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  • No later than February if we want to stay on time and I'm sure Telltale won't delay The Walking Dead or they'll lose a ton of money. February 19th is my cutoff date. Half of the episodes last season took two months plus a couple of days and the other half took a month. Either way, it'll be out within three weeks and the game will probably be done before Summer is halfway done. They have to get these games done if they actually want to begin development on Game of Thrones and Borderlands.

  • Indeed, I would take info from IGN before wiki

  • I hope its released in a couple of weeks or so. I cannot wait.

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    I'm a big Kenny fan but this is getting very weird...

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    Why does it say Episode 2's release date is Penis 2014 on the wikipedia page...

    EDIT: ok now it's back to normal

  • Still waiting, and waiting...............I Guess i can play skyrim........ :(

  • Wise choice of game while waiting. The world is huge enough to keep you busy for a year. xD

  • Or DayZ, that one eats time VERY fast

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    Episodes are usually available to download between 4 and 6 weeks apart. I don't like usually. And nobody like delays as well. I hope there won't be any and we will play ep.2 next week.

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    ...Or very shortly after The Wolf Among Us. Tbh I don't see any release of The Walking Dead before The Wolf Among Us now as we're getting too close. I doubt Telltale will do a back to back release. However, I do believe they might give us some The Walking Dead news in combination with releasing The Wolf Among Us.

  • Well they have a passion for Bigby too, just sayin.... No offense guys:)

  • I never liked Telltale's "silent treatment" on their fans.. I think the Telltale's president's announcement on the release of TWAU is their LAST resort because they know they made a HUGE mistake on the delay.. I hope we won't experience that.

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    And they used this "last resort" only because someone made a post on Reddit. It seems like Telltale care more about Reddit than their own forums, and their fans. I still think someone with decent writing skills should head over to Reddit, and interrogate them even more if they delay The Walking Dead. Heck, if no one wants to I'll do it. Their silence has grown annoying over the years, and if they can't see this themselves we must open their eyes for them. I'm well aware that they might not be allowed to say anything about the game just yet, but would it really hurt to explain it to us, and just give us a sign of life? Surely it can't be too much to ask of those who actually bought their products.

    tl;dr: If they delay The Walking Dead too, and don't acknowledge it, I for one won't just sit back and let it happen.

  • Dear Telltale Staff,

    Take however much time is needed to finish the next episode!
    I will be thrilled either way.

  • I certainly hope there's more dialogue involved. I recall S1E1 having more numerous and lengthier conversations. Then again, Clementine is still a kid, resourceful and smart, but a kid nonetheless. I don't suppose the group would have to consult her about everything. Just a thought.

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    I would really like to see more of character development, like we had in A New Day, and Starved For Help. At our own pace go between the characters and talk to them, maybe even do some fun side-quest. Like Carley and her radio. In our case now it could be helping Sarah with something for instance. It appears that a large part of A House Divided will take part inside the cabin. This'd be the perfect time to give us some freeroam with Clementine inside the cabin, and talk to each character until the next event triggers after interacting with everyone. This could also be a perfect moment to give us some flashbacks what happend in the previous episode in the ways of dialogue. Minor spoiler: Like if Clementine stole the wristwatch Carlos will call her out on this. Perhaps we get the option to put it back where we found it, or keep it, before we talk to him, (be honest and give it back, or try and hide the truth). Just small details like this could make it an awesome experience. The Walking Dead is not just about killing zombies. :)

  • Beautiful, your comment made my day :)

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    Would like that too. Althought I got the impression Clem and Sarah were left alone in the cabin for some time, during which "mystery person" gave them a visit. Hopefully there'll still be some roaming and talking involved however.


    I didn't take the watch! D:

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    Ah, didn't think about they're actually leaving Clem and Sarah alone for a bit. Could indeed mean some roaming.

    The first episode is already getting a little foggy since I last played it, but I remember not taking the wristwatch. :)

  • Molly does die if u don't bring clemintine to Crawford you can shoot her and she hets killed so I think that the 5th episode is her last

  • its taking so long i'm forgetting the story lol

  • Couple of days, please...? I just can't wait ;-;

  • I actually took the watch because I thought it would help fix the arm haha. Will replay the episode before I play a house divided though, can barely remember my choices.

  • I'd very much like Ep2 asap but I agree. Ep2 of the first Season took a while and it's my absolute favourite in the game so far. I don't know if the delay is at all responsible for it being polished more or if it just happens to be my favourite for other reasons but hopefully Ep2 of S2 will be similar in awesomeness

  • You and me both. It's hard to focus on Skyrim while anticipating the release of TWD though. :/

  • I think if they gave us a date we'd all be happy. Even if it was 1st March or something ridiculous. We'd all say 'well, at least we know!' The Anticipation would still be killing us but we'd have that to shoot for! I also wouldn't care if it was a lie and you actually delivered a month earlier that the date you put out, so there's no bad outcome here!

  • I love how we turned most of this feed into who lived then back on topic

  • I agree on the Omid theory but he was shot in the episode then passed out, at least, as far as we can tell. yet this may be true cause the baby did just vanish after only a few months so we are left to ask what happened to the baby cause that may even clear up who is still alive but by that point Episode 2 will be released. XD

  • im expecting news tomorrow because of this

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    I hope for news because of this:
    Alt text
    Without the Kenny part, though...

  • At what time will this go down?

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    I don't think there will be any big news but it would be great if they released a small teaser or screenshot.

  • Sun at Noon for 60 minutes, it says.

    I doubt they'll reveal much, if anything. I see only voice actors and actresses participating, and none of the devs. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Still, worth hoping for. :)

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    ...I don't know. I'd rather not have any news at all if they only are gonna tease us with a screenshot. If they have news, it better be something to look forward to, like a date, or a month. Teasers is driving me crazy. However, as only voice actors will show up I don't think we'll get anthing unless Telltale granted them to reveal something.

  • 12 pm i think. It's says Sunday at Noon

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    Telltales current focus is on The Wolf Among Us so they want to promote that more and if the news about The Walking Dead was too big it could overshadow it, They posted two screenshots of TWAU about two weeks before releasing Season 2 so there is a slim chance of a Walking Dead screenshot but don't get your hopes up as they might not say anything about episode 2.

  • Yes, true that. But like I said I don't expect anything as no Telltale officials will participate. Unless that is the big surprise. :P

  • Agreed. I think a lot of people thought the story might be weaker since there are different writers (if i'm not mistaken). Personally I think it's of equal quality (storytelling-wise) and graphically improved as well.

    Of course we ALL want it ASAP, but I respect the TT staff to put in the amount of work the episode needs and hopefully still remain within the given time frame.

  • we did not see Kenny die so it is the most logical

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