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  • Nono. Delve into the details. After 3 months, you think "Yeah, first week of feb ya guys" is good enough? So please, delve into the details. Make us understand why you guys couldn't have posted something say.... a month/month and a half ago

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    It is a matter of business etiquette, at least for some of us.

    If I buy a widget from Amazon, but they couldn't deliver it in time because of things beyond their control, I would still expect them to let me know about the delay and apologize for the inconvenience.

    If they didn't bother to do that because it "wasn't their fault", then I'd never do business with them again because I view not apologizing as unprofessional and poor customer service (regardless of whose fault it is).

    As a consumer, I have a right to spend my money as I see fit and the right to open my big fat mouth and complain when I feel wronged. As a business, they have a right to produce, sell, and distribute their product however they wish. If I don't like how they do things (which I don't), then it's time for me to find a game studio that has learned how to say the golden words "we're sorry about the inconvenience" (which I will)....

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    What I want to know is what is so hard about communicating with your fans and paying customers on a more respectable level? Even this announcement is simply more waiting. If its finished, why are you waiting even longer? Why do you find it acceptable to sit and watch your community tear itself to shreds with speculation, when a simple 30 second message every now and then would do wonders?

    You won't "delve into the details"? Why not? Do you just not care? Does it make you and your people look bad?

    I will never understand the apathy of some game developers.

    I don't mind waiting. But the lack of communication is shameful.

  • I'm guessing the delay had something to do with lots of lube and a whole mess of icky-sticky, crinkly Kleenex tissues.

  • Dude,

    Any company gives me shitty customer service and I will expect an apology. Can you understand the simple fact that a company does owe something to someone who made a purchase?

    It's not personnal....it's business!

  • No, some people are paying customers upset at a service/product provider over a very legitimate issue of seeming apathy.

  • they have always done this, or at least since back to the future was done, when i joined,

    they show a gradual improvement with each game. but some things are just impossible to get 100% right a 100% of the time, for everything they fix, SOMEONE somewhere will have a new problem to rage about..

  • I want to modify this video for telltale:

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    Thanks for the great news Mundy. Uh, I mean, Boss!

  • That doesn't matter. If you have something to apologize for, you say you're sorry. And several of us would have been a hell of a lot more appreciative if he had done so. But he didn't, and no amount of hyperbole changes that.

  • this episode freaked me out..

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    At any point in your self congratulatory posturing, did you realize that you were doing exactly what you are accusing others of? Insulting others over criticism of a game company, for their behavior? I mean what are you crying about? Criticism not even leveled at yourself?

  • I think it might be less that they don't want to and more that they can't dive into the details

  • Its amazing how many people are whining about what they have been whining that they wanted

    It's amazing how many people fail to see the irony in whining about whining.

  • I dont know why an site here in Brazil stated that the episode will be released in 4 february north america and 5 february eurpe. See by yourself http://www.ps3brasil.com/noticia/33291/ (its in portuguese so if you dont understand,just look in the second paragraph)

  • New here? Maybe, but you definitely have that "long time resident apologist fanboy" vibe going on.

  • So you just automatically assume that Telltale is allowed to delve into the details?

    What if they are contractualy bound or if its something somewhat personal that has happend in the TT offices that it is mroe polite not to

    Oh but no im sure youd love to know that the problem of the release date was that telltale wasnt legally allowed to say or that one of the developers died just to know why you had to wait so long

    Insolent ungrateful bastards

  • They worked through the holidays to get the episode out sooner, for the fans

  • I should be grateful for a shitty customer service and no apology?

    Shut the front door.

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    So what? So that makes it ok? Because they've always had poor communication, that absolves them of scrutiny and criticism? That makes it even worse. After all this time, and they still have bad communication. A better argument would be if they were not doing this for a long time, and were just starting out. But they aren't.

    And it doesn't matter what someone will rage about later. That's not an excuse to remain silent.

  • But please, do dive into the details, by all means. A rough sketch at least would be appreciated.

    With that out of the table, glad to finally hear an update and - due to lots of college stuff I need to attend to these days - glad it will come out when it will.

