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  • ign.com has some interesting, but I think incorrect, release dates for TWAU episodes 2-5. With episode 2 scheduled for Feb 5th, and episode 5 Feb 28th?? This has to be wrong, but I'll admit I got pretty excited thinking that episodes 2-5 would be in the same month. Can't be real, but how awesome would that be!?

  • Wolf among us? I remember. Game about Wolverine and talking pig. It was long time ago. I thought it's done.

  • zzz. too long telltale. way waaayyyyyy too long. you messed up bigtime. hype factor, gone.

  • Thx Kevin.

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    Silent Dan, well said. I feel the same, I bought TWD S1 from the middle of the series (I played the three right from the bat), and my experience with episode gaming was good, but after this experience with TWAU, I'll never buy it ahead of time, and wait for the game to actually be released. The game is good and I was very please about it, but it is not worth the worry of "when I am gonna carry on play and be entertained by it"

    I don't see the advantage of support in advance episodic/kickstart a product if:

    • this product just is not released on a decent and regular amount of time
    • I am not informed on his working process (and his difficulties)
    • I don't receive a clear understandable reason of late release such as this
    • There is no transparency between creators and fan base

    Like you say, it is matter of trust, and trust isn't something that you can buy or sell. I felt my trust in this new way to support a company work doesn't work anymore because I am displeased by the result. I really just don't feel anymore comfortable to invest money in any episodic releases.
    I am happy that FINALLY the service on what I have paid is coming to have some fruit of some partial content, but I sincerely lost all interest on the game itself. I was super hyped about it, and now I just barely care.

    The result is, I am not gonna buy TWD 2 like I wanted to. I'll wait for the whole game to be released, I'll read the review of the game if actually it is worth the money like any other game, and possibly I'll buy it on sale periods, like any other game.

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    Stupid Apple with its Ios! It is your fault we have to wait for so long for next episode! I'm sure the game itself is ready to be released on PC and consoles, but because of ios it was delayed to be released on all platforms at once in February. Same situation was with TWD S2, that's why no November release.

  • Maybe Kev doesn't want to say why the episode is delayed because they pulled the team to work on TWD and TWAU fans won't like playing second fiddle. His comment actually just makes me think that they messed up and are ashamed of the mistake or scared of what the community would say if they knew the truth.
    Would a non disclosure clause mean that you are not even allowed to say "We can't tell you anything because of a non disclosure clause?"

  • lol i think getting worked up about a video game is redundant and time better spent playing something else, or maybe read a book I DontFuckingCare! but getting all angst up about something you have no control over is a waste of time and is bad for your heath, and i didn't bash anyone if i was trying to bash you i would have said " you are a bitch" or " you suck dick" i i was merely telling people what they can do if they are not satisfied with what they got if you don't like it... I DontFuckingCare. ;D

  • one of those thumbs up is mine... nothing i love more than posts that are long enough to be published as novels. ( that may have been me bashing you) KissKiss

  • This is eerily accurate.

  • OH...MY GOG!!!I've been waiting for this since i ended episode 1!Thank you so much,Kevin!It's weird how a much more precise release date can calm my little gamer heart.I want you guys from TTG to know that even though some guys are acting bitchy,most of your fans are still with you,despite a little delay.I know you left us with a cliffhanger,but i think it makes things more interesting and the game more wanted all the same.And here is for you,ass-lickers of the community:STFU.You don't know shit about making a game,let alone one with such a pleasent atmosphere and graphics.Plus,TellTale has a lot of work on many different franchises for many fans.And even though this delay was as bitter as an elder-T-rex-nipple-dick-mucus i still think it was worth the wait.And you guys saying it ruined your gaming experience,that's BULLSHIT.I'm just gonna crawl in a corner and complain about the bipolarity of this community now.I love all of TTG's franchises,that's all i'm saying.So let's just leave the people do their jobs,k?

  • Perfect timing, absolutely perfect.

  • You tell em, Phyre!

  • FiachSidhe got "bent out of shape" because we don't know the problem, Telltale makes it the problem and you're refusing to see why a simple apology is needed. You know why people are angry, but you just keep on adding fuel to the fire by refusing to see.

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    About time.

    I'm never gonna buy another season pass again, from now on I will always wait for complete seasons and sales.

  • February? This is ridiculious. And you really had to close the old thread and make a new one for this issue? Looks like you just avoided our complaints

  • Yes, we are aware that big companies like MS and Sony was most likely the hold up, not because of Telltale themselves, but we can't go around asking for those two to apologise can we? Telltale is the one in charge of the game and they are the ones who choose what to tell the community - sure, they may be contracted to not say the release date for a while, but they can work around it. One of the problems is that they chose not to, so they get the blame. Besides, it's only two words and in saying those two can mean a world of difference.

  • That's good enough for me. Thanks for having the ****s to tell us directly.

  • First, and last, telltale's game i'll buy at day one

  • you guys are being retarded right now. at least they said something.

