How did you found out about the walking dead video game and when?



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    Just the average 13 year old kid scrolling on youtube bored wanting to do something(i'm 14 now) see's UberHaxorNova upload a walking dead episode 1 playtrough and decides to try it out OMGGGG best decision ever made by me yeah i finished watching episode 1 , 2, 3 and decided i HAD to buy it and i did after playing it i waited for episode four and then five

    I'm now a HUGE telltale fan , even pursached monkey island , back to the future and sam and max season 2 and puzzle agent , both poker night games, both walking dead games , wolf among us (only played back to the future , both poker night games, wolf among us ,both walking dead games and episode 1 of monkey island because i haven't had time to sit 2 hours in front of the computer to play the other games, but i will when easter comes ;) )

  • Sep. 5, 2012. PewDiePie played the first part. Checked out trailers and reviews . bought it. Like a boss

  • I saw the beginning of the first episode of season 1 something like 2 years ago on an italian youtube channel,"LogicamenteJim". I started to follow many playthroughs and I immediately loved the game structures and characters. I finally got the chance of buy the game on December and i played the whole season 1,400 days and All That Remains in my winter holydays. Can't wait for S2E02 !

  • I had seen a video by TheQuxxn on Youtube, but only a few seconds of it, so I just ignored it. Then, my dad downloaded a bunch of apps for our iPads (his and mine) and this was one of them. I'd played Jurassic Park, so the name of the company sounded familiar to me. I played the game, and voila! I fell in love. Then, I was sooooo bummed when I realized you had to pay for the rest of the episodes. Dammit. But I bought them eventually.

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  • i found about it when ep4 coming out

  • I was really bored one day and was browsing through my iphone app store and came across "The walking dead" the pictures looked good so i downloaded it and started playing and thought... Gee this is a big game for an iphone game and it has good graphics.. then i found out it was actually a console and PC game, played it and loved it... played all the other episodes.

  • I saw teaser of season 1 and then i just bought the game and it was one of the smartest move of my gaming life.

  • i agree with you dude

    I saw teaser of season 1 and then i just bought the game and it was one of the smartest move of my gaming life.

  • On Ps Vita usually game selection is very bad so usually happens is some games get such great reviews that have to get them this year took a chance on bioshock infinite and last of us after seeing great reviews so knew after watching couple of youtube clips and having already played Heavy Rain the potential of a game like this played it story blew my mind ending nearly killed me in last chapter felt everything lee did like mentally i was limping through the chapter about to fall but idea to see clem one more time kept me going crazy anyway only game played and didnt immediately delete on my ps vita stay there forever even let my sister play who not a gamer just to experience game and adored it now a gamer very upset at the ending seriously angry but after couple days appreciated a great game

  • mmmm i wouldn't mind some cheese burgers right now

  • I found it in winter 2012
    I was watching a few PewDiePie videos and he played The Walking dead too
    I watched episode 3 and it was/is just awsome

  • Manslayer's Gamer Poop. That should be enough.

  • Just saw it lying on the steam store and I had some extra cash in my pocket and bought it, never thought it would be one of the best decisions I ever made.

  • Was watching yogscast, think Hannah was playing it. Anyway it was after episode 4 was released but about 1-2 weeks prior to episode 5. While I didn't mind the let's play I liked the story. Even after watching alot of TWD it's amazing how the game still pulls you in. Got it just as episode 5 came out, thank god. Waiting is hell T_T

    Why didn't I get it earlier? Some bad memories with Kings Quest, it was just all over the place and I think at the time I wanted something that made more sense so adventure games were slowly dropping from my radar. I do miss Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis though.

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    I'm subscribed to YOGSCAST Hannah on Youtube, and she did a playthrough of the game. In fact, from there I liked it so much I decided to buy the first three seasons of the TV Show, and then buy the first two compendiums for the Graphic Novels. So, yeah.

  • I found it in a red box, been obsessed with it ever scence, played it 3 times before Finaly buying my own copy

  • Unfortunately for me, I found out about Walking Dead through a video list on Youtube of the most emotional video game endings of all time. Ruined the end surprise but it still got me interested, and now I'm hooked to the game and The Wolf Among Us too. Haven't tried out other TellTale games yet

  • I was subscribed to Cry (ChaoticMonki), and one day, in my list of recently uploaded videos, I see "Cry Plays: The Walking Dead [Ep3] [P1]"

    Saw a bit of it, and eventually decided to buy the game. Fashionably late?

  • Yeah ! i'm the only one with this kind of story ! :D

    So I bought the PS Plus membership for 1 year for the discounts and free games they offered. A few weeks later, I stumbled upon The Walking Dead episode 1 and 2 for free... so I was like "maybe... we never know there might be some trophies to earn in this game..." And when I finished episode 2, and got the money, I bought the season's pass and finished the game. It's needless to say that I loved it :D

  • When i found out about the Walking Dead Game i saw some news about the game saying it's was coming in out that year so i looked on YouTube for TWD Game and found a 15 minutes gameplay video, and thought the game was pretty cool, then time passed and i watched a ChaoticMonki video about the game and decided to buy it, when i bought it the game was with in episode four with episode five coming in the next week.

  • It was 50% off during the 2012 Steam Winter Sale, I heard it was good so I bought it. An impulse buy ended up being far more enjoyable than all of the other games I bought combined.

  • I played a lot of Sam and Max back then, I was already a Telltale fan. So when I heard they were making a Walking Dead game, I was really confused on what direction they would take with it. I used to watch the show quite a lot at that time so I was kinda interested but confused at the same time. When it came out I saw gameplay vids of it and I was kinda interested on how it was kind of a fast-paced version of their older games and I liked the way they handled QTEs. Then I played it, never realized how far the story was gonna go in terms of feelz at first, got to episode 3 then I thought it was the best thing ever. The Walking Dead game is probably my favorite episodic anything (that includes TV shows, books, everything) and probably my favorite story in a videogame.

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