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  • As awesome as that would be, I would feel really bad for TWAU fans who have had to wait so long.

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    TROLLLL IN THE DUNGEON!!!! Just thought you wanted to know.
    Oh wait. Its in the the Forums now.
    Like everyone else with ADD, I'm about to flip out if they don't release episode 2 soon.

  • Its like taking a woman out to dinner, paying for her food, paying for her movie ticket, and not getting any. Very disappointing wait.

  • OMG that just made my day!

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    Not getting any what?

    loljk :D

  • Is he really a staff member??

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    It looks like telltale are working on something as the steam database is being modified I think its too early for episode 2 yet so it might be a patch to fix bugs.

  • I honestly have no idea any of this means, but if they were adding stuff, why would they decrease the maxsize?

  • Really, March? You just went full Shane. Never go full Shane.

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    I am not 100% sure what it means either, It does say patch_01 so i am guessing that it is some sort of patch but i don't know what it means by maxsize. All i do know is that they are working on something.

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    There was a patch in S1 around EP4 that changed and added more dialogue as well as new character reactions to your decisions in certain episodes like Starved for Help and it was never officially announced by TT.Still,a bit too early for that in S2 unless they are adding bugfixes or potentially lowering the time skip (16 months) since there have been complains about that.

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    Don't know if it has been brought up yet, but the next episode for the TV-show will arrive on February 9. Could be a shot for Episode Two news as Telltale recently have been releasing news around the TV-show. The week after February 9 is my guess for release as the six weeks timeframe have passed by February 3 since the release of Episode One. That is what, 20 days from now? Right now we've about reached the four weeks timeframe. So from this week to February 3 we should expect something new.

  • i want wolf among us first

  • Don't be sorry. If there is something we need it's optimism.

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    It'll come in January, don't worry. Unless Telltale want to release both games back to back, which I doubt.

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    I don't think they will change the 16 month time skip now as it would require changes to the whole seasons timeline, Its more likely bug fixes like seeing Lee kill Danny St' John with the pitchfork or the bug where you loose the mouse cursor after killing the walker in the shed.

  • I know he was joking but I really hope this doesn't happen, I'm pissed as it is waiting TWAU Episode 2...

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    I don't think alot of changes is required to lower the timejump. They just have to lower Clementine's age from 11 to 10, and everything can just go on as normal with a "4 Months Later", instead of 16. Well, not exactly four months, they still have to adjust it to fit the season the game is taking place in. The snow and everything. It's only the first episode, alot of changes can be made. I'd be happy if they just lowered it to anything than 16. We've missed too much in my opinion.

  • let's rename this series "The Waiting Dead"

  • I am actually preparing myself for April.. then im going to be either mentally prepared, or get that feeling your supposed to get when you win the lottery..

  • Maybe it's Molly, because she wasn't dead in S1

  • Nah come on. Episode 1 was nearly a Month ago now. Its all in a good Way for that series. Till now...

  • ...Me and my god damn mouth. Welp, we'll get The Wolf Among Us in early February. What concerns me is they exceed their timeframe with The Walking Dead by February 4. Looks like we'll see The Walking Dead sometime in April.

  • Honestly, they should still try to release TWD in february as it's supposed to be with the 6 weeks timeframe... Maybe they're scared that it could "hide" TWAU episode 2 release, but honestly, it would put all the rest of the schedule back in order..

  • You know what's even worse than that. Her confirming that you were getting some only for your shitty roommate to come in and sit with y'all and doesn't want to go away for the night.

  • yet you sound pessimistic ? ;)

  • April ? You are being ridiculous. I'm expecting somewhere between mid-February to very early march

  • I really hope they try and aim for a release around February 17. If they can get both Smoke & Mirrors, and A House Divided out next month they'd be fully back on track.

  • As they say; hope for the best, expect the worst.

  • Well i'm kind of doubting Feb 11- Feb 18th now since Telltale finally confirmed that their super special amazing 4 month wait will finally be over first week of February for Wolf Among Us! Let's all clap and be happy for our 2 hours of gameplay that will totally be worth the 4 month wait and will likely delay TWD! Best company 2014

  • I don't think they'll delay TWD.

  • Let's hope not but they'll probably want to ride the wolf among us train for at least a few weeks...... LEt's hope after this long wait that they have been at least working hard on one of the two projects...

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    Just saying. Be prepared for another delay because it is very likely.

  • Since they have announced the release date for The Wolf Among us, the first week of February, i suppose that The Walking Dead will come after that. Anyone knows how many days before the release of an episode TT confirmes the date?

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    Well besides today with Wolf generally I would say it's always been 2-4 days before it actually releases they say.

  • I think they are just going to keep taking the money and release new series every time instead of devoting time and resources to the top 2. AKA (The Walking Dead Series and Wolf Among Us). Its just so hard to wait when they throw a story like that in your face and expect people not to complain. Time Management developers! Its like baking a pie and then having to wait a week to eat it. Common now! That makes me hungry. BRB

  • Yeah, they probably do that all on purpose, delaying their games just to annoy you and to risk to lose all their fans. They're probably keeping the money in their boats and living in the "Secret Island of Video Game Developper That Pretends To Work But Are Actually Living on This Island with their Money".
    God, I knew TTG was doing that on purpose and that they hated videogames and that they would stop doing anything only a year after finally having their talent shown to the world. Thanks for opening my eyes man!

  • in my game, i didnt shoot lee just left him, so is it possible its lee?

  • Okay it January the 14th i'm Starting to get impatient, but then again telltale are doing a lot of projects at the same time, so i should just for episode and until then i'm gonna makz cookies

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