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  • maybe we'll gets news today that episode will come out next week

  • I have kinda taken it upon myself to inform all you people who believe that Kenny necessarily is dead that the chances are he isn't. On both scenarios where he got lost you didn't actually see him dying, just disappearing out of sight. You don't hear him scream either. The game even stated that he was "lost to the herd" and not killed. Saying that Clem didn't know about Kennys supposed death is a long reach, since I doubt his absence wouldn't have driven Clem to ask Omid or Christa about it during the 1-2 years they've been together. Save files that states that Kenny will be back has also been found. And also: it cannot be Glenn; since he is with Rick and his crew, I don't believe it is Molly; since Clem has no reason to reason to believe she is dead, saying it is the cancer patients doesn't add up since Clem only actually met two of them: Brie (deceased) and Vernon who is possibly dead. Clem doesn't have a reason to believe that he is dead either. Lilly could make sense, since Clem has every reason to believe that she is dead, but I still think it's Ken, since he was a very liked character it would make the most sense (including that there is some evidence pointing at it) that it's him who is going to be back for eo2. So I am 99% sure it's Kenny who will be the person Clem thought was dead.

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    The difference between AMC and Telltale if that it is harder to make a game than a TV show as you need to do artwork, animations, glitch/bug fix, record voice acting, synchronizing the correct dialogue to the scene, the different outcomes depending on your choice and the long and annoying Sony and Microsoft submission process which takes time (about two weeks) and if something goes wrong they might need to rewrite code which could be hard, They also make changes to the story based on player feedback as the season progresses which also can be time consuming.

    Filming with real life actors is far easier because you can direct the actors to do what you want without the worrying about bugs and it fairly easy to retake a scene, They film and edit months in advance and have all the episodes ready for a season premier so it is easy to grantee a release date for all episodes on a season.

    I don't want Telltale to rush the game which could ruin it so i think 6 weeks is reasonable but i hope we don't have another TWAU situation.

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    Not my point.

    But to what you just edited in I agree to a limit. We don't want to rush the game at all, and if it requires six weeks for them to make a good episode then so be it. But if they exceed the time frame of six weeks everyone have the right to complain. Before we make any conclusions I say we wait till January 28, (six weeks since the release of All That Remains).

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    i didn't mean to rant at you but i don't think its fair comparing the release schedule between TV show and a game as one is harder to make than the other. I hope they do try to release for Jan 28th but the roll on effect of TWAU delay could push it back slightly as i can't see them releasing both games too close together.

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    As TWAU is coming out the first week of February i doubt that they'll release TWD before that. But TWAU had this huge delay because of some sexual content or smthn, and I strongly doubt TWD will have any delays and we'll see ep2 shortly after TWAU.

    After all they probably didn't work on the game during the holidays.

  • I check Telltale's twitter and this forum every couple of hours hoping to see some news about TWD S2E2. The waiting is killing me. :(

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    Not at full capacity. But they did actually work during the holidays.

  • lets hope that we get news today

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    Hm, interesting. Apparently my new computer will arrive on January 28th. And I just got a letter from my psychologist about a meeting also on the 28th. And now there are rumors about a 28th release for A House Divided. Coincidence? :P

    Probably not but I'm also getting this gut feeling something will happen next week. If not a release we'll probably get some news, or even an announcement.

  • Don't hold your breath, the TWAU fans will go insane if Episode 2 of TWD comes out before episode 2 of TWAU. However, people will be mad if it doesn't come out this month. If TWAU is going to release in February, and if what TT said is true about them never releasing 2 games in the same month, then that means we'll have to wait until atleast March for TWD EP 2 to come out.

  • You know, they DID say that cutting off an arm worked for someone (in episode 1 of season 2)... maybe it IS Lee ;).

  • for fucks sake lee is dead. deal with it

  • This week I know it's gonna happen gonna happen for me, (it's gonna happen for me) this could be a house! that's divided! it feels so right! to come out this week! and now, we can reach the cliffhanger, I feel in my heart............ a house divided tooooooooooooooooooo

  • I have to agree. Let's just try and forget about Lee, and move on. We now have this little girl to take care of. :)

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    No, they won't. They have a release date, or week, written in stone. It wouldn't hurt anything really if Telltale gave us something about The Walking Dead now.

