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Mother 3 Fan Translation Finished (Exclamation mark)

posted by fajerkaos on - last edited - Viewed by 390 users
If somebody has not heard already The Mother 3 Fan Translation is finally done!
Get it, play it, sleep with it and support good games!

For the one who doesn't know, Mother 3 is the Japanese sequal to the light-hearted and great Super Nintendo arpeegee Mother 2 (also known as Earthbound).

I just thought someone should mention it, I have played it for awhile now and I can happily confirm that this surely is a great day to be alive. :D

EDIT: No love for this?
...How sad.
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  • I give all my love to this thread, at least.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Scott will surely be happy.
  • I'm a member of, so I'm tripley excited about this. I've already played through it (twice) on the japanese cart, but I may get the patchable rom type version for the english experience.

    Let me just say, this is my favorite game ever.
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