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    you noticed !

    thanks thought i was being too subtle !

    fiach i reckon jwbam can fight his own battles but if whiteknighting gets you off than so be it..

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    Well, since TTG says they're releasing the first week of February the person who wrote that article is probably going by the "NA releases on Tuesdays and Europe on Fridays" rule.

    EDIT: Actually, considering the wording of the article, the author is definitely banking on that.


    *facepalm im done with this community

  • but but what if ttg aren't the one's responsible ?

    what if it was act of god type deal ?

  • Kevin said "delay due to holydays"

    I consider a delay to be when they don't respect the approximation week announced.

    If they use holidays as an excuse to not delivering on time...that pretty much says that they made an annoucement without considering the staff holidays.

    It's simple as that.

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    Well, Telltale, this is a start but you've got a hell of a lot of more work/ass-kissing to your customers to do before you regain mine and many others support

    I'm one of the "many others." Well, probably. It depends on what you mean by "support." I'm not pre-purchasing any season passes anymore, that's for sure. However, when TWD S2 Ep5 drops, I'll pick the whole thing up in a heartbeat. I'll book a day of vacation, pick up some beer and just have an absolutely amazing time. They're excellent games, and I want to play them and reward the developers. Also, the pricing is incredibly reasonable.

    TellTale needs to admit to themselves that they've passed a certain threshold that prohibits episodic game development. I take Kevin at his word when he says this was a sort of a perfect storm that's really unlikely to happen again to this extreme degree, but with all due respect, that's just not good enough. We were left without news for far too long, and that's unacceptable. I get that TT is hamstrung by nondisclosure agreements, and I do not believe them to be evil incarnate, but the pre-purchasing of season passes is an investment of trust, and I do not feel that that trust has been honoured.

    I'm not taking my business elsewhere, but I am most certainly delaying my purchases for the foreseeable future.

  • you are brazilian?or you know portuguese?

  • I live in nz if it dosent comeout ever you can get it off steam for pc in nz

  • I meant Brought up Them working on 4 games at once instead of 2

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    Putting your shitty arguments in caps won't make them better.

    Just sayin'

  • Aye, Finally!

    Let's hope it's worth the wait.

  • Complaining about complaining is necessarily self-referential. I'm pretty sure that makes sense, but perhaps I'm wrong. Why don't you enlighten me?

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    They are a BUSINESS. They are not your friends. They are not your family.
    They are providing a product, or service for money.

    Do they owe us an apology? No. But is an apology a sign of a good and caring company worth investing further money into? Absolutely.
    Ungrateful? This isn't a Christmas present. This is keeping us updated on the product that we paid them in full for. They aren't giving us this episode out of the kindness of their hearts.

    It takes only a second or two to show a modicum of humility, but it goes a long way in business.

    Grow up. Stop treating companies corporations and businesses, like they are your buddies. That you need to be grateful for even the slightest scraps of consideration. Stop being a god damn doormat. Its gamers like you that hung up your balls and forgot that you are a consumer, that created the industry we have today. Filled to the brim with unfinished releases, day one DLC, and patches made by players for free with not so much as a thank you from the company they helped.

    No one is insulting TTG, no one is calling for people to lose their jobs (though their PR team...) Stop acting like you're doing them any favors by insulting anyone with a negative word to say.

  • The first episode of The Wolf Among Us , Telltale, was released in mid-October. Since then, there was no news of the second, something unusual for the developer. Now the second episode, "Smoke and Mirrors", will arrive in the first week of February, i.e on day 4 for North America and on day 5 for Europe. Telltale apologizes for the delay, but that was a sequence of events that ended up causing the delay, not counting the holiday season. worth remembering that if you have interest in the game, the Season Pass that provides access to the five episodes are on sale this week at the American PS Store.

  • Then it shouldn't be hard to explain it. That's the problem. We don't know.

  • HALLELUJAH!! But for the next time at least get on the forum and post don't have a release date just yet, so get a life. I'll take that over nothing.

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