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Nudity issues with iOS

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Lots of people said on another forum that the reason for the delay of Episode 2 is that Telltale had nudity issues with iOS (who has zero tolerance for nudity) so they practically had to rewrite the episode for IOS. This means that episode 2 for the PC version will be a bit different from the IOS version.

  • All they have to do is put bras on them. Unless there is a major scene highlighting boobs, which would be weird, i don't see why that would take 2 extra months.

  • If this was true (and it's entirely unconfirmed, for the record), then I'd imagine the solution would be as simple as just putting underwear on the offending characters, which in and of itself would require very little effort (say, a couple of edited character models). That might have been an extra couple of hours work, but I don't think it means rewriting the entire episode!

    Any chance you could link to this other forum? I'm curious to know how this idea got started.

  • Censor the iOS version I want to play the game how TTG intended it to be and ones complaining of nudity shouldn't be playing the game in the first place. Tits isn't half as bad as tearing limbs off, swinging axes into heads, showing suicide victims and not forgetting deception.

  • Bunch of fuckin pussies

  • Did Telltale cut the game content only for the iOS version, or they cut the content on all the versions/platforms?

    It's not fair to cut content on all platform just to uniform the product.
    I hope they choose to change only the iOS version, and everyone interested in the uncutted game could buy it on other platforms.

    • Knowing TellTale they will cut the content across all platforms to keep it "consistent" but it is more to do with being lazy and make everyone else suffer so they get a little bit more money.

      I really question to who buys into the iOS. It isn't that well advertised in the App store in the first place and I only know that the game is on their because TellTale won't stop writing about it.

      If anyone want to play the game I'm sure they would rather play it on a console or PC rather than risk the neck injury playing it on a tiny phone screen or iPad.

  • The funny thing is you see some girl's tit (Tit because you only see one.) at the preview for episode 2. Well, it comes out the first week of February so the way we will be able to tell is if they have none in the episode.
    Honestly though I don't think they would rewrite the entire episode and not just give them something to wear instead of being naked.

  • Telltale are normally....what's the word... "Cheeky" when it comes to scenes like this lol if anything it's light hearted

    Nothing graphic about it at all...and like darth said why would they have tore write? That's silly ..again it's a bunch of people that are over sensitive about something they haven't seen yet.

    Stop speculating ...

    Also I played on ps3... Then again on ipad ...(fan) the only thing I will say is that it lagged on both either way..hope they fix that in the next EP

  • Fables is an adult-oriented comic, but nudity, when used, is tastefully done. Quite frankly, I don't recall that much of it in the first hundred issues (I'm behind right now).

    The Fables creative team (Willingham/Buckinham) have always been clever to only use what's necessary. So I don't expect the writers of TWAU to not do the same.

    The same goes with profanity, which is abundant in Chapter One. And that's fine with me, and apparently, the App Store.

  • there is one nude hooker in the preview for episode 2 altough i don't like nudity , all you can see is breasts but i'm 14 and if m parents walk in the room whn i'm playing that scene i'm onna get grounded and slapped

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