• The killer is not on Snow's list , I can ensure you that. Before trying to guess who he is , we must first understand why the murders happen.
    I doubt we can predict anything right now , but here's some of my theories about reasons of murder :

    • Somebody hates Bigby and wants revenge from him. This could either be something from his past (maybe it's Red Riding Hood lol) , or something that happened after they moved in Fabletown.
    • Somebody is jealous on Bigby being a sheriff and wants to take his place (doubt it , but who knows)
    • Somebody is tired of seeing The Fables live miserably and wants to free them. And by free , I mean take over the world. Fables are obviously very strong , imagine how much destruction could Bigby cause when getting in his wolf form. Now let's add Beast , Woodsman , The Witch ... you got the idea. If this theory is correct , somebody is probably trying to piss Bigby off (and awake his Werewolf form). Personally I like this theory a lot !

    Personally I find it very hard to predict anything right now , and I'm extremely curious to see what will happen in the next episodes ! I'd like to say that I find The Wolf Among Us being Reeealy good. The ending of the 1st episode gave me chills and literally left me speechless for 10 minutes. The impact it had on me was amazing , and I want to congratulate Telltale for that xD

  • Here's a thought. What if the murderer is the Headless Horseman? Both of the murders were decapitations, right? So the MO fits. And Bigby says that the heads were left in front of the Woodlands as message. Maybe he's sending a message to Crane.

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