Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



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  • You're not missing anything too special. lol

  • the game is where all the action is anyway

  • they used the guy model too, when you first get the river he is next to nick

  • (Some spoilers for the comics and tie in novels as well.)

    It's a tad confusing at first, but it is highly unlikely the Lilly from the game and the comic are the same. The "Road to Woodbury" and "Fall of the Governor" tie in novels (co-wrote by Kirkman) give the Lilly from the comic a pretty fleshed out backstory, which has no relation to anything from the games, other than being set in the same world. The Lilly in the books is a different woman that comes into the Woodbury story line.

  • What makes you think the comic Lilly and "Road to Woodbury" Lilly aren't the same?

  • Actually, the reason you're being down-voted is probably because you're throwing a tantrum over how much you hate people for liking a character.

  • I believe you, lol.
    Very well said

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    Interesting point, never thought about it that way. It makes sense Vince and Glenn could be related, due to Glenn's avoidance of talking about his family with Lee in the drugstore, plus that comment in the prison bus. Glenn's shame in thinking about his (possibly) incarcerated black sheep of a brother? If TTG brings the core 400 Days group into S2, we may find out. :)

  • It's decent. It isn't like people say really. People are too harsh on it because of the farm

  • Yo dawg he was only sayin Clem could've asked Omid and Christa. It could be Kennyboo or Lilly or others. Kenny could be yo

  • He was the first one I noticed, because, his posture was very memorable (and the couple was the center of the scene in episode 5), watch here: http://www.telltalegames.com/community/discussion/53967/reused-character-models

  • i mean i still watch it but does not compare to the game in my opinion

  • Yah I am fairly certain there is a Lily character in all forms of the story (TV show, game, and comic) and all three are different.

  • I play on my iPad. It's pretty good. There are some scenes that are super dark for me but overall I like playing it this way.

  • In 400 days you see Carly's dead body..

  • Dude stop making me feel like my copy is inferior ;/

  • Agreed. Playable Molly or playing someone who meets her

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    It's just that I have my own personal preferences to rather play it on iOS. I'm not trying to make it seem like other versions are inferior.

  • No, it's all good. After reading your comment, I just wanted to just play on my Xbox real quick just to see that I meant what I said. I'll honestly admit, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The way that my TV is, I actually had to sit a bit high to get how the game "really" shows. It shows great on a console. But because of the controls of the game, I'd rather play it on my iPhone. This is just me, that's all. When it comes to the type of games where you can just free roam, shoot whenever/wherever you want, and do just about anything, I'd choose a "console" for sure. The Walking Dead is an amazing game and I love it so much that it's a 10/10 in my book, but it kinda lacks all of those things. But that's okay because it's based on the decisions that you make with great story-line. I've always been in those type of games, AND it has ZOMBIES which is my favorite genre of ALL :D

  • It has to be Kenny. He's the only character I can think of that would be presumed dead given the sacrifice he made. Being lost amongst a horde of walkers and nowhere to be seen afterwards would have given Lee the impression that he died during that moment. Lee would then proceed to tell Christa and Omid that Kenny had been lost to the walkers, giving them the idea that Kenny had died, which would then lead them to telling Clementine about what happened to Kenny, meaning, she thinks that Kenny is dead because of what the others said.

    Christa would be too obvious. Can't see her being introduced back in so soon after being separated from Clem. And as for Lilly, Clem witnessed Lilly either being left behind from the RV, or witnessing her stealing the RV. So, I don't think Clem would be coming out with a reaction such as; "I thought you were dead." Considering that she only saw Lilly being left behind/ stealing the RV.

    That's just my theory anyway xD

  • Just going way back... At the dead people on the sandbanks scene. Obviously roman is dead. Many people are saying the woman in the bed from the dead couple in epsiode 5 is also dead. I believe in is Anna Correa from the pregnancy films you find in Crawford. Why would a dead body from a bed be transported to a sandbank. Obviously I wouldn't. You also see Anna stab the doctor, and therefore probably sneak out of Crawford. Can people either agree or disagree with me and explain why it is / isn't Anna correa dead on the sandbars?

