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Will Telltale ever make a "nice" game again?

posted by Robert Morgan on - Viewed by 7.4K users

Two minutes into TWAU, and I'm getting an earful of potty-mouthed profanity from the Woodsman that would make Linda Blair blush.

As weird as this sounds, I'm starting to miss the days of BACK TO THE FUTURE, where I didn't have to worry about mind-numbing violence and f-bombs exploding in my face every time I turned a corner. Now, with Telltale prepping GAME OF THRONES (and working on the remainder of season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD in addition to TWAU), I can't help but wonder if Telltale has decided that "dark and nasty" is their company mantra now.

  • Rated M for "Mature".

    Content Descriptors: Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco


    If you don't like foul language, you picked the wrong game. I don't think this is Telltale deciding to be "dark and nasty", they are picking more mature themes and franchises to work with. Some of us who play their games happen to be adults ;)

    • I don't think this is Telltale deciding to be "dark and nasty", they are picking more mature themes and franchises to work with.

      Todd Mcfarlane's SPAWN featured plenty of violence and foul language too, but you won't meet many people these days who are willing to describe it as "mature".

      Blood-spattering mayhem and punctuating every sentence with a "fuck" or a "shit" isn't mature, it's an adolescent child's perception of what maturity is supposed to be. Don't get me wrong, I get the gist of TWAU; it's Grimm's fairy tales for a grittier crowd. Preferably the kind who love movies like SEVEN. I can understand how some folks can get into that, but speaking personally, it doesn't strike me as being anything really original or exciting. That's why I think this game just isn't for me. There's just something innately silly about writers who think putting characters from children's stories into a "grown-up" film noir environment is breaking new ground. It's like watching a teenager trying to act tough by getting his hands on his Dad's gun and threatening the neighbour's dog.

      I guess I've just had my fill of characters who are always trying to look and sound "badass". (Or, at the very least, stories that try to strive for a tone that's "badass.")

  • With Game of Thrones will come wieners too. Lots of wieners.

    • Flooooppy, non-erect, weeeeeiiiiiiiiners!

      I do have to agree here, though. While I'm not averse to darker material (hell, I've made quite a bit myself), it's almost surreal thinking that the same people who were making games out of Homestar Runner and Wallace and Gromit not too long ago have gone on to...this.

      Although that's the least of my issues with Telltale's new direction right now.

      • Well, that's not that hard to imagine. Everybody (except Mr. Rogers - he is Jesus) has a swearing, boob-loving, floppy-weiner imagining side to them. Same goes for the TT devs. Really, after doing so many relatively safe games I think this is their way of finally letting loose. Although, they should be careful, because too much grimdark material becomes stale after a while and needs comedy to help balance it all out.

    • Agreed, no boobs, that'd be totally gay n stuff!

  • They started out with friendly content... nobody panics...

    But when they branch out to mature... then everybody loses their minds!

    Alt text

  • Seems to be the direction games in general are moving. I just realized that, of the many great games I got this year, nearly every one was rated M. The Last of Us, Bioshock: Infinite, TWD and TWAU, Saints Row IV... the only major non-M game was Rayman Legends. I don't care either way, personally, but it made me feel bad for the kids who are cursed with observant parents.

  • well, look at the content of the IP. Fables is a Noir story. those are never nice...friendly and warm. Walking dead, of thrones. Say what you will about what you "miss" ask tell tale if they miss the razor thin profits and the under whelming fanbase of just loyal fanboys? I think the companies grown what, 5 times in size now since walking dead?

  • Why not? Their dark and nasty stuff is their most popular stuff, and if they enjoy making it then they've found their niche.

    Maybe it's just me but I didn't notice that much swearing except from the Woodsman, and for him it fits his character.

  • I 100% agree! I loved their more lighthearted and kiddy games. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the M Rated games they have made (TWAU is my fave Telltale game) But I can't help but hope for a new game that maybe doesn't have vulgar language. I'm not really a fan, I can put up with it, but it gets old really fast. Like really fast.

  • I never heard of telltale before there walking Dead series and now wolf among us, Games they have made are marketing to the adult gamers which seem to be a good move with their games being more well known, I am not saying I didn't like there older for light games. They are really good, they never attracted my attention enough to play them before there other games peaked my interest.

  • Of the Telltale games I own, the only "nice" game by your definition is "Back to the Future".

    I miss Max.

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