  • I agree, I think Telltale had to get the first ep of the second season of the walking dead out the door fast and had to shift focus to that game. Economically it makes sence because the game is more popular than any other franchise tt has ever had. I also think that the nudity in TWAU had something to do with it however. It's the first time telltale has ever come close to something like nudity and i expected it to become a point of contention to someone. (Which the discussion about the topic on this forum clearly shows)
    I personally like TWAU more than TWD, which is to depressing for me, so i hope they keep the nudity in, because the comics have it.
    But it's cool to get an update, I will look forward to the next episode.

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    That's the type of comment I don't get...


    • 2 months of total silence
    • 2 months of delay
    • Not the slightest apology or explanation regarding the 2 above
    • "Blaming holidays" for additionnal delays (who dosen't consider holidays in their work schedule and makes false promises because of that?)

    ...We should automatically disregard all the inconveniences and be thankful because "they said something".

    I repeat: I appreciate Telltale's games, they are one of the best devs out there. I am thankful for the gaming experiences I had because of their work. That does not change the fact that they have terrible PR/customer service and they need to step it up big time.

  • well atleast they gave us a update about episode 2

  • I appreciate the update, thank you for that.

    It does strike a little sour note that the fans here have been asking continuously for weeks about updates here on the Telltale community forum and don't get peep, but as soon as the question starts blowing up externally among potential new buyers its a 24 hour reaction.

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    yeah, my apologies...'cause, ya know, telling people they can "suck a D" if they don't like the delay that has happened must have totally been misunderstood on my part ;) And saying that TellTale is "doing the best they can" with the horrible lack of communication that has been going on is laughable. There is absolutely nothing that was preventing someone at TellTale from posting a message similar to the one Kevin did yesterday. All of this could have easily been mentioned prior to yesterday, but they chose not to communicate with the fans or say anything about the "variety of reasons" for the delay. I'm just saying, telling people to "get the fuck over it" and shit like that when they're expressing displeasure with something is pretty stupid. How exactly is that supposed to be taken positively? Also, I couldn't care less about the thumbs up or thumbs down on this site.

    Anyway, as I said, if you think "getting worked up about a video game" is time wasted...good for you. Other people here are just posting their opinions about what has happened, and it's a place to vent, ffs. You don't see people who are disappointed about the delay sitting here telling anyone who doesn't feel the same way they do to "suck a D", etc. I find your post to be childish. I just don't see why you appear to be so worked up about people being worked up over a game ;) if you can't state your point without saying things like "get the fuck over it", "suck a D" or "IDontFuckingCare" then you've already lost the respect of some of the people here. Similar to those who can't express their displeasure with the delay without getting all uppity and cursing at TellTale, like one of the people who was recently banned from here. If you can't make your point or state your opinion without doing things like that, people here aren't going to be interested in what you have to say.

    I think your point is valid, you said it yourself in your reply...you think that getting worked up is a waste of time. Okay, fair enough...and a decent point to make. Why was it so hard to just say that in your original post? I think the people who are "bitching" have made decent points as well.

    Anyhow! Feel free to reply if you wish, but...pretty sure I've said my part, and you've said yours. So...pretty sure we're done here, yeah?

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    So if TWAU will be released on the first week of February then TWD S2 episode 2 will be far far away... lol

  • Good news is - them deciding to release the entire game up to episode 5 in February and explaining their delay by saying that they wanted to pleasantly surprise their fan base.

    I'm merely frustrated to realize that with delays like these we will probably see episode 5 of wolf among us in 2015.

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    I love the fact there is literally no apology in that comment from Telltale. -_-

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    I sort of understand where your coming from but i think calling them retarded is a bit harsh, I completely understand peoples frustrations and do feel that Telltale should have communicated more but SOME comments are overreacting a little bit and i think that they they should appreciate this little bit of news a bit more rather that nothing.

    What i do find it interesting that one of the Co founders of Telltale made the announcement explaining the situation as normally Puzzlebox is the person who makes forum announcements so i guess they are feeling a little bit guilty and a bit paranoid about how people will perceive their company after such a long delay. I would also like to know what the issue was to cause this delay but i don't think we will ever know.

  • The fact that telltale person posted here first is perhaps an indication that they sort of care.

    Personally I want results damn it! Not apologies! A solid release date is apology enough for me.

  • Just in case you didn't know, "that telltale person" is TTG's cofounder, CTO and President.

  • You just don't stop do you. You go between the steam forum and here berating everyone who has a different opinion than yourself. Learning toleration of someone Else's opinion, whether you agree with it or not, would be beneficial to the community and yourself. Like the saying goes, once you start insulting, you have lost the argument. A quote from Mark Twain "Always do right, This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest.

  • i dont know if anyone already said it,but i think telltale should give us an discount in episode 2 because of the delay near 4 months

  • Another selfproclaimed-lawyer type of fanboy...

  • How would they do that if you've already paid?

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