I feel like making a Sam and Max Fan Cartoon...

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Being a huge fan of S&M, I think it's about time to make a video/tribute about it or something. I usually make videos about what games I am playing.

I'm thinking about a short flash animation based on sam&max, maybe a 10 minute short adventure?
But before I start, I want to know If anyone else thinks that this is a good Idea.

(And if telltale won't sue me)

Also, If you wan't to know what my videos looks like, click on the link in my signature and look up "Crime Game 1.0".

Note: don't worry, If I did a s&m video, I wont use stick figures!


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    i think that's a good idea ;)

    and as a the fact you don't earn money by it, and the fact it's tribute... Telltale won't sue you
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    You could always claim parody if it all comes down to it
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    Go for it! I would like to see it when it is done. ^^
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    I think it'd be sweet
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    You could take some videos of the game, and dub the voices in with your voice or something! That could work.
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    Thanks for the idea splash1, but I can't find any clips to fit my script.
    I have written it already, and I think its pretty funny, I just can't draw sam or max, but I'll try!
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    Can't wait to see it. Good luck!
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