E2 Release Discussion:PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Kindle/Android out now;Vita/PS4/XOne:Nov 4 NA/Nov 7 EU



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    We're working on assets for the rest of the switchout. It's Bigby's turn to shine for a bit. ;)

    EDIT: Bam. Check it out!

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    Lovin' it! I've missed those noir colors on the page. :)

    Can't believe there's like seven ESRB content descriptions, and yet it still got an "M" rating...

  • Every time I lay my eyes on it. :)

  • It feels so close, yet so far away! Just a little over a week left! Adam Harrington on IGN Monday and we'll be getting a nice preview of something.

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    As much as I love TWD game series, I'm truthfully way more excited for TWAU episode 2 to come out first, I can somewhat predict what happens in a walking dead story, whether it be game or tv show, I think it's more obvious. But in TWAU I truly feel surprised, challenged, and left with minimal clues, and I've read the comics of fables, Snow White is definitely not dead, since this is a prequel.I think telltale is staying true to the comics and Snow White is not dead. In my opinion TWAU is way more interesting than TWD because I'm truly not surprised by anything the game orshow comes up with because it's more logical thinking than anything.

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    Sector Sweep. Miscount Detected; Individual, you are charged with multiple anti-civil violations, and social-endangerment of The Walking Dead, level one. Extinction is inevitable. Deploy. Sterilize. Secure. Unidentified person of interest, play The Walking Dead again, and confirm your civil status with the community immediately.


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    Feed him to the walkers :P

  • Lol i agree with him i love walkind dead but wolf among us us is looking a bit better

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  • How is it that no one has banned @AHouseDivided yet?

    Flagging this disgusting human's every post.

  • wow divided i seriously hope that dante's inferno is true just for you.

  • It appears no mod is online. The best bet is to tweet or email the TTG staff and let them know

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  • Jesus christ. Someone get a moderator in here right now!

  • I love the Smoke & Mirrors Bigby picture he looks so good in it! :3

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  • Is it safe now?

  • Colin Moriarty is such a c***, that Bethesda actually mocked him with an NPC in Fallout 3.
    After their part in the Mass Effect 3 fiasco and fallout, I haven't a single, kind word to say about IGN. Their forums alone are enough to lose all faith in the gamer portion of humanity.


    LOL Im kidding i played it for the first time last night and it was AWESOME!

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    Will we receive the trailer of episode 2 until it will be released ?

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    Thanks for telling me Snow White isn't dead, Now i don't really want to play Episode 2, Thanks...

  • But we all know that you will play it. ;P

  • Probably the launch trailer like two days or so before release.

  • You're kidding me, right?

    Take a look at your receipt and realize what you paid for. You paid to have all of the episodes downloaded once they're released periodically. No where in you're receipt does it tell you that you will get each of them once every 1 or 2 months.

    I got the season's pass after playing the first episode, and I admit i was disappointed with the delay of episode 2. But I'm not pissed because, you know what? I'm not the one dedicating my life to waiting for a PRODUCT that hasn't been finished yet (which is what you and many others sound like).

    Maybe someone from the development team quit. Maybe they've had complications with rendering issues. Or, hell, maybe someone on the team passed away and it took them forever to find a replacement. If any of these happened, I think I can find in me to not give them shit for delaying the release of a game that in no way makes my life any better. It's just for entertainment. It's damn good entertainment, and I'd prefer if they release the episode the way it was intended to be then have it rushed out and unfinished by the date everyone expects to be released just so they can keep you ungrateful babies happy.

    So calm down and grow a damn spine. It's not the end of the world. YOU'LL LIVE.

  • Beautiful. Oh snap, we got Dave Fennoy up in this piece? Suck it, Walking Dead!

  • I'm really hoping that the length of this game will extend beyond ep1, since we had the unexpected wait.

  • So if you have been following the release date discussions (more specifically the now closed thread) you will find one or two statements from TTG that the episode had been finished back around late November but they couldn't release the PC version because console publishers tell TTG when its games will be released, whether its a console version or not. AUFKM!? Are you serious!?

    This delay wasn't to add additional "polish" or to fix any "bugs". Ep2 has been sitting on the shelf with no meaningful work being done for months while TTG waits for its console masters to "release" their game because "[TTG] have no control over the release". I believe that as far as I can throw it. Not to mention, I DON'T PLAY ON A CONSOLE!

    That's the part that really grinds my gears. Apparently everyone seemed to missed this. Why would TTG make itself beholden to console publishers to the detriment of its PC gaming consumers? Last time I checked, despite what some might want you to believe, the total number of pc gamers eclipses console gamers by an order of magnitude and many publishers completely forgo console development/titles, are quite successful, and maintain control of their creations to boot, instead of prostituting the entirety of their creation to "console publishers".

    Think about it. If they readily produced this explanation think about all the grief they would get over and above what they have gotten just for keeping their mouth shut. Rather then emphasize this truth, which is the reason for the delay, they say nothing. But a lie of omission is still a lie. And every time you lie, it makes it that much more difficult for people to believe you.

    I would like anyone to explain to me in a cogent manner why, as a pc gamer, I should care what console publishers want to do and this could be anything more then TTG shooting themselves in the foot signing this kind of contract. You don't need to port games to consoles to be successful, quite the contrary. JEBUS!

    No more episodic TTG games for me until all the content is released. You can get revenue on a per episode basis from your console customers since the console community is the player in your minds, TTG.

    Very disappointed in TTG.

  • Could you provide a link to the statements from TTG you're referring to?

  • Because, developers shoulden't have to keep their releasedates because you like what they do? That's like keeping an abusive partner because they are "really nice" otherwise. Games are good, administration and hype is shitty. Telltale in a nutshell.

    But ofcourse, I am as hyped as anyone else.

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    So....Where's the episode 2 trailer?!

  • Hell yeah, I'd LOVE to see those "one or two statements".

  • Wouldn't the preview at the end of episode 1 count?

  • Shouldn't there be a exclusive clip from Smoke & Mirrors today?

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    Agreed! At least they had the decency to keep us posted! And I mean Get over it people! A lot of you are starting to sound like a bunch of entitled brats! am /I Disappointed that the wait has been so long? YES but There is a timeframe set from a RELIABLE SOURCE! I for one am one happy MoFo. I'll have the COD Ghosts DLC to keepme company til then! :)

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