Reasons why Kenny is the only person who makes sense.



  • He certainly wasn't helping it, but what put her so far over the edge was the death of her dad.

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    So did Ben. Ben was the reason of the whole paranoia thing.

  • I wouldn't blame her. However, she did kill one of my favorite characters(s). Well, after her Dad being slaughtered, with the stealing on top of it, I was kind of surprised she didn't just point the gun at herself. She's tough.

    He certainly wasn't helping it, but what put her so far over the edge was the death of her dad.

  • I agree with you for the most part but two things I don't agree with:

    Christa. In episode 1 season 2, certain dialogue choices will result in Clem saying she thinks Christa did die, she says "doesn't make it" IIRC. Don't quote me on that one, but I know for sure certain dialogue options with Luke and Pete will show that Clementine thinks Christa is dead. Also, I don't see it far fetched if Christa joined up with a group. If she ran from the bandits that attacked, she probably had absolutely nothing and would've been desperate.

    And for Kenny, I do think he'll appear in season 2 but I just don't think he's going to be that person. His death was left far too open ended, like you said, but I just don't think the group would see it any differently and conclude he was dead, and then pass on that information to Clementine without knowing for sure. And I honestly think Telltale is teasing us again, when we first saw Nick everyone was flipping the shit saying it was Kenny. Now this and everyone's repeating themselves. I think they're building up hype and Kenny will show up in a totally unexpected way, he's too anticipated to be revealed so obviously. That's just my two cents though.

  • I think it would be too much work for the creators to manage an "either/or" situation, at least with such major characters.

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    all right it is either lilly or kenny i think it will depend how you played on a decision you make in episode 4. When you had to fig

  • Thanks

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    good explanation Cart_hero_2010

  • I doubt that will ever happen. None of the choices in Season 1 showed me that Telltale games is ballsy enough to do something like you're saying. Projekt Red are the ones willing to do that.

    who says lilly is dead either way? and TTG is building what I think is a true masterpiece, so I wouldn't be surprised if different players start seeing major differences in their stories...

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    Lee cut his arm off a little too late.

    Actually Lee lost too much blood, which was the cause of his death if you had chosen to amputate his arm. Which makes sense because Lee didn't have proper treatment for his arm.

  • Actually it all depends if you shot or left Lee. If you left him, he will only come equipped with a robot torso (and flamethrower arm, if you chopped it off of course). If you shot Lee, he will have a bionic head piece that can shoot lasers to disintegrate anything in his path.

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    Nah, man, just a cyborg. If you amputated his arm in Episode 5, you get a sweet flamethrower there instead.

  • Actually he died from infection of the bite. If he died from blood loss he would've died sooner.

  • Christa didn't yell

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    I disagree that Clementine couldn't think that Christa is dead. When Clementine ran away after distracting the bandits (in my game),

  • After the meat locker Lilly was my buddy actually, but when she killed Carley i overreacted and left her on the side of the road...
    Hope she dosen't hold a grudge.

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    Yeah, I honestly don't like Ken too much. He drops you, he abandons you (my story), and he's just a jerk when I played. I can't be the ONLY one who likes Lilly?

  • She did in my game...

    Christa didn't yell

  • Lee did die from blood loss this can be backed up by Rick Grimes, from the comic book, cutting his arm off. It also states that Lee died from blood loss on the wiki. Here's the link if you want to check it out yourself:

    Actually he died from infection of the bite. If he died from blood loss he would've died sooner.

  • She did, actually. Listen carefully and after the gunshot you can hear a woman screaming. And Christa was the only woman there, so...

    Christa didn't yell

  • The wiki isn't exactly the most reliable source. Plus, just cutting off a limb doesn't automatically mean that whatever is in the bite can't kill you. It has to be cut off almost immediately, before it can spread. Lee wasn't able to cut it off immediately. He already passed out because of the bite, meaning that it had spread too far. It's just as likely, perhaps more so, that Lee still dies of the bite rather than blood loss even if he elects to cut off his arm.

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    When I played the game the first time around, I took an instant liking to Kenny.
    To me, Kenny seemed to be a decent guy, someone was genuinely concerned about others, and loyal to the end.
    He did have a quick temper and was impetuous!
    And in spite of his flaws, I found his character both likable and endearing.

    The first time I played the game, I played it according to how my conscious dictated my actions in the kind of situations the game was putting me in.
    And I largely agreed with Kenny and his reasoning except for the following...
    Looting the station wagon in episode 2.
    Leaving that girl at the drugstore as walker bait in episode 3.
    Letting Ben drop from the bell tower at Crawford in episode 4.
    Leaving Kenny after Ben fell and was going to be devoured by walkers in episode 5.

    And as far Kenny surviving season 1, I believe he definitely could have.
    Kenny was a fighter, no matter how bad things got, quitting was just not in his nature.
    I believe he could have escaped and made it out alive.
    After all, after getting shot point blank with a rifle, and then being able to walk back to the motel without assistance from anyone, at the end of episode 2 of season 1, now that takes toughness.

    I could see Kenny reappearing in season two, surviving in the woods, living the life of a mountain man, with the appearance of one to match.
    His brawling skills have sharpened significantly, he's learned how to track, and he's now a dead shot with a rifle.
    I can see him definitely crossing paths with Clementine and subsequently taking her in, and thereafter raising her as his own.

    In fact, on that note, I could see him becoming the next playable character in season 3.
    Becoming Clementine's next guardian, and while playing as his character, having to not only choose what's the best way to care for Clementine, but also what values to teach her, like players did as Lee in season 1.

  • It makes total sense to think it's Christa. Sure, Kenny is a possibility, but not the only one that seems legit by any stretch of the imagination.

  • What kinda blood loss it is when your skin gets darker and your eyes start turning yellow

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    The wiki isn't exactly the most reliable source. Plus, just cutting off a limb doesn't automatically mean that whatever is in the bi

  • can you open that file ? (sk54_kenny202)

    Also this

  • Its a Hex string (The hex strings of the .exe game), so its a list of the characters

    the file is nowhere to be found, but the sk54_ implies there IS a model, but telltale removed the model used in the edited scene of the "next time on the walking dead", but they left out the hex string, that is, the name of the model and other code so it can access it,

    ya made a oopsie telltale.

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    can you open that file ? (sk54_kenny202)

  • I think there's a good possibility that it's one else would really make sense in my opinion.

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