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    Well, the FAQ in the game's page says that, but it seems more of an estimate rather than a promise. It reads:

    Q: How many episodes are there in a season, and when are they made available?

    A: There are five episodes in each season. Episodes are **usually ** available to download between 4 and 6 weeks apart.

    "Usually" is the key word. It doesn't explicitly say the episodes will come out with that frequency, but that they may.

  • They just speculating about former Predictions. Clearly they haven't a Clue about the Wolf Thing right now ;)

  • It cannot be Kenny because that wouldn't make any sense. For one Clementine didn't know or wasn't told whether Kenny had died or not, and secondly depending on your choices you actually do see Kenny die, if he jumped in to save Christa you don't physically see him die, but it's obvious, and if you have Ben come along then Kenny goes down into the alley, locks Lee behind a gate, shoots Ben and then gets swarmed. His death isn't determinant and he can't be saved. No matter your choices Clementine will end up with Omid & Christa. Christa is the most obvious choice but simply because it's so obvious that is why it probably isn't, there's a chance but due to the high possibility the other possibility that it isn't Christa outweighs the possibility that it is Christa. If it were me, I'm guessing it's probably Lilly due to her having her fate so unknown so early in the season leaving a lot of unanswered questions as to her fate on top of that.

  • Kenny is just probably mentioned, because he can't be saved, he gets trapped in an Alley at in Episode 5 sacrificing his life, after telling Lee to go, locking himself in the Alley with Lee on the other side of a gate and shooting Ben so he can't be killed by the walkers which are closing in from both sides.

    He also jumps down to save Christa from the walkers in a building, it's obvious he couldn't of escaped with no ammo left in his gun.

  • I'm pretty sure all of Season One's episodes were 2 hours long... Telltale Games said so themselves.

  • There is no evidence that Christa is dead.
    But it wouldn't be her that Clem was saying "I thought you were dead" about, because Clem doesn't think Christa is dead, just that they got seperated. She had no reason to believe Christa was dead at all.
    It's Kenny, for my money. Because you didn't see him die. He had 2 bullets left in his gun, and you heard 2 shots. That doesn't mean he used it on himself. Maybe he saw a gap and decided to go for it.
    I remember the end of dawn of the dead (the original good one), where the black guy at the end is going to kill himself while the woman escapes. He is even pointing the gun at his head. At the last second he changes his mind and turns the gun on his zombified friend, his SWAT partner, and then makes a dash to catch up with her before she takes off in the heli.
    Could be a similar thing happened with Kenny; he "wanted to be with his family" as he said, but at the last second couldn't do it, and so decided to go down fighting, and actually made it out.
    For my money, this is what happened, and we are going to meet Kenny.
    For the person saying Clem had no idea Kenny was dead... well what else would she be lead to believe? When Lee tells her to go back to Christa and Omid, she would assume Kenny was dead at that point, or Lee would have said to find Kenny instead, because they knew Kenny longer and were closer to him.

  • It's absolutely amazing... after playing episode 1 for 5 minutes I am again as riveted by the story as I was with season 1. Can't wait for episode 2

  • iam happy that omid is dead lol

  • What was wrong with Omid? I was personally routing for his survival. He seemed like he'd be great with looking after Clem and his baby with Christa.

  • What a disgusting thing to say. That's so low.

  • Kenny can die depending how you play twd season five but i agree, It COULD be Lilly. It would be cool

  • Saying it isn't completely kenny is asinine.

    For one, clementine must've asked christa about kenny - he wasn't no shadow in the group, you know. So over the past 1-2 years with omid and christa somebody must've told her, or asked. It'd even be logical if it was because of ben. She would've asked for either of them, either way.

    Second, Both of his faiths are him disappearing in the shadows or something, they did this for a reason. they'd want us to think he's dead, but in reality he'd most likely pop up in season 2. And I'm not saying it's kenny that's in ep 2, but there's a possibility. I don't think Christa died either since it wasn't an on screen death.

    So again, if it wasn't shown up front, there's a 50/50 chance you know. And christa's body wasn't found in the ending of ep 1 - that's why clem asked that dying, thirsty man. Telltale always fucks us and shocks us like this, you'd know that by now if you played season 1 and their past games.. seriously.


  • I doubt that it will be Lily since clementine has seen her either drive off with the RV or be left behind (not in a scenario where it is obvious to assume that she's dead) maybe Kenny since we saw that. I would laugh if it was either the Dying man from the end of the episode, or Omid (what are the chances of that happening 0%)

  • You just ruined that dudes face ha ha so funny

  • It is going to be the Dying man, OR Pete or Nick.

  • If you think its Kenny its a chance but its christa, lilly, or kenny but clementine never actually knew what happened to poor kenny. I thought for a second LEE and then i said no dumb ass you shot him in the head but kenny would be a surprise for all of us.

  • I really hope we have new info on release date this week...

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    Not before March, imo.

    It might even take longer than the season one episodes, because they have multiple projects in the pipeline.
    Not sure how they rotate their manpower at TTG, but even if every project has a full size team it's going to be more difficult
    to coordinate releases, PR and other administrative steps with multiple projects.

    And we shouldn't forget that there are humans working on those games.
    Most likely they took time off for their families during the holidays and the projects barely progressed.

  • I like to think that the good folks at Telltale simply sit around the office doing tequilla slammers and snorting cocaine off of the naked buttocks of night whores, and every now and then, they release an Episode or 2.

  • I love waiting in between episodes!

    Says no one ever

  • what about Lilly? it could be her? all we really have are theory's and my theory is that its her

  • Try waiting for 4 months between episodes. That's how long they have taken so far on TWAU.

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    It's been quite a while, true, but not quite that long. The first episode of The Wolf Among Us was released three months ago as of yesterday.

  • It's getting close to the mid of January...any news of a release date would be appreciated.
    Heck, it doesn't even have to be TWD...I will take TWAU, too, if they decide to bring it out. Just anything would be nice at this point...

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    Did you see Kenny getting ripped to shreds? Did you hear him scream out in pain? No. It is completely possible that it's Kenny but in my opinion I think it's Glen. Glen's fate is currently unknown, the same with Lilly's (Minus the small mention from the father in Episode 5 who said that he saw that you left her on the side of the road).

  • Agreed but it ain't Glenn dawg

  • Ill die if there's a march release, damn I should of just waited till the full season was out. Ill prey every night that we'll get a late January or early Feb release before I go to sleep. For those that have not played I recommend pooling the first 2 episodes. Cliff hangers suck when you dont know when the sequel will come out. Ive been searching everywhere online for days just to find out the release date lol. id buy a season pass if that would give me the next episode.

  • Its possible that Christa told Clem what happened to Kenny

  • Im guessing it will be released somewhere in between Feb 20th to March 15th

  • Welcome to the fourth week, expect nothing.

  • that 4 months number, while probably and unfortunately accurate.. is a farcry from the 4-6 week period they said in the season pass info.

  • He was probably eaten by the walkers that killed Pete/Nick

  • okay..., all the weekly update would be is soon

  • Episode 2 is coming out in late January like the 25 or in early February 12

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