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  • Like others said before, it's business. They don't need to lick our asses, just say two words. Like Chris Christie, people would've been satisfied if he said two words after two hours of non-stop talking. He didn't and neither has Telltale. Like he failed with the cover up which has now come to bite him in the ass; Telltale failed with customer service.

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    People act like they've been offended on a deep personal level. Like TTG somehow directly insulted every single customer. What's thi

  • the fuqs the wolf among us..... oh yeah that game that's only taking a shit load of what's left of my xboxs memory. excited just hope this doesn't delay twd to much

  • I believe puzzlebox (not 100% sure it was her) stated that Telltale was going to do GOT and Tales from the Borderlands after TWAU and TWD were finished. They're hiring too, but I too think that Telltale is biting off more than they can chew. Fingers crossed that they get some more great developers on the team!

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    It's a bit of a mixed bag of emotions for me. 4 months is a long wait for one episode (too long in my opinion), but you never promi

  • Fair enough. But they clearly aren't going to give any details on the delay and for me, simply saying "We're really sorry" doesn't mean much.

    Part of the apology I would like would include an explanation. But we aren't going to get that.

    So...I'm not goig to ask for it. The past four months have clearly shown the kind of response the Telltale brass will authorize and the kind they won't.

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    appreciate it? i'd liek to hear apologise, not only release date (finally)

  • Jiminy Cricket doesn't like waiting. Not at all.

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    While I genuinely appreciate the often thankless efforts of the volunteer moderators, I'm not sure it's clear that this is an accusation of broken promises, so much as a general expression of frustration with the delay. It's not surprising that people remain upset about the lack of episode 2, even if some news from TT arrives.

    I get that you're trying to do what you can, and that from your perspective, this can be difficult to see, but there's a line that you're kind of crossing, here. I don't think you're doing it on purpose, but it feels like you're changing the subject by shifting unhappiness with the lack of episode 2 onto unhappiness with the update from Kevin. It sets off the "I'm being tricked" alarms and feels bad.

    To be fair, it was the update that was promised in January - not the game itself.

  • I think if they're still reluctant to give up details over the delay that there's a strong possibility that it was due to personal problems of the developers. If so, I think we should respect their privacy and move on with our lives, (and of course enjoy the game once it comes out!)

  • I hope this episode is a long one!

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    Don't worry, I think I get where you are coming from and you make a valid point. I wasn't deliberately changing the topic and I too had assumed "an update" meant the episode itself would still follow in January. I was just trying to be objective and point out a technicality is all. More info would've been nice but I'm sure they had a justifiable reason at the lack of communication, be it legal issues or otherwise with the odd phrasing of the issue. Nevertheless, I hope to see some more communication as well from Telltale moving on.

    No worries, and sorry if I phrased that as if I was trying to weasel out of acknowledging the elephant in the room.

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    While I genuinely appreciate the often thankless efforts of the volunteer moderators, I'm not sure it's clear that this is an accusa

  • They said they'd have an update after the holidays and we got the update on 14th Jan. So it's safe to say that when they announce that Ep 2 will be released first week of Feb, it's going to be mid Feb that they'll actually deliver.

  • Music to my ears..... " thats why im easayyy..... Im easy like sunday morniiin".....

  • bittersweet like Tashonda's Hersheys Kiss nipples......neil patrick harris 4 life.... beotch

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    Such knowledge is bittersweet. But, I'll take it.

  • yeah or the episode is going to come out on the last day of the first week of February..

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    I guess its better than nothing, but I have this bad feeling that first week of February might turn into second week of February!

  • Non Disclosure Agreement??? i love guessing acronyms

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    Thank you for the update. Are you allowed to tell us why it was delayed or are you under an NDA? People would not have gotten nearly

  • JOKE TIME: What is black and white and red all over???

    WHO THE FUCK BROUGHT THAT UP? Look telltale already confirmed on these very fourms that they woudln't even consider starting Borderlands and Game of thrones until TWAU and TWD S2 are finished So stop yer bitching :P

  • nope they said early january for next update

    They said soon after the holidays not early January. Of course anyone who assumed that wasn't exactly being unreasonable.

  • The TWAU EP2 release is first week of february,that means TWD EP2 is far far away...

  • im still wondering if they had to re write a lot of the story. its ok if they did. im just wondering is all.

