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  • They should ******* hope. that this episode is satisfying in relation to the wait....

    We are very concerned about the long delay for this episode, but this is one of those occasions where several things conspired against us (not to mention the additional delays due to the holidays).

    In any other buisness, they would have lost their jobs already with an excuse like this. They should really overthink their work philosophy (maybe import some Germans, who can teach them the right ways). It needs to be done without any loss in quality in the given time...even if your fingers bleed and your right eye goes blind (well...not that extreme).

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    While it's nice to not be confronted with silence for once, I still don't fully trust your words. You have lost any credibility after giving us those vague promises and the idiotic silent treatment. "Ep 2 should be available the first week of February."

    Oh, it better be.

  • Wait a second. This is real?

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    Thanks for the info, at least now I know how long I will have to wait! :)

  • Ah at last the silent treatment has been lifted sighs with relief. Thank you for the info, hopefully it will calm some peoples frayed nerves as it has done to mine. can't wait to read all the insane comments while we wait for Ep 3 to come out. puts on a brave face

  • My god some of you guys are impossible to please. 4 months wait instead of 2. Big deal.

    Telltale has been making episodic games for what now, 6 or 7 years? And they've always kept a good rhythm of one episode every 4 to 8 weeks for each series. One time they fuck up and that's it, you instantly lose all trust?

    Anyway, thanks for breaking radio silence, I'm excited to play episode 2.

  • Thank you for giving us some info and a time frame to expect the next episode.

    After this I still think I will hold off on buying season passes for games till the company establishes that they can get the episodes and work done in a reasonable time frame(to me almost 4 months is not a reasonable time frame for a 2 hour long episode.) I still love your games, but as it stands now I will wait till all episodes are released.

  • Well, at least I'm thankful you delivered to us first rather than Reddit.

    Thanks, Kevin.

  • Will this affect TWD ?

  • So, is it safe to assume we'll be receiving Episode Three Mid to Late March? With Episode Four Early to Mid May? Ending the Season in July/August? With TWD Episodes to be released half way between each of those dates, that would make for some great back and forth. Sure hope that's Telltale's strategy, end both TWAU and TWD by the end the of Summer. Starting Borderlands and GOT sometime in the Fall. Two epic stories at a time, don't try and take on more than that. James Bond would be great and all, but you don't want to be spread too thin. While I'm on the topic, may want to look into the Deus Ex Universe, personal favorite, that would be awesome!...my two cents.

  • Somehow I already looking forward to the hell that the TWD forum is gonna be if something similar happens to TWD. :S

    Seriously, please PLEASE learn from this situation Telltale.

  • First week of February. Looks like my gut feeling failed me. I was sure it would be the last week of January. Before I bitch, I'd like to say THANK YOU...jeez...about time we get an update. Practically mid-January is a little ridiculous to me, but hey...we finally got the update we were asking for. Still not very enthusiastic about the fact that we'll have waited for close to 4 months for an episode that will last probably around 2 hours. But...shit happens, I guess. Oh well, at least we have some more specific information now. So, I'll see you all closer to the first week of February...since we can stop swarming around the forums for info now lol.

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    February! VERY SOON indeed!

  • Ex...excuse me?

    I'll give you the fact that I do wish they let us know why the delays were happening, but they don't need to do any ass-kissing. I don't understand this whole scenario. I was bummed that the next episode didn't come a month later, but I didn't put a picture of TTG on fire and poke it with my pitchfork. They never said it would come the next month, we all just expected it to.

    Clearly, they can't go into details about what went wrong at the moment, and I'm certain something bad must've happened, but please, please.

    Grow up.

  • Feels good.

  • Still, I'm kinda pissed that they get an update after a forum post that popped up just today and we had to make a 82 pages long thread instead.
    (just joking)

  • LOL 4 months what a joke not sure how Telltale hasn't went under yet. Glad to see everyone except 2 or 3 people changed their tune as soon as something was said LOL to be expected.

  • So why was the game so far behind scheduled?

  • Apparently they didn't expect there would be holydays.

  • will this really change anything ? (speed up release etc.)

  • I agree! No more advance purchases for me!!! Makes absolutely no sense to play a 2-hour segment of a game, wait 4 months and then play another 2-hour segment. Even waiting 4-6 weeks is a bit of a stretch for such a game but 4 months is way out beyond ridiculous.

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    There, writing that statement wasn't so hard now was it? Am pretty sure it didn't take the President and Co-founder to leave a statement, but respect to the guy at the top for dealing with the shitstorm. 'We are working hard with all of our partners (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Apple)...' My guess is those guys could've been partially responsible for the delay. I can imagine them breaking a nervous sweat at the thought of bare boobs appearing in an app, it'll be interesting to see if there's a censored version for iOS.

    Whatever the reason(s), at least I won't be swarming around the megathread like a thirsty mosquito desperate for an update, so thanks at least for that. Still, I'm disappointed it took 3 months for a comment regarding the issue.

  • Doubt they are able to say probably under contract. Let's all hope for the fans at least that episode 3 has a quick release after episode 2 comes out since they were hopefully working on it during all of this time.........doubtful though.

  • Dislike for instantly posting this on reddit and ignoring this forum.

  • Telltale before:

    "Theese lips are sealed."

    Now they are like Magic Mirror.

  • stuff and thangs

    you mean

  • Lol, just noticed that Job J Stauffer has twitted the same two screenshots from the december update and a retweet of kevin's announcement.
    Must be hard doing PR work for TT.

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    They thought they were Rick Grimes **tried to add picture... I failed :(

  • Lol @ interzoid. Seriously can I get paid to retweet a vague update every couple weeks.

  • You mean let's hope The Walking Dead: Season Two - A House Divided has a quick release after Smoke & Mirrors?

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    ...He said he posted on the forums first.

    We were planning the announcement of the ep2 release date just today, and I really wanted to respond to the reddit thread, since the info was imminent anyways. But, we also wanted to make sure that everyone here was the first to know, so here it is!

  • Finally, and not so finally since we have to wait so long still. :/

    I'm guessing by "struggle" we're talking censorship related stuff or something maybe. Dunno, somehow I just figured the prostitution thing might have raised alarms at MS or Sony for some reason or something else in the episode might've seemed too controversial for the publishers. Just speculating.

  • Yes, ugh! I'm starting to fear this means Walking Dead will have a 2-3 month delay too... it's way too long.

  • It's taken awhile but at least we have some official news. I doubt I'll get an answer to this but can someone guarantee that it will be a worldwide release? I'd hate to be disappointed all over again like I was with TWD S2 here in New Zealand...

  • Unacceptable... U guys should be ashamed.. That is ridiculous.. 4 goddamn months.. I guess episode 2 of walkind dead will be 6 months

  • While I'm also frustrated I think you can be darn sure Telltale is too. They didn't anticipate such a long delay, but "certain specific factors" seem to have interfered and I'm guessing it's the publishers, Sony, MS, Apple, you name it who caused this, and they specifically said they don't think this problem will occur again.

    So let it slide this once, but if it happens again, I understand why you feel cheated.

  • Yah based on abasoultely nothing!


    Get over it delays fucking happen

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