The boy who cried wolf. THEORY CONFIRMED [SPOILERS]

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Hello The Wolf Among us players!

In this discussion i want to confirm the possible murderer theory.

Many people think that the murderer is this guy, considered the boy who cryed wolf :

Alt text

Goo see the Theory Thread to read all the clues.
I'm here to confirm that :

  • He isn't a re-used model
  • It's an important character
  • We are going to see him possibly till episode 5
  • He's a suspect for the murderers.
  • He met Bigby Wolf before.

How am i going to confirm it?



-He has a name, so it's not a re-used model and he is veeeery important, just look at episode 5 (Cry Wolf)

-So we will maybe see him till episode 5 cause of the episode name "Cry Wolf"

  • He's always on the crime scene, so he's a suspect (personally i don't think is the murderer)

  • If you know his past, you know why he met Bigby Wolf before

May this be the cause of episode 2 delay? They are changing the story because many people figured out who is the murderer? (But i don't think it's possible)



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