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Wrong order for the wrong person from the wrong store!

posted by asteroidjay on - last edited - Viewed by 606 users
Hello. On Thursday I ordered a Sam & Max Season 2 DVD and a Flaming Max Hat. I tracked my order and it came today, but when I opened the package, the only item inside was a power outlet adapter from "Walkabout Travel Gear LLC". I was confused, so I read the receipt and my name was no where to be found. This order was for a different person. I looked at the outside of the package and saw two labels. One with my name from Telltale games and another for this other person from Walkabout Travel Gear LLC. Both return addresses are from the same warehouse.

Who can I contact to resolve this problem?
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  • Sounds like our warehouse accidentally mixed up your order with an order for one of their other clients. We'll get it straightened out, don't worry!
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Hi asteroidjay,

    I went ahead and reshipped your order. You should get an email with a new tracking number when the order ships from the warehouse (hopefully tomorrow).
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    At least you got a power outlet out of the deal!
  • Oh, I get to keep it? :) It's for outlets in India. It was $7. I can return it if necessary. Should I contact someone about this? Perhaps this other person is missing his item as well. I have his name here.
  • We'll take care of it, don't worry. And no need to mail it back. One more reason to finally take that vacation to India you've been dreaming of :)
  • Hello, again. I did receive a new shipment notification with a tracking number last Wednesday, but after a week, the status has not changed. It still reads "Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received". I know that USPS doesn't always update their statuses on time, but I thought the order would have arrived by now. Is there any way to know that the package is actually in transit, and not still at the warehouse?
  • We'll check with the warehouse, but I wouldn't underestimate the crappiness of USPS's tracking. I ordered something from Amazon that continues to say "shipping info received" two days after it arrived. :p

    I sent off an email to the warehouse, will let you know if we learn anything.
  • All of the orders that shipped via USPS on the 24th are displaying the "shipping info received" message. The packages were picked up from the fulfillment house, so someone from the fulfillment house is going to contact the post office to find out what's going on. Thanks for your patience!
  • My status has changed to Processed now. It may be here tomorrow. Thanks. :)
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