Beauty and beast plot for episode 2

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What is beauty up to? And why is beast so upset about her whereabouts??


  • From the unused dialogue in the files:

    "She is up to something, Bigby. She says she can't sleep, that she gets out of bed to watch TV. But that's a lie. A few nights ago I decided to check on her, and she wasn't there. [he goes on] ... I guess what I want you to do is... What I want is for you to follow my wife, see what she is up to, Bigby."

    Actually Beast has even more dialog, explaining how Beauty and him is got it pretty bad.

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    Did Telltale cut that dialog?

    Anyways, I think that Faith was a friend of Beauty. Beauty understand that she is missing and she wanted to check her. Or, she doesn't know anything and wanted to see her friend.

    "This place is not safe." I don't think that Beauty hiding a really big thing. But Beast gets angry so easily. And may be it can f*ck up Bigby's job or Beast can hurt someone. So it can explain fight, Bigby wants to stop Beast.

    But Beast form and wolf form for our "Great Monsters" really bad in game.

  • It sounds like Beauty has been doing this for a while, so I doubt she was trying to investigate Faith's death.

  • Such a shame when things get cut, maybe they'll use that in episode 2 instead.

  • Is it not clear that she's stripping? Looked like it in the preview for episode 2 -- that club where he finds her and sees Beast in the alley certainly seemed like a strip joint. She and Beast had big money problems in the comics...

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    Well. Her turning to prostitution seems a little too simple. Yet it's only possible thing that comes to my mind.

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