• UPDATE: Im still going to continue with The Wolf Among Us whenever they release Episode 2, its been almost 2 months now and no Ep. 2 and with Season 2 of TWD idk what i will do because right now i have no chance of getting the season pass for TWD season 2

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    As well I.

    I am devoted to bringing high quality graphics to deliver to you the best possible performance. A thread should made combine these. I will be uploading that on day one.

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    This is kinda outrageous. The creator of this thread had ALL comments removed, because other people shared their videos. Hevan forbid someone sees a video not directly to his. Suggestion, make a sticky for playthrough. It will save space. You don't have to thank me for doing your thinking. .

  • Im the creator of this thread and i did no such thing, i can see perfectly clear of all the videos posted that are not mine

  • UPDATE: Finally a release window of when Episode 2 comes out for The Wolf Among Us, I will try my best and asap to record and get the playthrough up...Thanks for watching and keep up the good work TellTaleGames

  • Episode 2 is now going Live

  • Hey Guys Episode 3 was released acouple weeks ago and i forgot to update my thread/post so here's my take on Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile:

  • Hey Guys wanted to let you know episode 4 playthrough is now live, not forcing anyone to check it out but if u liked my content before then u may like this playthrough.

  • Hey Guys, long time no talk. Just wanted to let everyone know that Episode 5(PS3) of The Wolf Among Us is uploading now and i will do what i did with The Walking Dead adding the entire season into one playlist.i hope you enjoy and as always leave feedback if you get the chance to watch my video or anyone else's video, im sure they enjoy some fan feedback.Before i stop talking i want to give TellTale a thanks for a hard work on a game that def surprised me and can't wait for future games. i haven't had the chance for TWD S2 but i will.

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