The Killer [Investigation] - Hard Evidence Found



  • Considering how well thought out the placement of RHG was, I really doubt it. It's more likely they figured something like this would happen to maintain interest in the story and the real reason for the delay is just something unrelated.
    I don't suppose you watch Agatha Christie's Poirot very much, do you? If not, I'd highly recommend it to you.
    In any case, I can imagine Poirot saying that even though RHG is a person of interest, we have no evidence to support his involvement in the crime, so he is most likely a red "hairing", if you get my meaning. Great collaborative work on the theory, though.
    I personally suspect he's one of Crane's guys, to act as a verifier for Bigby's input.

  • Great. Now we are investigating the reason for the delay?! O.o

  • I personally suspect he's one of Crane's guys, to act as a verifier for Bigby's input.

    I actually like this idea. It's a high chance he's either one of Crane's guys , or maybe a detective too.

  • i think your right there..

    dum and dee must work for bluebeard...?

    i'm starting to wonder if goldie is involved as well...

  • Or Telltale was being lazy to create more character models, so the yrecycled this guy over and over, and accidentally spawned your theory, and then thought "hmm, actually this is a good idea" and will make this guy a villain even though they didn't plan it from the start

  • Damn good theory. It's possible that the RHG is just some henchmen working on the behalf of someone. Maybe he's the taxi driver for the real villain. I think Bigby being framed is a near certainty given how he's a common element for both victims. It's also possible that the RHG is the boy who cried Wolf but not actually the killer. He could be working with the killer and simply following Bigby and taking note of who Bigby is interacting with. After a few more killings RHG is probably planning to walk up to Crane and seal the frame.

  • Sam can't even stay inside the lanes.

  • Well That is Great :D I think if not the "Ginger Man" Then maybe Jack of Fables? :)

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    Yeah, Dum and Dee probably working for Bluebeard.

    Because, Bluebeard is a guy who wants to kill Snow White and Bigby. Both of them must be dead for him. And, he is the only man who has got and can spend lots of money for this things. Dee came to Trip Trap and said "I have hundereds of bucks who can..." So, it must be Bluebeard. He is the only man who can spend lots of money for this stupid thing. I don't think that he is the killer or he is in it but he is investigating it. May be he wants to hurt Bigby by himself?

    Just a little theory. But I'm sure that Dum and Dee working for Bluebeard.

    Sorry for bad grammer.

  • This thread is ridiculously long so I haven't read all of the comments but it seems like this guy is just too obvious to be the killer. Also note that Telltale designs each episode based on player feedback. If everyone who played the game has seen and suspected this guy is the one then it's not going to be him. Unless we all decide that it definitely isn't him; then it's him.

  • I did not read all the messages in this thread, sorry if I repeat someone, but has anyone thought about why Bigby haven't smelled this red hair guy? He should've noticed his smell is everywhere he goes. If you ask me who is guilty, I think it's obviously TJ. Why? He's clearly a maniac, he does have a collection of insects, which has a weevil.

  • It's really a good one. Vorpal Sword is a weapon of Headless Horseman in the Legend of Sleeping Hollow, also Crane is somehow connected to him. But it ruins theory of Snow White's resurrection, if it was the Vorpal Sword.

  • Wow...You really DID do a lot of investigating,didn't you?Your theory seems nearly flawless...And that can only mean ONE thing...YOU ARE SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!!!There,totally called it,busted your case KABOOM!.Seriously tho,great job,you're a genius!

  • Every time bigby has been by that guy he has been smoking which he does to inhibit his sense of smell other wise he would have sensory over load or he is in the middle of a chase or a fight, another thing that is a factor is Snow Whites scent of all the people and things that bigy has smelled snow is the only thing or person whose scent that he can not forget, so while bigby is next to snow she is most likley all he chooses to or can smell at that time.

  • He could have gotten a glamour, not to hide that he looks like an animal (cause he doesn't) but to maybe hide his identity

  • Wow great research! Now that you mention it, he was all over the first episode but Telltale did a fantastic job of making him seem forgettable during the first episode. Great Find!

  • HOW did you realize it?according to what you showed.this guy definitely is an important character?

  • I was the first dislike, just for the heck of it.

    Then that spawned 3 other dislikes lol

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    I was just watching a youtube video to see what other people chose in their game. Then I noticed something odd about the scene where you pursuit Dee , where there's a man lying on the ground. I stopped the video and realized it was him , so I started taking more interest in the situation. Then it was pretty easy to find the other clues , in a few days I made a pretty good theory. It was not just me that made the theory tho , a lot of guys from the community helped. And I mean A LOT.
    And yes , I definitely think he's an important character. You don't just appear everywhere for no reason.

    However , Telltale makes their episodes based on our feedback on the forums. So if this thread has 50k views , I can ensure you he won't be the killer. This thread might even be the actual reason for which Episode 2 got delayed lol. They might've had to re-write the whole script.

