Lancelot is in The First Episode!

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In case you didn't catch this...
It appears like Lancelot is in the background of the office. I know its not of real imporance (yet) but its pretty cool to see these little touches added from the fables novels. Kudos to Telltale for knack for details.

(if you can't read the message below it says this...)

The Forsworn Knight: A human figure in full medieval armor, the Knight hangs from a noose tied to the tree in the Fabletown business office in the early issues of Fables. All that was known about him was that he had apparently killed himself sometime in the 13th century and that, when plied with alcohol, he's prone to singing and uttering prophecies; it's mentioned that things got decidedly messy the last time that this happened. In The Good Prince story arc, it is revealed that the Forsworn Knight is the ghost of Lancelot, who has pledged his service to Flycatcher, as well as knighted Ambrose to become the Once and Future King.



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