  • That wasn't her... Probably, she was a Diabetic and also was about to have a baby, so I doubt she lived long without pills, and considering the time-skip, she's definitely dead.

  • Honestly I do not think it's far fetched to believe TellTale is reusing body models, for walkers and regular living people. I have seen and killed the same walkers multiple times. It is kind of a bummer that they are because it's obviously throwing a lot of people off, but I really do not think there's anything behind most of the walkers you see. The imagination and connections people make in these forums are incredible and I love every minute of it, but with this one I think our minds are running beyond what the creators really meant to perceive, unfortunately.

  • If it's someone she didn't like, then it's probably Lilly.

  • http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Video_Game_Characters
    Scroll down and have a look at Matthew and Jhonny? Possible the kenny looking guy and eddie/vince looking guy... Dont you think? I know its a bit late and all but just found it... Clementine all alone and all baddies around?

  • I honestly don't think it's going to be any of these people. I mean, I have no idea who its going to be, but TellTale aren't going to choose a character that people have guessed. For all we know, it could introduce a new character and they'll form a death thing, but they didn't really die?. Then at the end she'll go 'I thought you were dead' Its a shitty theory but.. I tried.

  • As much as I liked Lee in Season One, he's dead. He was an amazing protagonist while he was alive, but honestly, I'm pretty sure he's dead. Oh, and Episode Two (This is a rough guess, I have no real source) Should be out sometime between now and April,

  • this cute little sushi girl:

    Alt text

  • It's gotta be Kenny, or rather; he's alive, why I say so is remember Ben's death and presumable his death? Well if you payed attention to the scene you will notice several windows near Ben before and after he fell on the bar of the rail, when he's on the ground you'll notice that their is a total of 7 windows, 4 on the left of the alleyway in which Lee is looking at, and another 3 on the right, did you see how the one's on the left were all boarded up, while the one's on the right were breakable or rather, openable? He'll then proceed to see if he can help Ben to no avail, walkers block the Alleyway blah. blah. blah... But after he shoots he goes off-screen which many people noticed before BUT one of his hitting noices sound likes he he's hitting on Glass or possibly the wood but most likely the wood since it's probably corroded by now and it definitely sounds like he breached one of the windows or blocked up windows since you don't hear glass shattering or anything but a prying pound on something, and it wasn't on a walker that's for sure, And when Lee goes back up the ladder the panned down view shows none of the windows on the left but two on the right but one shy short of being able to see Ben's body, and the panning stops before it could reach that third window on the right, making me believe that it was done intentionally to leave his fate up to debate, but for now.... I'm gonna say he's Alive..

    For anyone curious of checking this for yourself click here:
    Another good theory but completely different from mine would be here: http://www.reddit.com/r/TheWalkingDeadGame/comments/1ubv9s/season_1_spoilers_kenny_was_in_the_marsh_house/

    I hope you enjoyed my Theory since I noticed 90% of these people never back up their thoughts... Ever.

  • The Lilly in the Comic Series isn't the same Lilly from the Video Game. Robert Kirkman confirmed it.

  • They should release episodes weekly. Or at least bi-weekly...

  • kenny this, kenny that, goddamn in my opinion he was one of the characters that didnt really stand out or wsnt able to bond with the player. i dont seewhy alot of people are on his nutsack.

  • Robert Kirkman confirmed it on his Twitter ages ago.

  • wait,but she did not say it like in a im so happy to see you voice...clem said it in a you should be dead get away from me voice.:/

  • She says it in a "I am so surprised, that I cannot express any other emotion than surprise/shock"-voice.

    She could be scared to death by the person or she could be so happy to see them. That line wouldn't sound different, if it was Lee with her parents she sees. To me that does kind of rule out Christa. Because with Christa, her shock would be smaller so that she could go to "I am so happy to see you" faster. The shock would be smaller because she would still be hoping to see her alive (hoping implies still somewhat of expecting it to be true), whereas the scene suggests the person she sees was "dead for sure" in her mind.

    So my take is: Her voice and face show that she is really really really surprised to see that person. But it does not show one way or the other whether that person is someone nice or someone bad.

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