the house (and thus before getting the map), and the Map icon appeared and looked clickable, but didn't do anything.
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  • When I win the maps and minions game, the of town appears and then my game freezes. This has happened twice. What do I do? How do I find out how the game ends?!?
  • Yea game freezes on me if I try to save after the board game trying to get the king back into the castle. :(
  • Hey all, we are still looking into this problem. I'm afraid I don't have much I can tell you at the moment.
  • I have this issue too. I was playing cave girl squad in extended mode, when I exited. I went to bleak house to play some mathkickers, but right before I opened the door to the house, the game started Auto Saving, and it froze and I had to hard reset the game! And now, whenever I try to save, it freezes.
    Out of curiosity, is normal to leave the photo booth with a costume on? Because that happened, and now I'm worried that it has something to do with the crash. I am wearing:
    that brown mustache
    no shirt
    those army pants

    cheeseboy said something about the mustache in his post, so I think it has something to do with this freeze.
    EDIT: I just removed all of strongbad's costume parts and tried to save again. It worked perfectly. Apparently, it has to do with the costumes.
  • Any progress on the post-Maps and Minions, "aw crap" glitch?
  • Yes I'd like an update as well.
  • The game freezes for me too after the Maps & Minions game.

    I also did have it freeze in the photo booth upon exiting. I don't remember the details of the costume. I can live without that part of the game though.

    When it freezes, I can't get to the Wii Menu, the reset button does not work, and the power button does not work.
  • Anything yet Will?
  • I am also having the exact same problem on my Wii. Throne room, "Aw, crap", freezes.

    I'll watch here for an update as well. Thank you for attending to this!
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