• I'm not very far in the comics but as I understand it Bigby can change his form at will. I don't think that cigarettes or whiskey are necessary as part of the transformation process.

    • The whiskey and cigarettes are to dull his over active senses. The wolf like a dog can smell lots of different things.

      • Or just as the part of tough man act, as game doesn't exactly delve into highlighting Bigby's enhanced senses. (Otherwise investigation would look quite different: remember than in the very first volume of comics Bigby were able to tell whose blood is on the floor just by smelling it?)

  • Likely he takes Cigarettes for stress relief, alcohol for it's depressant effect. A stressed and agitated werewolf is no one's friend. Considering how he was born a wolf it likely requires constant concentration to maintain that shape through the daily stresses of being a magical policeman (You try keeping these fables from killing each other day in day out!). For a werewolf that's probably not the best line of work so he likely has to compensate for it in substances that calm him down.

    I read a lot of werewolf books in a lot of them there's certain situations that excite the wolf's side in the stories. The scent/sight of blood, the sight of prey running, feeling threatened, scared or angry; being injured or feeling pain, etc. How many of these do you think would be routine in a police officer's life when dealing with difficult to kill Fables? Try all the time. Now compare that to how often he's seen losing it, only twice and both times only when he's in serious risk of death. How does he do it? He drowns himself in alcohol and cigarettes.

    Also could be that Bigby is a shapeshifter like his father and can take any form he wants, but his wolf form being his true form and therefore the fallback. This however would make him a shapeshifter mistaken for a werewolf.

    • Actually... I'm not sure about the alcohol, in the comics he's said he can't get drunk but can drink enough to just get the nice buzz. But concerning the cigarettes they've been pretty clear, and it's not stress relief, but to suppress his hypersensitive sense of smell, and I suspect the alcohol works here as well. He said he'd go nuts if he'd smell everybody (he can smell emotions like fear and stuff as well) for miles around him. In the city it'd be far too much to handle.

      And yeah, originally he is a shapeshifter, who just never learned to shift shapes (to reject his father). However he contracted the lycan virus (and thus sort of became a werewolf) to turn human at will after the exile to Fabletown.

      So actually... everything Violet_Zephyr said :P

  • How big is his true form

  • Well its simple... He's a 2 Dimensional creature, lost in our 3 Dimensional aquatic world, longing for a purpose....

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