The boy who cried wolf. THEORY CONFIRMED [SPOILERS]



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    That doesn't help you at all... As you said, Crane is an idiot, so he wouldn't know anyone else who'd be better at the job. Leading him to pick Beauty for whatever reason was planned.

    Do you mean he's scared of Bigby? Or he scares Bigby? I'm not entirely sure. If you mean he's scared of, then that's a clear reason to have someone trail him. If you mean he scares Bigby...

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    This, again, does not help you.

  • Sorry, Crane scares of Bigby. And read Comcics, you'll understand everything.

  • That's not a grammatically correct sentence. It doesn't make sense.

  • Sorry for bad grammer. English is not my native language.

  • I think it was changed as well, I clearly remember her wearing a blue police uniform...


    However, when I initially played, the screen for episode 3 clearly had Beauty instead of officer whatever over there, and she had a badge that CLEARLY said Fabletown police.

  • It's alright, just tell me, who was doing the scaring? Bigby, or Crane?

  • Well I think their is a motive..... The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Maybe Cryer (The boy) is trying to get revenge on Bigby for chasing his sheep away. I don't know at least it's something.
    Another theory is Tiny Tim and Cryer are working with Crane. Think about it.... Tim and Cryer were standing outside Crane's office in episode one. We saw Tim driving the car in episode 3. And all this evidence with Cryer.
    Murder Group (In theory):Bloody Mary,Tiny Tim,Cryer,Crane(Maybe),Crooked Man,and Bluebeard because he's been acting strange.
  • I Dont see it
    Companies often give unique names to NPC's to keep them organized
    It would be illogical to name a model "NPC 1" or "Red haired man"
    Even if he was important, why the name Cryer
    I get the idea of the boy who cried wolf being named cryer
    but I don't see this game making a big reveal of this guy being behind it all
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    I'd just like to throw it out there that The Boy Who Cried Wolf is perfectly fine and living at the seventh floor of the Woodlands in the comics. He seems to be the official chauffeur attached to the Woodlands office, which is why you tend to see him everywhere and why Snow and Bigby talk so freely in the back of his taxi. And while he's suspicious in the meta-sense, we have no actual evidence that he's the least bit implicated in either murder. Furthermore, we've ALL been pointing fingers at him since the very first episode. It'd be pathetically unoriginal and anticlimactic for him to turn out to be the killer.
  • That looks more like Brannigan.
  • He's probably involved somehow.
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