Lilly or Kenny? (Spoilers)

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I just wanted to make a discussion about Lilly and Kenny. I honestly like Lilly a lot, but I know majority loves Kenny. I just wanted to say, Lilly nor Kenny is better than the other. It's really based off of opinion.


-Had the plan to go to Savannah which got EVERYONE killed

-Cared for his family

-Killed Larry in the meat locker (No matter what you do) I'm pretty sure Larry was still alive. If you watch carefully, if you choose to help Lilly by doing CPR, his jaw twitches right before his head gets busted.

And here: He had some good intentions behind killing Larry, because he didn't want to get stuck with a zombie in a meat locker. Yeah, that makes sense. But when Duck gets bitten, he refuses to shoot him or leave him behind. He barely gave Larry a chance, and never understood Lilly.

On the other hand...


-Cared a lot about the group

-Didn't reach out to other people

-Shot Carley/Doug

Now here, she also had some good intentions. She was "trying to save them all," but she kind of jumped to conclusions. Just like Kenny, don't you think?

Now that I think about it, if you had listened to Lilly and hadn't let Ben stay, then they wouldn't even have to deal with the bandits. But no one would have known that at first, so I guess it doesn't count.

Now, I really hope that Lilly will come back in season 2, somewhere, somehow. I have a feeling that the 'thought you were dead' person is a big letdown and the water bottle guy, but if you leave Lilly on the side of the road there is a possibility... but it's very slim.

Who do you think deserved more, Lilly or Kenny? And what do you think about season 2?



  • Kenny all the way and I just know he's alive

  • I always really liked Lilly and thought she had a bit of a soft spot for Lee. She just never had a snowball's chance in hell with Larry around, he always seemed to egg on the tension of the group. And with everything else, she snapped and lost it and any potential vanished. I like Kenny too, he's a real bro and siding with him is more beneficial, anyway.

  • Lilly is terrible I LOVE Kenny

  • I don't know if we'll see either again, but they were both some of my favorite characters of the first season.

  • Hope we see Molly again.

  • I thought they were both tragic examples of what extreme circumstances can do to normal people. I don't believe that Lilly was a bad person in the beginning, just someone who was hard to socialize with because of her terrible upbringing. Anyone with Larry for a father isn't going to be a nice person to be around, and even then Lilly managed to be okay when he wasn't yelling at her all the time. And Kenny, well, he was an awesome guy in the first Episode. His actions during the Drug Store Siege attest to that.

    They just both became bad people after they did terrible things to survive (Kenny) or simply couldn't deal with the situation anymore and just snapped (Lilly), as well as both losing everything that mattered to them.

  • As has already been said Kenny and Lilly were both good people gone a bit sour.
    What you get with Lilly is no-nonsense. If she's with you she's got your back and you can count on her, if not.. well then she won't lift a finger to help you. She will let you know either way.
    Kenny on the other hand is a good guy and is probably sincere when he tells you he's got your back, but when the chips are down and you need him he has a tendency to fold under pressure and freeze.

    In a world full of Zombies Lilly would be the better partner!

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    They both suck.... I much prefer Lee,Clem,Kat,Duck,Carley,Doug,Ben,Glenn,Mark,Chuck,Christa,Omid...

  • By the way, the stranger would have followed them wherever they went. Him kidnapping Clem is the reason everyone dies. Lilly Kills Carley or Doug. And it was Ben that forced Kenny to put his plan into action. You seem to be overlooking a lot of the events of season 1.

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