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  • What if it's just a person from the new group who Clementine thinks died and then found out he or she actually survived?

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    Most people mistakingly believe Elvis is dead. Clem could be one of those people.
    So, don't rule out the King just yet.

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    And the reason there were no boats at the docks in Savannah was because Noah got there before Kenny and Lee, but in his haste to get two of every walker on the boats, he forgot the one in the shed at the mansion.

  • That's cheap and doesn't make sense if one of the group got lost or attacked why would he or she stay with strangers that maybe are Carver's group?

  • Clementine confirmed for Jesus.

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    @McNoobish wrote:
    Hello there, this is my first post on this forum.

    Now I know there have been a lot of these threads lately, but I figured I would give it a shot in case I was right.

    As you may know Telltale is known for being unpredictable, so even though I wanted the person to be Kenny or Lilly, I wasn't sure it would be that predictable. It would be more interesting if it's someone Clem and OURSELVES thought was dead. A person only mentioned and not seen in person.

    So I think it would be awsome if it turned out to be Terry St. John (husband of Brenda and father of Andy and Danny). I haven't played episode 2 in a while so I don't remember if he was outrightly said to be dead, but even so the St.John family isn't known for their honesty. It could be that Terry ran away when he saw the rest of his family turn to cannibalism and they only said he died so it doesn't look suspicious. When Brenda is holding Katjaa at gunpoint, Lee can say that "Terry would have never wanted this" and Brenda seems affected so it could be a nod that he didn't agree with their plan.

    There is a picture of Terry in the house so Clem could have seen what he looks like and be able to recognise him in A House Divided. She could be able tell him what happened to his family and whether Lee killed his sons. (the fact that in season 2's "Previously on the walking dead" it shows what you did to Danny even though that doesn't really seem relevant, could mean that it would play a part in the season).

    Here is how he looks:

    photo 250px-TerrySFHBox.png

    Well you clearly put some thought into it, but I don't think people would appreciate it if Telltale built up a hype around someone who they didn't remember or even knew they existed. It would be like if, for example, How I Met Your Mother had been going on all this time and whenever they reach the final episode it's revealed that it was in fact Aunt Robin who is the mother. It would just be way too much of a let down.

  • Ahh, another fascinating theory to add to the collection.
    A pity that Telltale isn't THAT clever with their writing for any amazing twists like this to happen. A pity indeed.
    That said, I agree with Wuzhles on his point. Even in my opinion these kinds of twist characters should probably be introduced elsewhere from this "I thought you were dead" tease to avoid major anti-climatic letdown.

  • Hate to ruin your theory but....the St. John brothers/Brenda make comments that suggest Terry died in the opening days of the ZA. Something along the lines of a random walker getting him. I think that's actually the reason they constructed that electric fence around the farm.

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    @JoshButch wrote:
    I was thinking about this for a while.. I want it to be Kenny but I just came up with a possible thought to what could happen in Episode 2. What if who it is, depends on a decision you made in the previous game? Let me elaborate. What if you leaving Lily at the side of the road, or her stealing the RV will change wether it's her or not. Telltale said it themselves they want to make the gamer feel like their previous decisions matter. So why not make it, the person Clementine see's depends on if you let Lily come with you in the RV in episode 3 or leave her on the road? If you leave her on the road, it's Kenny, if you brought her with you it's Lily! I can see this being a possibility but i wanted to raise it, just in case it's true! Any opinions? Any views? Thanks for reading.

    Now now. You're giving Telltale WAAAY too much credit.
    Granted, I'd absolutely love it if they actually did something along those lines, but they've crushed mine and many others' ACTUAL story-tailoring dreams time and time again, I honestly can't expect this kind of genius of them at the moment.

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    I think Terry is dead (likely pre-apocalypse) given how the St Johns talk about him but he could have left. I dont think Clem even knows him.

  • Keep your hopes up, I think Telltale may do something like this.. I think it would be an exceptional piece of storytelling.

  • I was thinking this too but more along the lines that it is Kenny if you dropped Ben and it is Lilly (or someone else) if you saved Ben. I just fail to see how Kenny escapes in the Ben one. The christa one we dont see how many walkers are in there or if there is an easy. way out or anything

  • Ahh I didn't think of that, that would be a really clever idea too. I can see Telltale including something like this to seriously show how good they are at narrating and making the gamer feel like their decisions made a difference.

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    Well, you have a point, but some people think that it could be Christa or the water bandit at the end of the first episode. That would be more of a disappointment for me. And I am a big Kenny fan and also like Lilly, and I would like them to appear again, but knowing Telltale, I don't personally think they are the mystery person.

  • Lol there really should be a specific thread for all these "I thought you were dead" theories. Anyways, I sincerely doubt the story is going to branch out into all of these different paths. That would be awesome though - don't get me wrong - I'd love it but, I just don't see it happening.
    The "I thought you were dead person" most likely will be Kenny since his "death scene" was so open-ended. Add the fact Telltale said they were "going to explore Kenny's death" and it's almost kind of a given it will be him.
    If Telltale decides to go in a separate direction. for whatever reason, I'd put my money on it being either Lilly or Molly.