  • Mind blowing.

  • There is so many fans of wolf among us in all over the world that have not seen this discussion so I don't think that telltale is going to rewrite the story just to make sure that the story is unpredictable.

  • The boy who CRIED wolf .... Cryer .... maybe it's just me , but I see a good connection.

  • This has probably been mentioned before, but in pictures 4 and 5 it's not possible for the guy to both drop off Bigby and drive away, and then be walking in front of the Tenement building, so, maybe there are two of them?

  • does anyone suspect geppetto (the adversary)?

  • He continued his life, happily surrounded by his children, until approached by local elders. The local Count had become increasingly erratic, posing a danger to the community, so they petitioned Geppetto to create a double, who could replace him, providing stability in the region. Despite his misgivings at a plan that obviously required a murder, he eventually agreed, and, after waiting for the Blue Fairy to turn it human, the Count was killed, and his replacement ruled long and wisely, if favouring the elders in his decisions.
    When the time came, the Count passed on, but the elders feared that his son would make an incompetent ruler, he too was replaced. And then a neighbouring ruler seemed likely to cause a problem, so better to deal with him sooner than later. And so on as this became the standard way of dealing with problematic official among the growing conspiracy, all the replacements them being enchanted with the same loyalty to Geppetto as his children. source:

  • Geppetto(the adversary) might have created doppelgangers out of faith and snow killing the fake ones, faking their death because Geppetto is the only one capable of creating another character out of his wooden skills giving them flesh with his magic

  • Yes , I'm aware of that. It's been pointed that there might be two of them , but there's nothing certain yet. It's like a big mindfuck , and we only discovered half of it.

  • Doesn't telltale re - use some character models too save time ??. He could just be a 'filler' guy.

  • That is incredible work and I believe you are correct! I have nothing to contribute to that end and nor can I produce pictures, but here is what I believe and I know nothing about the comics.

    The ultimate plot involves that Boy Who Cried Wolf, if he is not the killer directly, he's the step below to reaching the end conclusion.

    The Tweedle bros are not looking for Faith but another woman. I believe they are actually some sort of private investigators like they claim. The name of the person they were searching for was not given when one entered the bar and the other refused to take Faith's fur cloak thing.

    Faith is also not dead because the mirror could not show her dead body which should have been whereever Bigby and Snow placed her head. The mirror showed Faith's father's corpse and Faith was not under any enchantment like the cloak or her ring, so that means it must not be her real head or something. Faith is alive. Therefore Snow is also still alive because she "died" in the same way and the 2nd episode's name is Smoke and Mirrors.

    Since their "deaths" are similar we can safely assume this is probably to get Bigby's attention. Most likely that Boy Who Cried Wolf as explained by OP's marvelous post.

    I think Beauty was highly suspicious because it seems like she was waiting for someone and then claimed she was late. Maybe she underestimates the problem of whatever she is involved with.

    I believe that there is one overarching plotline which involves Faith and the murders. Everyone else, like the Tweedle bros, the pigs, Grendel's mom's sister, Woodsman, Beauty and Beast are only tangentially related. Their side stories are interesting, but will not contribute overall to solving the "big bad issue". We'll have to make a flowchart to keep all these relationships and connections straight.

    Those dwarves looks scary as hell.

    Ichabod wants power and probably has a few deals with backdoor Fables to make life easy and/or profitable for him.

    I'm very excited for the next episode.

    Question: Is there a way to complete Toad's apartment without scaring his kid? I thought I looked everywhere and caught him in every lie. I really did not want to resort to violence, but the game didn't give me any other option.

  • Being a prequel, I think it's very unlikely they will explore or even feature gepetto's character - as he is only discovered well into the comic series.

  • I too realized tha the ginger guy was everywhere, but there's something you didn't get... there was two of him at the same place...
    unless he has a twin brother I can't think of anything else...
    at the begining of the game he is the taxi driver AND "he is" the guy walking in front of Toad's home...
    again, when we see snow for the last time, he is the taxi driver AND the guy crouched just outside the Trip Trap Bar...
    I think he is important at some level, not the killer... I mean, I hope not, I really want to be surprise by the end of the game... but there should be an explanation for why there's to of him...

  • I know , we'll probably get the explanation later on. But for now I ensure you he's not an extra. This guy has a voice actor assigned to him , and extras don't have voice actors.

  • If he is Cryer, than may be he has some sheep.

  • Watch your backs ! The Cryer and his army of sheep is seeking to conquer The Earth !

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    It just seems like it's a model just used for NPCs in the background, that we shouldn't be payin' attention to.
    And, for the "real" character, with the voice acting and all, maybe it is important, or just another spy, from someone, we dun' really know.
    Plus, like every detective series, the real killer is only found when we're nearing the end.
    ALSO, Telltales wouldn't be that dumb, highlighting him.

    Anyway, that's what I think.

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