Who Hired Dum and Dee

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While playing through the game a second time I had a thought cross my mind about who hired the Tweedles . The thing that confused me was how the Tweedles even knew about Faith being murdered considering the only people who knew outside of Bigby and Snow were Grimble, Crane and probably the murderer them self. The Tweedels started their "investigation" only about an hour or 2 (depending on how long it took for Bigby to find out that the girl was faith) after snow found the head. So it leads me to believe that it had to be one of them who asked for the Tweedles help. If Crane hired them it could explain why Bigby was holding Crane over the well in the preview for episode 2. I would really like to hear what you guys have to think about this.


  • Crane probably wanted a third party to investigate, one which isn't loyal to Snow but to the money-provider. You know, someone he could easily control in case the wrong thing gets uncovered and he needs to shush it up. Dum and Dee don't strike me as the ethical types, you know?

  • I do think that they work for an unknown third party. They have been hired to find something, but not the murderer. So it's unlikely that they work for Snow or Crane. It is possible that during their investigations, they came to know about Faith's end.

    Crane is not the nicest guy in town. This is more likely the reason for Bigby to hold Crane over the well.

  • Crane had to have done something bad. My guess that it would be Crane offering Snow's job to Bluebeard considering how he is standing behind that desk in episode 4's picture.

  • Nice idea. Bluebeard is powerful/rich enough and I can imagine that such a position is of interest for him. And Bigby doesn't like Bluebeard very much. Such a move from Crane would be a reason for Bigby to be that offensive.

  • My guess is that Bluebeard hired Dum and Dee, but seems like the obvious answer.

  • Well, me personally i can't wait for Bluebeard to make an appearance. Every panel with Bigby and Bluebeard in the comics was gold, so we're in for a treat.

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    Someone that is looking for something that the Woodsman has in his possession or once had. Faith was looking for it and also Dee and Dum. Of the people that has been introduced this far it is most likely Bluebeard though I'm not sure about him.

  • I do agree that dum and dee are looking for something that Faith had because dee goes to the woodsman's apartment first and after toad mentions faith and her coat he goes to her house to look for it. But I still don't get how he even knew Faith was dead.

  • Could be through Crane I suppose, he is the only one except Snow and Bigsby that should know about the murder. It's either that or they been watching Bigsby close for a while.

  • I think that whatever Bigby and Crane are arguing over gets Crane fired at some point and Bluebeard will take Crane's position. If I was a powerful/rich man I wouldn't want to be a secretary.

  • If you look, it's Dum at Woody's apartment while Dee goes to Lawrence's. Dee wears a rim hat (or whatever they're called hat) while Dum wears a beret or 30s style workman's hat (don't know my hats XD).

  • Plot Twist: They hired each other.

  • Not bad, not bad. But I think that Telltale had no idea previous to the release of the TWAU of the appearance of either Dum or Dee. I think that they are some sort of bad code which evolved to be a completely new part of the game. And now Dum and Dee are trying to mess up with the player as good as they can.

  • Whoa that made my head hurt...note to self...don't think too hard about jokes

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    Oh well now that you mention it there was a particular event, only briefly mentioned in the comics. that got Crane into problems. This could be the reason for the dispute between Bigby and Crane and for other trouble. And it makes it possible that Crane did indeed hire Dum & Dee.

  • On the picture for episode 4 it shows Bigby being angry at Bluebeard, so that's my guess

  • Your hit the nail right on the head.

  • Bigby's always angry at Bluebeard.

  • Dum and Dee works for The Crooked Man. The only problem is I don't know who that is... yet...

  • I just think Crane hired them to clean up any potential evidence pointing to him. I think this because it was sorta pointed out that Faith was a regular of Crane and her turning dead makes him an easy suspect even if I don't believe it was him who murdered Faith.

    Also may explain why Crane let dee go after the Interrogation.

  • I think your right. When Bigby asked how Dee knew Beauty she mentioned getting the loan from the Crooked Man, now Beauty must pay the moneybback and the Crooked Man was getting Dee to "pester" (as Beauty had put it) for the money.

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    I agree. The Tweedles were/are working for Crane, at least to some capacity. When you ask the mirror to show you Tweedledum, you see him in a car that looks exactly like the one that Crane was driving. That, combined with Crane's dismissive attitude about Dee being involved in the murders and his reaction when Dee reveals to Bigby that he was looking for something that Faith stole from his boss, points to the fact that Crane hired them.

    And to add to this, in Episode 1, if you go to Lawrence's place first and then wait until the last second to jump out of the closet, you see that Dee goes straight to sorting through the bookcase after he barges into the apartment. But why would Dee be interested in a book? Maybe because the person who employed him told him to go recover a certain book for him--perhaps one linked to Crane's creepy obsessive fetish towards Snow White.

  • I am pretty sure the crooked man is the guy we saw a couple of times in episode 1. The one you first meet in the hallway of your apartment building. Then again at crane´s office. And then again while chasing dee.

    Now all 3 of those scenes are very important. The first one shows you that this guy probably lives in the same apartment as you do + he walks in while Faith´s head is still lying outside. This means he probably saw the head.
    I also do think that the heads being placed in front of the building aren´t a message for bigby, but for the red haired guy (that´s not really important to my argument right now though xD)

    The most important one is the chase scene though. I always wondered why this guy would be in a random house Dee just happens to run into. There is something important to note about the house. It´s empty. So why would this guy be there?
    My guess is that he hired Dee to go to the apartment to get something for him and meet him in that empty building. While you chase Dee he runs the guy over handing him the item he got out of the apartment.

    The last one is him sitting in front of crane´s office. Now that I dont really know. Did he have a meeting with Crane? Or snow? But pretty much everybody is leaving the building, so who are the 3 guys in front of crane´s office meeting anyway? xD
    Maybe he was working for crane? But I don´t really think crane is really involved in all this (apart from having sex with lily who happens to be killed).

    The last thing worth mentioning is that the red haired guy has crooks on his tie...

  • A crooked mile, the crooked man. Only just noticed that.

  • the crooked man is the guy who hired them

  • i wonder if the crooked man is the guy from the RPG horror game(if you dont know what that is look it up)

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    Yep. I believe the Ginger is the Crooked Man too.

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    but he isnt crooked and he seems to young

  • I don´t quite see how age has anything to do with this. And I am not quite sure how it works in the fable world, but they definately age differently.

  • Could also be a glamour that makes him look normal.

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    He wouldn't want to torture Dee to get the information out of him then, their boss may be this Crooked Man that Beauty was talking about. Bluebeard is definitely involved in this case though, he probably wanted to frame Crane for murdering Lily so he could take over his job as a deputy mayor, that's my guess anyway.

  • Yes he has crooks on his tie but those are shepard's crooks. Hes probably the Boy Who Cried Wolf guy. The Crooked Man is totally different and the rhyme has nothing to do with shepards crooks.

  • Crane makes the most sense at the moment, This is supported by the fact that if you arrest Dee he is mad at you and tells you he is not involded in the murders but if yoh arrest Woody he thanks you and seems happy about it

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