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Dialog during intro?

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Since I am nearly deaf and I require subtitles/closed captions to enjoy video games / movies, does anyone know what is being said in the beginning of "The Wolf Among Us" episode 1 when the main character, Bigby is inside the cab? I have the volume all the way up and notice some noise or talking in the background but no subtitles / closed captions appeared during that scene.

Could any care to type up what was being said during the intro? The subtitles were displayed when I encountered the first person, Toad, but the subtitles did NOT display on screen during the very beginning when Bigby is inside the cab car.



WOW, another subtitle not displaying issue occurred :(

It occurred right after I decided to choose to give money to the prostitute, she grabbed the money from me and said something while stuffing the money in her top/chest, she said something but subtitles were not displayed :(

Of course the subtitles displayed ON again back normally when Bigby talked after whatever the prostitute said but I wish I knew what the prostitute said after she took the money I gave her :(

  • The first one is the sound of the radio DJ, talking about how humid and muggy it currently is in New York.

    For the second one, as far as I recall she doesn't say anything when she takes the money and puts it in her bra.

  • She says : "you're not as bad as everyone says you are"

    • @Kaihu
      thank you for clearing up on what the Radio DJ was saying, cheers!

      and thank YOU for telling me what the prostitute said after she grabs the money I gave her because I heard something was being said but had no idea what she was saying due to the subtitles not appearing but anyways thanks for typing down what she said, cheers to you as well!

      TellTale games ain't the only one that messes up with subtitles problems, one of the bigger ones, ROCKSTAR, every time a new grand theft auto game comes out or red dead redemption, etc. Whenever I start a new game, the LONG intro epic beginning scenes have NO subtitles because you cannot turn the subtitles on until the player is allowed to pause the game, access the settings and turn the subtitles from there. I wish the GTA series would allow the player to mess with the settings before starting the game but I doubt they will change that since it's pretty much a tradition for GTA games to just start up right away after booting the game up since GTA3 was released.

      Anyways, thanks for the help! If a mod is reading this, they can go ahead and close this thread!

      • She says "you're not as bad as everyone says you are" waaay later than when she's putting the money away. She says it when she comes close to Bigby and whispers in his ear. I assumed you would have had subtitles for that.

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