Will Telltale ever make a "nice" game again?



  • My favorite tt games - jurassic park and tales of mi were both "nice" games - but I guess it's evident that they didn't sell nearly as well as wd. I guess tt is after bigger profits too... Like banks, wall st, every big corporation these days...

  • jurrassic park is a mixed bag i liked it but i most likely will never play it again. tales of monkey island is great and takes that bad taste out of my mouth escape from monkey island did. to bad now that lucas arts is gone we will never get a new monkey island game.

  • And heck Back to the Future wasn't all flowers and rainbows either.

    Wallace and Gromit is the only "nice" Telltale game I've played.

  • Even Disney movies have adult humour. "Nice" sucks.

  • Lol dont like swear or mature rated games dont play games like these simple as that fables is based on a comic series as well a mature rated one same with walking dead and soon to come game of thrones all mature rated games.Whenever telltale does another tones down game sure it wont be as bad they did start off with sam and max those as well were mature rated.back to the future and monkey island maybe jurassic part were the onlny tame games in their line up really.

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