I thought you were dead! Suspects



  • I think it might just be Christa. The two guys you see in the trailer for episode 2 must be part of a group that saved her from the bandits.

  • I don't think it's any more likely for him to be eaten by walkers than for Kenny to have been eaten by walkers :p

    Just saying, it's definitely a possibility.

  • Wouldn't Clem look more happy if it was her?

  • Could even be Omid but I doubt it VERY much
    I agree it's probably Kenny or Christa
    But it also could be a traitor in the cabin group that went missing and turned out to work for carver?
    Would make sense to me too
    I think people may read too much into this whole: 'I thought you were dead' thing and in the and it turns out to be just another 'nick'

  • I agree, i think it will be the guy you give or reject water to. TTG want us to believe it's Kenny but i bet it wont be. I do however think that if Kenny does return it will be when we least expect it.

  • ...Different shirts?

  • The main purpose of CPR is to keep a patient alive until proper help can arrive, without use of a defibrillator to shock his heart there'd be around 10% chance of survival tops.

  • I want it to be Ben just so people would be angry when he tells of how Kenny died. It could be anyone though (you can always find some excuse why someone survived), even Kirkman did a we thought he was dead thing in the comics if anyone remembers Tyreese.

  • It isn't really astounding. It's happened before

  • don't down vote my Floggy!

  • Christa might in some sort of state that would make Clementine look concerned/shocked: battered, bruised, etc.

  • Personally, I think if it is Victor (water guy) he will tell Clemmy what happened to Christa if she gave him water.

  • Alvin says put the gun down man. If it was a female he would say lady.

  • He (probably) says that to the guy holding the gun. Not to the "unknown person". The guy is in the frame when Alvin says that.

    Alt text

  • For all we know the very next shot after she says "I thought you were dead", how do we know she doesn't light up and start smiling if it were Christa? It's possible, but I stand by what I said, I think it's the guy Clem gives or refuses water to. Otherwise it is just a pointless choice at the end of episode 1 in my opinion

  • Actually, if you go back to season 1 in which you save or kill larry, and save him. When thrusting on his chest (if you get like 5 in before kenny kills him) you can see larry moving his lips and mumbling, completly un-zombified, and by the way guys, clemontine never was told kenny was dead, think about it. Clem wasnt with lee when kenny got killed, she was being held hostage by that guy. And plus, if you choose to stay with kenny when he tells you to go, then you can witness what happens to him, and hear him grunting a little and being eaten. It is not going to be kenny, bur lily is a possibility as well as Christa. Because if you play the chapter and distract them by throwing the rock, you can hear Christa screaming after a couple of bullet shots go off. #hardcore walking dead fan

  • You don't see her aim it in Carley's death.

  • Pinxed, I'm gonna disagree. She was completely right about Ben. At the moment, I thought that he deserved punishment, too. If he admitted to it, I'd have thrown him out. If I were paranoid with grief, like Lilly was, who know what I'd have wanted.

  • Can't be Carver because Clementine knows whoever this person may be. My money is on Lilly, simply because if it were Kenny I believe Clementine would have been happier to see him (after all, Kenny and Lee were close which must have affected Clem's relationship with him as well).

  • What if Kenny fucking hated Lee?

  • Maybe they were hoping you'd pick Pete.

  • You mean when he opens the door and you see a shot from his back?
    Ok good point Clementine didn't seem to know that guy. But maybe Kenny is the 'I thought you were dead guy.
    Would make sense to me at least to bring an old character back.

  • There are two guys with guns. And if one was a lady, he wouldn't have said "man", he would point out the lady.

  • Clementine: Where's Kenny?
    Omid/Christa: Dead
    Theory disproved

  • We haven't seen the "unknown person". That's why it is a mystery who it is. So how do you know that that person has a gun, too? And why would he point out the lady, if there would be a man and a woman that are holding guns? Let's say there really is a woman and a man each holding a gun. Why would he not be allowed to say "man"? It would be totally usual use of words.

    Also: "Man" could be used just as a emotional outburst as in:

    It's totally realistic, that that "man" at the end of the sentence, is not to adress anyone, but just as a way of ending the sentence regardless of who is standing there. Clem could for example adress Sam as man after their encounter: "Don't bite me, man" And Sam isn't a man.

    That being said Kenny is the prime suspect at this point, so it probably really is a man. But Alvin's line is no evidence for that.

  • It would be to easy for it to be Christa, even though that's who I think it is. Kenny would be a good addition to this story. ITS AWESOME SO FAR NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

  • I doubt it's Kenny, however I hope it is

  • Wasn't whoever it was rolling with bandits? Can't see kenny being with them

  • He could have crawled away or something considering the walkers were distracted with attacking clem/pete/nick

  • no offence but r u out of ur mind ? kenny is the best suspect so far. if its christa that make no fuken sence lilly 50% but kenny he is the only one we know for sure isnt dead, i mean y would they just kill of kenny even if they said his fait will be explord

  • WHY?? would she think lily is dead ppl. she drove off with the rv or ran into the woods but kenny got trapped and was never seen again. its more likely to be kenny. THINK

  • it wasnt bandits. they wear masks and the people that were with (kenny hopefully) are mentioned in the credits

  • Maybe clemintine did not say "i thought you were dead " in a happy tone .
    Because when you watch the trailer of season 1 episode 4
    When the strange told you on the radio to get off the street
    In the trailer he said it in a scared tone
    In the episode he said it with more like an advising tone
    So maybe clemintine said " i thougtht you were dead " in a happy or sad or scared tone

  • I think it's Kenny, but I hope that I'm wrong.

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    He is too weak to get water for himself, but outCRAWLS zombies? Seems legit

  • I'm saying it's Kenny

  • kenny is most likely not lilly not christa bcause thats just stupid to get rid of here and then bring her back straight away. maybe ben bcause everyone would happy to see him JK.

  • they wouldn do that cause thats just stupid and crista mentioned that they shouldn find another group.

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