I thought you were dead! Suspects



  • Elvis. He is hiding in the mountains.

  • It could be someone who wasnt in the game much atall which only a few people spoke to you never know it could be ben because kenny went down to save him and nobody knows if hes actually dead

  • You only beat him up badly he's could still be alive he was only punched to he was out cold and you assume that he's dead. I don't think it's the dad as 1 story he's shot in the head 2nd he i strangled. I really don't think it will be anyone from a story
    Line that in 1 of the story's he is killed for sure. Thats why I feel if it's a bad guy it's 1 of the dairy brothers.

  • You only beat him up badly he's could still be alive he was only punched to he was out cold and you assume that he's dead. I don't think it's the dad as 1 story he's shot in the head 2nd he i strangled. I really don't think it will be anyone from a story
    Line that in 1 of the story's he is killed for sure. Thats why I feel if it's a bad guy it's 1 of the dairy brothers.

  • i stabbed one to death with a pitch fork and fried the other one by kicking him on the electric fence till the power cut out... in my playtrhough they are both brown bread

  • Racism, why talk about mandela he just passed on, that's not a video game.

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    Could you stop throwing "racism" around everywhere? It doesn't mean what you think it means.

    Mandela died recently and was chosen for that joke because of that. I assume.

    If this makes you feel better:

    "It's gonna be Paul Walker." (still racist?)

  • Bad troll. Shoo, shoo. Back to your bridge.

  • My clementine would not trust any person who needlessly killed someone in the apocalypse, and Kenny and Lilly are both murderers. In my opinion.

    I personally regard Lilly's kill as very similar to Lee's; I.e., fueled by emotion, not planning. Kenny planned to kill Larry. My clem would not trust such a man.

  • no you dont just only beat him you can kill him by kicking him into the electric fence.

  • Its obviously a Cyborg Lee.

  • It was just a guess

  • Kenny thought that Larry was dead and about to turn. That's a better reason to kill someone than out of anger.

  • At first I thought it was Lily. But I just watched it again, now I think it's Kenny. Here's why, go back and listen to what Alvin (the black guy with glasses) says, he says "put the gun down MAN." If it was a woman, he would of probably said "put the gun down LADY."

  • She sticks to the cities mainly though and I think if it were her then there's no reason for Clem to think she's dead (In my save at least) Because she managed to say bye to everyone and survived before departing the group in Episode 4

  • I think if any one from episode 2 should be here it'd be the Dairy Farm brother who you beat up at the end of it because he doesn't exactly die, does have the strength to get up and walk away and the only thing close to death is assuming the walkers got him.
    That and you can also assure Clem or not that he is dead

  • If it was one of the St. John Brothers, I think Clementine would have expressed a lot more fear and probably wouldn't have pushed her way through the others to see who it was.

  • Oh wait, I just looked at the scene on youtube, you can kill him. I kept him alive in my save though so that's just how I remember it..
    If you kill him though it's like a shot in the shoulder area by the looks of it, so you never know, although I think he wouldn't have the strenght..

  • I hope it's Christa.
    I'd like to see how Christa (possibly) blaming Clem for Omid's death would work out.

    For me Kenny's story was told in season 1. He just wouldn't be as interesting anymore.

  • Honestly would you give a dying man a bottle of water? Even if that dying man attacked your friend an possibly killed her in cold blood?

  • I doubt it's the stranger who took Clementine since you have an option to kill him.

  • If he killed my friend in cold blood then no I wouldn't.

  • I have the scavenger water to get her to tell me what happened with Christa. Afterwards it would be fine by me to just take a knife and you know..... her

  • You don't make funny of people who just passed. Easy to understand.

  • I couldn't agree more. It's gotta be him somehow

  • We sure it's the same part of the scene? The person could've showed up soon after the quote or they could've been talking to another person there with the mystery character

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    Ok, that's totally ok. You can say "joking about recently passed people is inappropriate."

    But why do you think it is racist?

  • Oh man. That would be a MAJOR troll. After all that speculation it's just somebody we don't know at all. That probably makes the most sense, though.

  • Lilly or Kenny. All arguments for and against have already been mentioned, so I'll leave it at that.

  • Agreed. People are all for condemning Lilly for an action she made in the moment out of stress, depression and paranoia, arguably hate if Carley, despite Lee doing something similar for less valid reasons before the walkers. They're all for Lee being allowed to redeem himself through Clementine yet Lilly, people give her the death sentence. It's so biased

  • it must be lilly look at clem sad face she is sad that lilly is alive

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    Not sad, surprised.

