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    Then tell us you don't know. Say "We're sorry guys, but we're way behind schedule and we didn't expect this to happen! Details as soon as we have them!". Don't say nothing for 2 months and then say that you'll have an update early January, knowing full well that you're going to wait until the longest possible definition of "early" January.

    When people have given you money for a product they deserve to know that your company's building hasn't burned down in the past 2 months and that, in fact, you are still doing everything in your power to deliver the product as quickly as possible.

  • puzzlebox did that recently and she got a mix of good and bad comments.

  • However as you stated we dont know if its for legal reasons or not

    We're 90% sure it's legal reasons. Official TT volunteer moderators have mentioned the burden of nondisclosure agreements, and being a fan of the indie scene, I've read about how smaller developers get shafted by standard console procedure. I think it's very likely they painted themselves into a corner with NDAs.

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    i'm glad to finally be getting episode 2 of Wolf

    but to be honest the long wait for episode 2 has made me skip picking up the walking dead season 2. As a PC player i do feel burned at purchasing Wolf at 25 dollars when i could have waited 4 months and gotten it on a steam sale. Since any new content in the series has been so delayed unlike your past releases, i don't feel as if I've gained anything by being a first and at full price customer. While TTG will still be getting money from me in the future for, hopefully, great games of Game of Thrones and Borderlands, I can't say you'll be getting me on the ground floor, not when i know that as the seasons go on TTG and steam historically discount the title and you've given me reason to "wait and see."

  • Get those Heads out of the Freezer Bigby. They just Reopned The Case!

  • As was stated earlier, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Apple would demand censorship because of "teh bewbs". Nevermind the fact that it says "You must be at least 17 to buy this content" and that nudity is listed as a possibility under the purchase button.

    Tl;dr: Apple thinks breasts are inappropriate, (maybe) holds up game development demanding censorship.


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    Now you're just being obtuse.
    Yes, when you are so upset at criticism that you begin insulting people? Yes it is.

  • Grow up. You're not doing Telltale any favors by defending them the way you do.

  • I hope the next 3 episodes come out in the weeks after to make up for the delay

  • Dont set yourself up for that, lol

  • Why are people downvoting this? We're getting news, real reliable news about the release date. Isnt that what people have been complaining about all this time? I would think everyone would be happy. As for me, yay! That is my birthday week. Might want to take a day off work, lol.

  • Hope like that will only end in pain, buddy.

  • That is awesome sauce i am officially pacified you can even here the sucking sound if you listen really close..... angry baby is happy now. Hope it's a hell of a drug!

  • Oh come on. This is good news. Be happy. Two more weeks or so to go.

  • They didn't like the news they were given.

  • It might be worth also considering the delay between episodes 1 & 2 of TWD S2 -- my expectations will be heavily influenced by that. I've been told my moderators that the ep1-2 gap is the longest.

  • That's probably not unexpected. When people are complaining about a 3-month wait, telling them it will be 4 months is better than silence, but only marginally.

  • What's not to like? We know when the next game is being released more or less. What more do people want? Oh, I guess some people still want an apology.

  • that sounds incredibly bitchy to me... telltale has made no promises of anything and owe the fans nothing, get over yourself, your impatience is not going to be the downfall of telltale games, and to withhold playing the game because of a later update than you would have liked is childish and the only person who misses out is you...

  • It's a bit of a mixed bag of emotions for me. 4 months is a long wait for one episode (too long in my opinion), but you never promised us anything other then 5 episodes, so we can't really complain about the time table.

    What I'm really worried about is the future. In addition to The Walking Dead: Season 2, you guys announced a Game of Thrones series, and Tales from the Borderlands (All without ANY news about The Wolf Among Us). I'm afraid that you guys are taking on too many projects at once. Unless you're hiring entirely new teams to cover these projects, it means you're adding an even larger work load to a team that needs 4 months to finish one episode of a game.

  • umm i don't remember them promising anything for January but a a release date, which is what you just got...

  • Although I am happy to have a release date I would prefer sooner since this is the longest we have ever waited for an episode. Oh well I suppose at least we get it and the isn't much we can do about it to make it come sooner.

    What I would like is an explanation instead of "circumstances." since I personally believe we are owed it since I have had 20% of a game sat in my Steam library since October with little and inaccurate information given to your audience that purchased The Wolf Among Us.

    I've never felt cheated waiting for an episodes when we've waited for months but I have to say I do with The Wolf Among Us. Now we have to wait till February. I think it would of been fair to say it how it is. If a majority of us guessed the plot fair enough I understand the sudden switch in story but the is clearly more to it than that.

    If you gave us more a lot more of us would be understanding since I know I don't need to read on to find people complaining and raging.

    I will stay reserved before saying TellTale need to get their act together and communicate. But seriously they must have some PR to address these kind of situations.

    But if episode three flies out soon after episode two I will think more of TellTale than kids constantly biting off more than they can chew.

  • Telltale not "diving into details" might be their way of staying classy and not making certain business partners or employees look bad due to circumstance. I can respect that. It does, however, mean that they are asking you to trust them when they say they don't anticipate it happening again.

