What are you most exited to see in Episode 2?



  • I look forward to see if Telltale has censored the game.

  • Interrigating Dee/Woody. I wonder what are they gonna tell us.

  • Thank for the comments guys. Your'e awesome!

  • At this point I just want to see what happens next, that was one hell of a cliffhanger.

  • in the trailer for ep 2 you can see bobs
    in the background when ur talking to that guy and im excited about the beast fight

  • Jack , Bigby vs. Beast.

    And if possible, Ambrose.

  • i want to see what was buty hide.

  • I'm excited to see Cinderella! She's a total bad ass in the comics. I'm so happy she's going to be in episode two.

  • To be honest I think the red haired guy is a distraction from anyone you may have once suspected or may suspect in the future, telltale and their tricks

  • Excited to see Bigby's confrontation with the pimp, plus the scene with a paddle bat if I'm not mistaken? And the fight with Beasty boy himself, haha!

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    The blasted episode itself! Nah, the interrogation scene and the "friendly" talk with Crane. My Bigby isn't taking any shit after last episode's finale, so woe to anyone who is uncooperative with the investigation.

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    I want to see when he was going with bat in puddy and pie amazing cant wait

  • Im excited too see tiny tim

  • For starters, I'd like to actually SEE episode 2...

  • I am so excited to play as a new Bigby in this episode because after what happened in episode 1, Bigby isnt taking anymore shit! I cant wait to see how this ends but then again, i dont want it to end. I really enjoy the whole idea of the comic and the way TellTale portrayed it. Well done! Now give us the next episode and make me crave the third one!


  • Man I really don't know what to expect! I'm excited though the wait is finally over! Just have to a week or two and I'll be playing it!

  • The censored content. Sarcasm intended but no I'm just happy TellTale moved their ass finally.

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