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  • I mean its all great that wolf among us is commin first week of feb but dam when is walking dead coming. Game of year. NO NOT THIS YEAR

  • Maybe she (Lilly) has come around to a better state of companionship ! Lol

  • Because I totally think I'm god, huh? where do you idiots come up with these replies, like seriously. It's so stupid, it's hilarious.

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  • I don't think we can expect a delay as big as TWAU because whatever that was I doubt it was just not being able to produce game artwork in time or something, given the fact that most of it was already made and in ep1.

  • Can't be Lily. According to the book road to Woodberry she joins another group, tangles with, and killed the governor, and becomes leader of another group after that.

  • Tell me about it...

  • exactly why i am expecting to come out late january or mid february

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    I think Telltale might want to get The Wolf Among Us episode 2 out first as its been 4 months and the fans are really annoyed at them for such a long delay and they would be really angry if episode 2 of The Walking Dead where to come out first, It seems that they are still working on files on the steam database which is interesting as TWAU has hardly been updated even tho its due to be released early Feb.

  • i really dont care if they angry. i want to play them both.

  • Btw "buddy", I respect your opinion, but you obviously have no idea what the fuck your pea sized brain is saying/doing. So go find someone else to yell at.

  • Lol how they should probably be already half way through TWUA.. I would rather it finish before TWD to avoid clutter.. but seriously end of Jan would of been good.. i just want to get an episode on time for once.

  • That is a different Lilly. The book presented a completely different backstory for Lilly, so it doesn't make sense that the two are the same character. TTG even abandoned the idea that they are the same character after the book was released. What happened to game Lilly after episode 3 is left unknown.

  • There's no way Telltale releases episodes from both of their big franchises in the same month. That's not good business, you don't want your own products competing with each other for sales. And I also don't think Episode 2 comes out only a month after 1, so I'd say March is the best bet. Maybe the very end of February.

    Then again, maybe it's different with episodic content. But I doubt it.

  • Glenn's fate is shown in the comics. He and Hershell were just cameo characters for episode 1 to help tie the game to the comics and present a little bit of backstory for them.

  • Telltale really has to start speeding up these releases man, they're starting two OTHER games later this year, I don't think they'd be able to handle it otherwise.

  • chances are they'll do the release like this: twau ep 2, early feb, twd ep 2, mid feb to mid march, twau ep 3, late march to late april, twd ep 3, sometime in may, twau ep 4, sometime in june, twd episode 4 sometime in july, with twau ep 5 in august and the end of twd in september, with an october release for tales from the borderlands and a november release for game of thrones.

  • i really wish they would do a better job at communicating release dates to people? Constantly having to come on here to check if they made an announcement about the second episode is annoying.

  • i dont think so. it;s like saying a film studio would not release more than one movie per month because they dont want their movies competing. But they do it all the time...that's no excuse

  • I think if they had one they would have told us by now, besides, if they need more time to make this next episode awesome, then i say go for it.

  • I'm between Lilly and Kenny. Lilly ran thus should be alive, Kenny appears to have fled to some players, Christa if she had returned will not be much of a surprise then just wait. Very anxious.

  • I still hope for releasing this month.

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    Calm your hormones people.

    ....I really shouldn't fuel to fire. :P

  • IS LEE IS LEE, at least i hope it is lee :( it's just not that good without a badass national geographic mutha fuckaa

  • Guys Kenny is dead... there were three possible ways, but he died in all of them. The way i see it its Lilly, Molly, or Christa. If i were to bet i would say Molly, because she was interesting likable and they clearly decided to keep her alive in season one. Even if you shoot like Micheal J Fox she wont die.

  • The one thing I miss right now is all the cool community stuff they did with the first season, like playing dead and the stats trailers

  • Along with the accolades trailers...loved those. They still did one for TWAU, but that was more of an announcement video to let people know the game's on the Vita.

  • You know Telltale a new trailer for The Walking Dead Tv Show is coming out tomorrow.......why not join in on the fun? :D

  • I think it is likely we will see episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us before we see E2 of S2 for The Walking Dead. late feb. or march we will get TWD episode2, and some time between now and then we will get E2 of TWAU.

  • There is nothing like what you have posted here to describe the emotions of probably millions of people lol

  • I think its gotta be out by next weekend at least

  • It'll be exactly 5 weeks on Tuesday since the first episode came out. So I'm going to be optimistic and say that it'll be out on the 28th of this month.

    We know for sure that it won't be the week after that (TWAU).

  • thats a good guess what about omid it sounds stupid but... no christa would have buried him.

  • Man I sure hope so but i'm not going to get my hopes up it's either going to be this month or after February 18th and I don't want it to be that long.

  • It will be 5 weeks next Tuesday in real waiting time, but I think we might have to wait longer due to both TWAU and the Holidays. Although @puzzlebox said the staff worked through the holidays, I think they were not at full capacity. @Kevin, listed the holidays as part of "several things conspired against us (not to mention the additional delays due to the holidays)."

    If the two weeks that followed the release of All That Remains don't count because of the holiday break, and the team began working full time again on Monday Jan 6, we are on the first/second week of the real wait. Of course, they could've been working on the game even with only a part of the team, making progress.

    Just speculation, and I do hope I'm wrong.

  • My prediction is mid-feb or at the first 2 weeks of march,not before and not after. Because,I don't really think they're gonna release a new episode this month. I don't know why,just a feeling. Then of course,I want episode 2 to come out soon as possible,but the thing I care much more is the quality. I'm ok with waiting for the end of feb,if the episode'll be stunning and emotional.

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