    Should you as a customer trust them? That's really up to you now. I probably will buy future releases on an episode-by-episode basis. But Telltale has responded the way they are going to. It's done.

  • I would personally like to hear what went wrong. Circumstances isn't a good enough excuse in my opinion.

    People who bought the game because they either liked Fables or liked the look of the game had to sit through announcements of The Walking Dead season 2, Game of Thrones and Tales of The Borderlands. While The Wolf Among Us was completely forgotten about. The last bit of news I remember of the game was them acting like it was a new game coming to iOS.

    Between TellTale releasing awesome games they seem to suck at everything else. Mainly when they prevent PC releases to attempt a timed release on platforms which doesn't work at all. i.e The Walking Dead episode 2 hit 360 first and spoilers were quickly leaked ruining the experience for some fans.

    TellTale seem to have none existent PR and it wouldn't hurt to get someone out there talking to Journalists who then can pass info on which others will hear. Then bad news will sit a little nicer with people.

    But apart from that at least we do have a confirmed release date.

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    people need to lose this sense of entitlement as if you are going to quit playing if things don't go your way get the fuck over it and wait, do you want a well put together episode or do you want it to be shit? its called patience, something allot of you clearly lack, telltale already has the success they need to keep us waiting half a year if they wanted to but they are doing the best they can and anyone who doesn't like it can suck a D . you cant always get what you want and bitching on a forum about how disappointed you are isn't going to change that. be happy the game is good and that there will eventually be 4 more episodes to come and in the meantime take a shit to relieve the pressure of your frustration

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    Not a lot we can do about it.

    Still not happy that they managed to throw teasers out of Game of Thrones and Tales of the Borderlands while we had nothing to hear on episode 2 than just a couple of pictures.

    Doesn't sit well with me. Do I trust them? Hell no. Will I continue to buy their games shamefully yes.

  • Ha Ha classic.
    ](Sister Act "Title")

  • and haters unite! i love that hate so hate on...

  • No you probably won't get an answer. It will probably will be delayed, with no good reason like S2 Ep1 of Walking Dead. We'll be told it's a classification issue, even though it will have already passed classification, and then we will be waiting for a non-existent update from Telltale. If their games weren't so damn good I wouldn't buy them on principal. But I enjoyed WD so much unfortunately principal will go out the window.

    I'd be tempted to torrent the PC version if it wasn't for the save game continuation thing.

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    The game's afoot!!!

    Alt text

  • Is it over? Is the long nightmarish wait of epic first world proportions finally over? I don't believe in this code of silence telltale seem to have when they encounter an unknown issue but at least the official telltale person kind of apologized for the massive wait and promised that we probably won't see this kind of wait again. Personally I'll believe that when the final episode is sitting in my xbox hard drive but whatever. The point is the wolf among us is back! It's back and I'm as happy as can be!

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    I thought they could be faster after TWD success, or, at least, keep the 1-2 months space between episodes as they used to. It seems I was wrong.

  • No, I realise you can't please everybody, but those two words would actually make a lot less people angry.

  • As I understood, the original plan was to have the episodes for TWAU ad TWD come out on alternating months. On the new schedule, it looks like they'll be bumping up against each other.

    Unless Ep 2 of TWD is held another 4 weeks. Anyone know something I;m missing?

    An a related note: I do appreciate that Telltale has finally told us something of substance. Hopefully, TWAU will be worth the wait, and with any luck, the lengthy delay - and the silence that went along with it - will be an isolated incident.

    If Telltale keeps making great games, I will keep buying them. But it will take a LOT to convince me to put my money down in advance. Especially now, with TWAU going for $14 from some outlets, and me having paid the full $25. It isn't a huge amount of money, but...well..Telltale is going to have to do a lot to get me to give them anything on faith. Extra content on their site (interviews with the devs, cast like they did last season), behind the scenes talk with the crew, and a level of communication that makes me feel as though they at at least appreciate the business relationship.

    And by "they: I do mean the decision makers on the business side of Telltale (marketing, PR, and likely upper management). From the video blogs.iterviews I;ve seen, the devs seem to be a dedicated group of storytellers.

  • I won't dive into the details,

    you'd better do, mate. you'd better do. we had enough crap with your delays and cheap promises

  • appreciate it? i'd liek to hear apologise, not only release date (finally)

  • honestly, i just made this account to put out a sensible point into this swamp of an argument.
    why this whole three month, going to be four month wait is/was bullshit.
    firstly, i paid for the first episode and season pass, through xbox live. since the initial release both of these items have gone on sale, even the first episode has been free. what were the initial buyers given for their brand loyalty? three months of dead air with vague updates delivered few and far between? this was bad practice, the best we can hope for is that this never happens again. however, all that being said an apology is not owed to the fanbase, an improvement is.

    all that being said i really am excited to see the rest of the wolf among us, i'm even more excited about seeing what direction telltale takes with game of thrones. i am a big fan of the stories they have brought to us, and would love to see them try their hands at a dresden files game.

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