  • thats because they dont care. at leas i think they dont. its all Big Business. Fables comics telltale the multiple devices that are selling these games to you.... its not really about what we want, its about MONEY. The Unknown Superiors have mastered the use and understanding of psychology... its called propoganda, manipulation, brainwash, they study us and how we feel and think. they make us buy their products and believe their lies on a daily basis because they know how. im not able to explain this to you more clearly and with greater detail because im not smart enough.... but know this.... we are nothing but products... open your eyes before you die...

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    That doesn't matter. If you have something to apologize for, you say you're sorry. And several of us would have been a hell of a lot more appreciative if he had done so. But he didn't, and no amount of hyperbole changes that.

  • hey red panda, put an egg in your shoe and beat it hahahaha

  • heyy you dickweed. when it come to customer service, you have to notify the customer for any delays or changes in the transaction or deal made and an apology is very important too, even if it isnt the fault of the company. its business etiquette. " the customer is always right" even if they are wrong.

  • hey redpanda with all that talk of insolent this and basterd that u sound like a wannabee Vegeta

    So you just automatically assume that Telltale is allowed to delve into the details? What if they are contractualy bound or if it

  • It's not "hate" it's annoyance with people like you who excuse TellTale for bad business practice. Leaving your fans/paying customers completely in the dark is not a smart thing to do. No one here has implied that they'd rather have a POS episode over one of quality. The point is they have delivered quality AND decent speed in the past. So, yeah...it irks people when there is this long of a delay. It kinda ruins the episodic game thing they do, ya know. So, if you're content with the long wait, that's totally fine. But to sit here and bash people for expressing anger/displeasure/whatever over the situation that has been happening is not going to be taken kindly. If you can sit there and express your lack of concern over how long the second episode is taking to be released, then respect the right of others to express their displeasure. No on here feels a sense of entitlement. What they DO feel is that they should be given an explanation as to why there is such a long delay in delivering something that many of us have already paid for by purchasing the season pass. Not knowing when to expect an update, not knowing why there's a delay, etc. is reason enough to be a little disgruntled, in my opinion. We were told to expect an update on TWAU shortly after the holidays...sorry, but January 14th doesn't really seem like "shortly after the holidays" to a lot of people here. With the update that was given, why would it have been impossible to state that there were "a variety of reasons" for the delay? That couldn't have been said sooner than today? I know some are bound to say "maybe they were waiting to explain until they had a rough estimate for the release..." well, ya know what I say to that? How about take the time to make TWO updates! They could have easily said that there were some delays happening the first day they got back into the offices on the 6th. At the end of that update, they could have said "check back in a week for another update"...bam! Is that so difficult? Apparently it is.

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    and haters unite! i love that hate so hate on...

  • Good news to come home to I guess. 3 weeks left guys.

  • Just some thoughts:

    1. This was my first ever purchase of an episodic game.

    2. I will never buy a game again until it's fully released. Partially due to the delay and partially due to the fact I don't like reading a chapter at a time and waiting months till the next chapter. Just not my style.

    3. I'm sure tt has lawyers who advise them regarding contractual obligations and they are acting accordingly under the law regarding the delay. But I'm pretty sure there has been a breach of contract made to its consumers about making promises in print about potential release dates. If those release dates were estimations than an asterisk should have appeared by those claims allowing us to read the fine print.

    4. The game cost 24 bucks and I can't get to pissed about the wait and the length of time it will take to complete the game.

    5. Their pr department sucks though. Pretty amateurish not to give an apology. It's good business.

    6. I have plenty of other things to do to spend my time complaining over and over. I will check back in a couple weeks to see if this date is truly concrete.

    thank you for your time.

    Time for a White Russian.

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    I am not self congratulating anything, mate I don't have the reason to congratulate myself, hardly ever will. So, yeah I complain that other's are complaining over small things. I also bitch about small things from time to time, happens to everyone, it's normal. Maybe I have gone over the line mentioning numerous world concerning issues, But some people just go too far.Also don't worry about "Criticism not even leveled at yourself'', I criticize myself a lot, sometimes more often than I should. The question is : Are you ready to criticize yourself or accept criticism?

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    At any point in your self congratulatory posturing, did you realize that you were doing exactly what you are accusing others of? Ins

  • Well at least we know now. Wish they went into detail as to why this is an unusual case. Or what to expect to wait in between future episodes. Or what month the next walking dead should come out in...

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    Because they didn't say shit for several months and after all of that they still keep us in the dark. And you know damn well why people are upset, you just don't agree.

    exactly, so why get so bent out of shape ?

  • An explanation for the delay should have accompanied this release date announcement.

    This goes a long way in terms of customer relations, but since you did not include specific reasons, then the reasons must be so bad, that revealing them would hurt customer relations even more. This reminds of me Mitt Romney refusing to release his tax information when running for the Presidential election; the information he withheld must of been so bad it would have destroyed public opinion of him.