  • I would seriously love for this to happen, (if only because that means more Lilly for me), but yeah, as other people have pointed out, it would be difficult to work. Then again, how much more difficult can it be than the Doug/Carley thing? I suppose it depends on whoever it is' standing in the other group.

  • Like I said in the thread, the St.John family aren't trustworthy so you have to take everything they told you initially with a grain of salt. He could have ran away because of their cannibalism and in order to cover their asses they say he died.

  • If Telltale didn't do the whole "Kenny's death will be explored in Season 2 thing" then I'd agree it would be anybody's guess. As-is, it almost seems like a given its going to be Kenny resurfacing. At any rate, I'll be glad to meet up with either Kenny or Lilly - or even both - I liked both characters. This game is full of so much death and sorrow that a little ray of sunshine like that occurring would be a welcome addition to this series.

  • Sorry McNoobish. Good theory and different with everything else we are hearing but if it is Terry then I will personally send you a cheque of my month's wages lol

  • I don't know, guys...Lilly was originally a character that was supposed to be a comic-character from woodbury, meaning they never intended for her to return when they wrote the story for her. For her to return just because Kirkman decided to screw TT over would kind of feel cheap.
    In my opinion, if you decided for a character to never return from the start, you should probably stay true to that decision.

  • Chet is dead in some people's playthroughs.

  • There is unused audio of clips where you can hear Kenny dying, however since he is appearing in the next episode we know that he didn't die.

    So clearly their original decision was for him to die, but they changed their minds. That isn't cheap, they can use characters however they want.

  • I mean more for casuals or something. It'shappened before if two characters even dress slightly similar one is killed to make it easier for people. It's stupid but I don't want Nick killed or anything because Kenny comes back

  • Then she was trying to kill Ben, still no better.

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    Well they decided "from the start" that "Lee" was supposed to be Clems brother. Good thing they didn't "stay true" to that. Writer's have ideas, use that ideas and reject some ideas. So yes they intended to kill Kenny in an obvious way. Then for whatever reason, decided to keep a door open for him by making the scene less obvious.

    The only things that really are considered "canon" (to the game in that case) are the ones that are in the game. Not the things they at some point of the production process thought off but didn't use in the final version of their story.

    edit: I should have had really read the comment. It was about Lily. Yes she was supposed to not return even at the point the story was brought to the players. So that is a little different from a writing perspective. But still there's nothing in the game (which is what matters) that suggests that Lily did anything after she left the group. From the viewpoint fo the people in the game (and therefore the player) we don't know that Lily went to Woodbury. So I still would have no problem with her return, even if it wasn't planned from the beginning

  • Anyone killing anyone is bad. I'm willing to give her the chance to redeem herself if she comes back though

  • Doug .... :(.

    You dont even see her grab the gun in this one (or at least it is way less clear)

  • If it was Lilly, why would Clementine think she was dead?

  • I believe it's Kenny

  • Have you seen that picture of Walker Kenny? The one where Gavin Hammon said "Yikes, where did you get that"

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    Hasn't that been resolved long ago as fan-made?

  • I know but the point is that it is fake and Gavin Hammon knows it

  • It's Andy St. John, I'm sure of it. They show the St. John brothers in flashbacks, during the trailer thing, to illustrate Lee being a killer/not being a killer anymore, but there are many people that he could either kill/choose not to kill. Why them? To remind people what happened to them. Literally anyone else that Lee had a hand in killing could be shown, but Telltale chose them.
    With Andy, you had two choices : Kill him, or leave him. If you left him, then most certainly he could have survived, run off, etc.
    Now, I thought, "Izzy, surely if we killed him, he would stay dead, right?" Well, I thought this until, in one playthrough of the game, I found that, during the punching segment, Andy can flip Lee and start wailing on him, and you can push him into the electrified fence. Andy will get quite zapped, then GET UP again, and continue with the "You get back here and finish this" bit. So clearly this fence isn't as fatal as we're led to believe. If he can take one jolt off of it, he can take another.

    So yeah. I'm sure it's Andy. If it's not, I'd be surprised, but still happy, but I don't think I'm wrong - I really don't.

  • Pretty sure he is dead. I kinda killed him

  • I did too, in one playthrough, but like I said: Kicked him into the fence the first time, and it didn't kill him. Why should we expect that doing it a second time would?

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    I think it might be the guy to whom Clem can give water.

  • I honestly don't think it's Lilly.
    I think after Kirkman told TTG not to use their Lilly as his Lilly (if that comment makes any sense), they kinda thought: 'Then let Lilly be Lilly so the hardcore TWD fans can make their own story up what happened to Lilly afterwards'

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