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E2 Release Discussion:PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Kindle/Android out now;Vita/PS4/XOne:Nov 4 NA/Nov 7 EU

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Official release dates are here!

  • Feb 4th - PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 North America
  • Feb 5th - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Europe
  • Feb 7th - iOS
  • June 2nd - Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV
  • Oct 30th - Android
  • Nov 4th PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Xbox One North America
  • Nov 7th PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Xbox One Europe

Only a few days to go now!

Hey everyone!

We were planning the announcement of the ep2 release date just today, and I really wanted to respond to the reddit thread, since the info was imminent anyways. But, we also wanted to make sure that everyone here was the first to know, so here it is!

First week of Feburary!

It's been a struggle to get this episode out, for a variety of reasons, but it's finally ready to go, and you heard it here first!

Here's what I'll be posting to reddit in a few minutes...

“Hey guys,

Kevin from Telltale here! Funny that this came up today, as we were planning the announcement of Ep 2, but… no time like the present!

Ep 2 should be available the first week of February. We are working hard with all of our partners (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Apple) to coordinate everything, but we’re confident enough to announce that here. The episode is looking really good (as is the rest of the season!). We are very concerned about the long delay for this episode, but this is one of those occasions where several things conspired against us (not to mention the additional delays due to the holidays). I won't dive into the details, but it’s been an unusual and specific set of circumstances and we do not anticipate it happening again as we go forward with the rest of the season.

So there you have it. First week of February! “

  • Still waiting for 'Official explanation for the delay'.

  • So excited for it!! But when will the next offer for it on STEAM be? I really want to play this awesome game and see where it takes myself

  • Hope walking dead ep2 is this month

  • See? Was that really so hard just to communicate a little?

    First week of February is one helluva delay, but I don't mind delays as long as I don't feel like I've been forgotten or ignored. Please communicate with the people here more often in the future.

  • Guys even though it's nice to hear some update they still haven't said the date. They said 1st week of February, but then remember that they said that a new update would be coming in EARLY January .. it's 14th today .. hardly early January.

    I am exited as well, but at the same time I am very careful to actually take it as a final date. I guess we shall see in the FIRST (that's from 3rd to 9th NOT later) week of February. Why am I expecting another delay though.

    PS: TellTale, seriously think about your PR management, seriously! If your guy isn't capable of making a single post about the release date or something similar for 3!! months (not counting the update which told us to wait for an update) then something is very wrong and he clearly doesn't deserve his money. Hell even I could do his job better.

  • Nope, not enough. You can't break the silence, not even give an actual date, basically say nothing about what caused the delay and then walk away. If there was some catastrophe, you tell us when it happens and what you're doing about it. You say you're not going to dive into details? I need you to go into details. And, going forward, communicate what is happening.

    I'm holding off on season pass purchases (having been buying those since BTTF) depending on how these things will be handled in the future.

    • right so they say


      we have bad news ep 2 is going to be delayed, we don't know how long for or why this happened we are doing everything we can to sort it out please bare with us we'll have more news as we know it.

      forums reaction

      RAGE COMPLAINTS, THREATS idemandrefunds, then the surely by now you guys should know what problems can happen if your using the same engine, etc etc..

      next update:

      ok we have more news guys n gals, seems we found yet another problem so again we are sorry and we will try and get it fixed asap sorry..

      need i go on ??

  • Good. I appreciate that this announcement was made by Kevin, I appreciate that he made it here first, and I appreciate that he confirmed that this was an unexpected delay that likely won't happen in the future. I wish he had made this announcement quite a bit earlier, but I guess he wanted to wait until he could safely confirm a rough release window.

    But here's the thing: if this isn't a trend that's expected to continue through the rest of the season, then what is? With TWD, we were given a time frame of 4-6 weeks and so if productions takes much longer than that, we would know that some problem must have arose that resulted in a delay. Right now, there is still no official release date schedule for TWAU. Without it, fans have no promise that the remaining episodes will be delivered in a timely manner. How long did this delay extend the production of the episode? Two months? One month? A week? If we likely won't have to wait such a long time for the remaining episodes of the season, how long will we have to wait?

  • I'll just have to continue to read the comics till then

  • Well, that's good at least to know..

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