    Secondly, the 1st Episode of TWAU became free at one point during this 3 month wait, and then the Season Pass was on discount. You've given no incentive for your loyal fans who purchased your product well in advance, which means there is no reason to support your products early in the future. You should have given early access to those that have endured this long without any speck of information on the delay.

    Telltale Games has now a reputation of 1) providing no communication with it's consumers, 2) extreme delays between it's episodic series, and 3) disincentive for purchasing their products early. Am I missing anything?

    If this happens again, which I don't doubt it will, prepare for more than just angry fans on these forums.

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    Yeah you are. You're congratulating yourself over your supposed maturity (which you have proven quite imaginary).

    You're a hypocrite.
    You say there are bigger things in the world to worry and complain about, but HERE YOU ARE, complaining about critical posts on a message board.

    Why? Because criticism of a game company hurts your feelings, and so you need to yell at and insult the people posting such.

    No one here has gone too far, except you. You decided to insult everyone complaining, and feign maturity. YOU are the one going too far. As for criticizing yourself? Utterly irrelevant to this conversation. The point is, you are taking criticism personally, and acting every bit as childish as you accuse others.

    I am not self congratulating anything, mate I don't have the reason to congratulate myself, hardly ever will. So, yeah I complain th

  • White Russian...UGHHHH

    Just some thoughts: * This was my first ever purchase of an episodic game. * I will never buy a game again until it's fully

  • Poor Puzzlebox. She is a trooper.

    puzzlebox did that recently and she got a mix of good and bad comments.

  • I remember them saying "after the holidays" too. When did they say early January?

    nope they said early january for next update

  • I really think that TellTale don't use PR. The communication to the public is very, very poor and I'd hate to say it some of the worse I've seen. Right next to Hammerpoint Interactive. Why? At least they speak to their customers. I think this is probably the first time someone at TellTale has addressed the situation and still pretty late.

    They can make one hell of a game but bringing it to the public is like watching an episode of Chucklevision of them having issues of releasing it on time to saying the game has gone live when it simply hasn't.

    Then by the time it has hit certain platforms people have long finished it on another platform and released Walkthroughs , Spoilers and Broadcasted the game.

    If you are playing on PC stay away from these forums or anything to do with games on the eve of episode 2.

    I think I've heard that it is seamless to release on Steam and the TellTale store but they like to hold things back so the consoles will be released alongside the PC and what ends up happening is the consoles get the episode first and the PC gets it last. Particularly Steam.

    Best thing to do is forget about the game until it is released or you remember that it exists.

    Just some thoughts: * This was my first ever purchase of an episodic game. * I will never buy a game again until it's fully

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    I really feel cheated out of my money. I bought the game in November, expecting Ep2 to come out in November or December. It pisses me more off that you released episode 1 for free and put a discount on TWAU as well. What do we early adopters get? You don't even explain to us why this delay happened in the first place. This SCREAMS bad PR. I was hoping to be playing Ep3 of TWAU before I have to go back to school at the end of January but I was obviously mistaken. Next time, when I buy a TT game, I'm going to at least wait for Ep2 or Ep3 before buying the game. Another question, if the game is all ready, WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU RELEASED IT YET? I feel even more cheated because you just gave us yet another timeframe, and not an actual date. Get your shit together, TellTale. You've lost many potential customers already.

  • Just as I said I may have gone over the line, I see my error. Yeah I have self-awareness, maybe the only good thing I have, hardly can say that for other things. Yes there are bigger things to worry about, and this didn't hurt my feelings at all, why would it I am not in love with TTG. I just respect them more so than many other gaming companies. I just had to say it that's it. I am not talking only about people complaining over a gaming company that's nothing, I meant numerous senseless complains of people in general. And yeah I gave a friendly advice : Value what you have and don't complain about it, you never know when you are going to lose it. So giving a friendly advice is self-congratulating? When did that happen?

    So you found the things I said so insulting? There are people who would use much harder words than I did. How would you act in that case? Overall I don't want to bore moderators with arguing here with you.

    All in all have a nice day, bye.

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    Yeah you are. You're congratulating yourself over your supposed maturity (which you have proven quite imaginary). You're a hypocr

  • 'First week of February'? Like 1-2 of February or 3-9?

  • 3-9 is the odds on favorite

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    'First week of February'? Like 1-2 of February or 3-9?

  • In case you aren't already aware, Febuary 24th is not in the first week of February.

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