    People keep saying that they see some sort of emotion other than surprise in that scene. But there isn't. It just surprise/shock. There's no telling whether the surprise is good or bad. You may be able to tell 3 seconds later. But we haven't seen that yet.

    It could be the St. Johns with the stranger. Or it could be Lee with her parents. Her face would still look the same way: shocked.

    I've linked that in another thread: Look at the "horror" in that girls face. (just a picture, don't try to click on the play button)
    Alt text

    And this is the context of that facial expression (that lasts for about three seconds by the way, until you can make out something different than shock):

    (that IS a video, so you can click on the play button)

  • Personally, I think this whole thing is just a way for Telltale to hook us in and force us to buy the next episode. It's probable that it's not someone that we know/knew. But, here's my list:

    The girl Clem met in the bathroom seems logical if you think about it. Clem wasn't thrilled when she saw the mystery person and since her fate wasn't explored after Christa shot her, it's possible she survived. It's also possible that the girl was part of a bandit group since she was trying to steal from Clem.

    Christa it's definitely not her. Clem would have been excited to see her nor did Clem have any reason to believe Christa was dead. Christa will come back but it's too soon in the season for a reunion. Plus they have to explain what happened to Christa's baby.

    Kenny He's an obvious choice since Christa and Omid probably told Clem Kenny's fate at the end of season 1. Kenny has the highest chance at this point. But, would Telltale bring him back so early? They said his fate would be explored and even though he was a jacka**, he was still a fan favorite.

    Lilly She was a jerk and I chose to throw her out of the group because Carley didn't deserve to die in my opinion. However, Clem didn't have any reason to believe that Lilly died after that. Of course it could've been a child's notion to believe that anyone on their own in a zombie apocalypse would've died, especially since Clem saw the nastiness of the world. I can also picture Lilly forming a group since she wouldn't want to be alone or she joined up with Tavia's group from 400 Days. (Tavia's group has to be introduced in season 2 because what would be the point of 400 Days?)

    Molly Highly unlikely. Like with Lilly, Clem would have no reason to believe that Molly died. Especially since Molly has proven to be able to survive on her own and since she refused to stay with Lee's group she probably wouldn't want to join a group of bandits. I could be wrong but we probably won't see Molly again.

    In the end, Clem didn't seem too thrilled to see this person, so it's probably the woman bandit or Lilly.
    If she was just shocked to see this person, it could very well be Kenny.

    It's very cryptic and I can't wait to see what the 2nd episode brings.

  • You people are unbelievable. Talk about reversing roles !

    For someone who "acted out of emotion", Lilly reached for her gun, drew it, aimed and shot, very calmly and carefully, as soon as the others had turned their heads in the other direction... She acts obviously in cold blood, that's definitely not a shot fueled by emotion.

    Kenny on the other hand was undoubtedly and visibly panicked, scared for his family outside, for himself and you and Clem and Lilly inside with what he thought was an immiment deadly threat. To him Larry was a ticking bomb and the situation was a matter of life and death.

    Besides, the way Lilly and Kenny react immediately after their deeds tells a huge lot.

    After shooting Carley right in the face, Lilly just stares at her victim's body falling on the ground, looking as calm as she did from the moment she reached for her gun. Her face changes only when Lee pushes her against the RV, because she faces Lee's anger. She feels sorry that she's being threatened of being banned from the group, but about Carley, she never expresses any remorse, never shows a parcel of doubt or guilt, of inner emotional conflict. All she does is pleading for her own case.

    "She couldn't be trusted Lee, I swear. Please."

    ... "I'll die out here !"

    ..."I was trying to protect all of us" [well obviously not ALL of us, Carley was one of us]

    ..."I don't have anything left"

    Kenny on the other hand when he crushes Larry's head immediately stutters that he's sorry, looking shocked himself, brutally coming to his senses after a burst of adrenaline. THAT is the reaction of someone who killed fueled by emotion.

    You guys have some damn nerve to reverse the roles.

  • No, you have the option to kill him, so in many players' saves he's dead.

  • I don't know why but for some reason THAT never occurred to me! You're right! That very well may be who it is, as Clem wouldn't have thought that he'd survive that zombie encounter at the lake, she doesn't know him at all save for that ONE time which explains her lack of either excitement or fear when she sees this mystery person in the Ep.2 preview, AND it would give the "give water" or "don't give water" choice meaning in a later episode!
    Well done, Sherlock, I tip my hat to you. :)

  • You can shoot him in the head. He's definitely dead either way.

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