  • frank just served brown bot style :D

  • when will people realise the wiki page can be edited publically by anyone and thus can not be trusted until the content is already out.

  • come on freddie.. as a person who rages on about release dates not being confirmed you should know better than to assume fans won't rage..


  • that jan 28th date is bullshit.

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    They should be happy imo that they actually have a release date. We, The Walking Dead fans, never got a release date for Season Two but hours before the release. No, there won't be any rage if The Walking Dead actually show up earlier than expected. It's a pipe-dream, I know. But what I do know is if The Wolf Among Us never had a release date, and The Walking Dead show up earlier. That'd have caused rage. But what you got to print in your brain is The Wolf Among Us is coming the first week in February, and that is straight from Kevin, the Co-Founder of Telltale and is printed in stone. This have satisfied alot of people already. If The Walking Dead release on January 28th it won't cause any sad faces. The complete opposite really.

    I don't know Milosuperspesh, but after reading your comments it seems you don't want to see The Walking Dead at all. Where is your optimism mate? January 28th is far from as you so fancy call it bullshit. If you want to spoil the atmosphere in here, fine. I won't stop you.

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    i want both games i figure by posting in both forums would be proof of that ? but i am not bothered when they come out as long as they do eventually i have more than enough games to keep me busy while these are being made.

    as for kevins post i figure the debate of the need for an apology with 3 users who a foaming at the mouth over not getting it, is again proof i have seen it.
    pages 7-10 on this thread.

    and even then just because i don't believe a 'third party news website' article from 2 weeks ago without any sort of official reaction, i prefer an official word/confirmation like kevins.


    the origin of the jan 28th rumour it's self says 14th to 28th jan then says DELAYS NOT WITHSTANDING.
    they were basing that estimate on the 4-6 weeks estimate. 28th being in the 6th week right ?

    so excuse me for daring once again to not believe out side sources and disagree..

  • common sense.

    if it's not officially announced or confirmed by telltale with out a teaser trailer or new screenshots

    it's not going to happen.

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    they usually release teasers a week before the episode is released . so im expecting news today . if not then you are probably right

  • I played Season 1 during Christmas holydays,one episode around every week. To me,that's perfect. I'm allowing myself to wait even 2/3 weeks. But 1/2 months (hoping for no delays),man that's frustrating. I remember my choices (I won't replay any episode until the season is over to stick with them) and I enjoy cliffhangers 'cause I like to speculate about what's next,but it's just too much.

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    I think even if the episodes were released monthly as originally intended it would be bearable for most. I wait that long for the comic episodes which have less story content.

    I didn't mind the wait between "starved for help" and "long road ahead" because starved for help felt like a long episode. "All that remains" felt short to me. If it was longer I don't think the wait for "a house divided" would be as frustrating because "All that remains" would probably have had more replay value. I have only played "All that remains" twice and I only played it twice because my decisions from season one didn't carry over the first time I played it as I didn't download the patch fix the first time I played it. I played the episodes from season 1 multiple times whilst waiting for the next episodes. I imagine "a house divided" will probably be released early march or mid march.

  • Was not it you who said to check your facts before making false claims? Common sense is not enough evidence in this subject pal.

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    lol caught that before i edited it out eh ;)

    i'm going by ttg track record of releases,

    a teaser/more screenshots for TWAU will be coming soon, to prep for the launch.

    common sense is trusting the company to inform us of the real info over a third party site 'speculation'

    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    That's a fan-made page.

    Remember guys, if you didn't see dates announced on Telltale's blog, Facebook, or Twitter, chances are they're just guessing.

    i rest my case.

  • Unlikely, because the wolf among us is being released in the first week of February and they won't release two games in the same week.

  • exactly cos that week will see them focus on fixing any bugs that break the game on all formats across the week.

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    If you purchased the season pass, then yes - all you'll need to do when Episode 2 comes out is download it from the in-game menu.

  • ney puzzle nice of you drop by :)

    can you comment on this jan 28th 'rumour' for twd s2 ep2 ?

  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni

    That's a fan-made page.

    Remember guys, if you didn't see dates announced on Telltale's blog, Facebook, or Twitter, chances are they're just guessing.

  • thanks puzzle

    you're awesome :)

  • well looks like i was wrong. 28th january it is i guess for info on ep2

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