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Sam & Max Wii: Languages in PAL version

posted by daillest on - last edited - Viewed by 280 users
Hi y'all!

Now that the day when the Freelance Police land all upon us mighty european asses (though that day never seems to come!), I got a couple of questions about the languages it'll come in.

I am from Spain and I take it for granted S&M will have texts in Spanish. But I want to know about the voices... will they be dubbed in Spanish? If they do, will I still be able to get them back to English?

Is there a different version of the game for each country, with its own languages or maybe there's a 5-in-1 version with all major languages in it?

Thanks for your answer, buddies!
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  • Emily;92158 said:
    In Europe, the game will be fully localized in German and French, and in English with Italian or Spanish subtitles.

    Still no confirmed release date for Europe yet, but we'll let you know when it's official!
    that enough of an answer.
  • patters;92502 said:
    that enough of an answer.
    Definitely. Thanks!

    Can't wait, hope it drops soon!
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