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  • There's two in the blog if you missed that.

  • You know, in the past I've noticed the time it took Telltale to make an episode, the better it was. This episode BETTER blow me away with amazingness. Although I do get the feeling it's going to be very... plot buildy and not very amazing otherwise.

  • Agreed - and for the record, English of any kind is not my first language, but the easiest English I know would be some of the American dialects (and I'm not only talking about the language from actors, I have worked with Americans and heard them talk everyday style English).

    But British English? Very hard to understand, but give me Scotih dialect any day of the week. :) Wonderful to hear, which is one of the reasons I released Ken in Mass Effect 3.

  • I just hope it's not as short as s2 ep1 of the walking dead.

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    I'm British and i also hate the way she speaks, Like Silent Dan said it is classed as a "Chav" accent and the way she speaks can be heard across most of the UK but may sound different depending the local accent, Chavs tend to hang around in large groups and can cause problems and antisocial behavior so that particular character really annoys me and never found her that funny.

    Also In TWAU Toad is supposed to have a London "Cockney" accent, Just out of interest did you understand what he was saying?

    If you like the Scottish accent you might find this video funny as Scots sometimes have this problem.

  • Oh God I have derailed this thread so much I don't even

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    Do I owe this to the mods? If yes, this is beyond ridiculous.

  • 93 new comments in less than a day. How do you guys expect me to keep up?

  • Went through the same stuff with all the other seasons figure they would learn by now quit announcing seasons with monthly episodes because you can never deliver this is why i refuse to buy most these episode formats now days.

  • yeah that did seem hell of short didnt it?

  • They've said prequel and everything we've seen in episode one right up until the last five seconds bares that out.

  • Don't worry, half of them seem to be getting deleted anyway.

  • Telltale don't do monthly episodes.

  • Hope the delay wasn't caused by my "Red-Head-Guy topic". First month of February is still a long time to wait , but it's better than nothing so I'll take it :)

  • I really like you Thing in The lake

  • How would that cause a delay exactly? :P

  • it probably was XD. probably had to rewrite the whole thing.

  • Let's make this episode a long one!

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    Me personally always play newly released episodes for both The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us at least five times. Making sure I didn't miss anything important in the story, (English is my second language, and when I rushed through the first season of The Walking Dead I didn't fully understand the story until I did a second playthrough), make sure I use /all/ "look at" options, and because I just don't feel I get enough of it. And when I do this playthroughs I always starts from the first episode again after a long pause from playing them; trying different approaches to affect the newly released episode. :)

  • Whatever's cooking, it's gonna be good, and you should know it! Telltale may be struggling with time, public relations and a hundred other things, but what I could never imagine them struggling with is good, solid content.

  • The second season of TWD, so far, isn't convincing me of that.

  • one episode out of five..
    care to explain why ?

    how many people thought the same of season 1 ep1 ?

  • I'd imagine YouTube videos of playthroughs would also be helpful since you can pause at will. Takes a lot of dedication to play though an episode five times in a second language. :P

  • A few random posts have disappeared from the new forum update I think. I don't know why.

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  • Indeed. But thank god Telltale included the pause key for The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Wolf Among Us. Been abusing it alot for Faith and All That Remains to take my own time reading parts I don't fully understand, and dialogues.

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    Personally, I thought S1E1 was a great first episode. It gave us action, dialogue and simple puzzles to solve on our own and interact freely. The pacing was good introduction into normal, yet unusual for us, procedure (cop car), quick HOLY SHIT moment (zombies), proper feel for the world we're in now (Sandra), Easy going spot (Hershel's farm), reminder of how fucked we actually are (Hershel's Farm and the Lee family Pharmacy), denouement (motel).

    S2E2 has a good introduction (washroom), good HOLY SHIT moment (attack in woods), and then we lose the proper feel with the solo act and Sam. There is no easy going spot, there is only the constant reminder of how fucked we are (the entire cabin area and the cabin itself, then the riverbank), and there is no denouement. It just ends abruptly.

    The last part is why I didn't like episodes 3 and 4 of S1. They had no good ending, it was all ciffhangers and they are mondo cheap.

  • What is wrong with a good cliffhanger. Having to end on a good note is really not something that should happen often in a fucked up environment. I am not saying all episodes should end as such but the content they put out for the second season of TWD I thought was very well done. Try not to look for the same patterns in things you like because eventually the story is going to start becoming to predictable. That is just my opinion anyway.

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    This is a rare exception for newer series like Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us. Most if not all of Telltale's episodic games have been distributed monthly in the past.

  • "I want to publicly endorse staying silent through the entire 1st scene of Wolf episode 2. I promise you will feel totally cool and not lame."

    I wonder whats going to happen

  • i'm gonna go with the wait between episodes makes cliffhangers feel worse,

  • No, ending on a good note is not nor has it ever been a prerequisite for worlds such as the one in TWD. However, I do expect more closure than cock-teasing, and so far there's been more cliffhangers than closure in TWD and it get so tiresome. Or to make my point lucidly:

    Alt text

    Dude, I'm the single most vocal enemy of stories-by-pattern. Hell, it's the reason I thought Mass Effect 2 was superior to 1. And why I thought Dragon Age II was better than Origins (ready your pitchforks) - because they weren't by the numbers. But not going for a mold does not mean having to have a metric ton of cliffhangers. Yes, I know I'm getting hung-up on those, but I'm really getting tired of seeing them.

  • The wait definitely doesn't help.

  • Yeah right. What, next you're going to tell us the Earth is spherical? That bats aren't birds? Pfft, just listen to this madman.

  • Nah, but I was gonna mention that Pizza is a vegetable though... :P

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